Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Living a Good Life: Maximize Energy, Boost Creativity and Never Burn out.

No one likes to have jobs burn outs. Burnout directly affects motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. Job burn outs hamper living a good life. Wouldn’t you agree that working fewer hours, have more time for fun and leisure, produce better output in terms of high quality work and never burn out, is an ideal situation to Living a Good Life? But it’s a “too good to be true” a situation. Am sure no one’s going to buy this. When heaps of work piles up, then all that one believes is to roll up their sleeves and work extra hours and get done with it.

More Time is not the answer: Overtime, philosophy hinders our quality of life. This in turn will reduce the quality of personal life. Hence we will get less work done over longer periods. While the work load may increase due to increase in clientele, but the crux is that most of the work are the pending work that has crossed dead line or it has taken more time than it should have taken. Working nonstop without a break for relaxation, spend a social life with friends and relatives adds to stress which has a long term negative consequence on our health, relationships, creativity and motivation.

Let's learn how to tackle a situation like this which is faced commonly by most of us on a daily basis. Experts from SpinxWebDesignAtlanta.com have written this article especially in relation to the life of webmasters, who work under a lot of stress as they have deadlines to meet and in a stipulated time.

1. We need a Paradigm shift:  Hence, since time is a limited resource and not in our control, we must find a resource right within us and that resource is Energy, one that we have control and one that can be renewed. So, it means the more energy we have the most tasks would be accomplished. If we ignore the “lack of time” factor and concentrate on energy, the result will be more work with less time, more time for leisure and lead a balanced life.

2. Implementing a High Energy Lifestyle:  Before we actually decide to change real life situation into an action plan, we’ll have to first take a look at what’s first going on in our life. Situations wherein one is mentally, emotionally and spiritually burnt out and physically out of shape. All these put together hinder a healthy work life balance and perform at one’s best. Now it’s possible to change and increase our energy level. Let’s see how:

A) By Leading a Life full of purpose, this will automatically draw positive energy and we will be able to achieve what we have planned in our life.

B) By learning to focus on one thing, we are able to get work done at a higher quality and in very less time. Multi tasking can create havoc and hence it’s better to concentrate on one thing at a time.

C) By cultivating a high quality emotional state, one can produce best results. One should learn to build a strong response to negativity; this will enhance resilience, which in turn will help produce high quality results.

D) Lets re define Fitness: Most of us are good at pushing ourselves to our limits. This means work more without any relaxation which results in stress and lack of motivation to persist. It’s very important to realize the physiological aspects that humans are designed for example, keeping a check on the energy used and the renewing of energy before its next expenditure, will give us a fairly good idea and better gauze of fitness. Lets us see a few things that we can do to re define fitness:  Take time for yourself and rest .This may not be “the” important factor but it is definitely imperative. Taking 15 min break after every 90 min of work and 7 hours of sleep will rejuvenate and one will feel fresh to work. Diet and exercise also if pursued on a daily basis, will renew physical energy. Music can relax one and hanging out with friends, are some of the paradigm to explore and renew energy. The key is rebuilding one’s life and health without burning out for living a healthy life.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Gmail SMS" – 'African Countries Get the Privilege of Being the First Ones to Avail This Revolutionary Service'

Google has started an amazingly new service which lets Gmail users send and receive emails through their mobiles just like the messaging service. This means that users need not to have a mobile phone with WiFi or 3G capabilities to go for this service. You need to have a basic mobile with SMS and voice facilities with which you can email through text messaging by activating a setting on your Gmail account.

What does it do?

Gmail SMS automatically does text messaging of emails that you want to send through mobile phone to the other user and in return the other user can respond you by replying directly to the SMS sent as an email. You can control the emails by using various functions such as Resume, Pause, and More, etc. Also when you send an email as an SMS to an email address recipient, that recipient will get your email as an SMS in the right conversation thread.

How does it work?

• Login to your Gmail account
• Click on your profile
• Go to "Account"
• Enter into "Phone and SMS" section
• Just enter your mobile phone number to connect it with your account so as to be able to send and receive emails from your mobile.
• After you get a verification code on your mobile, just enter that number on the setup page.

You will be charged for your local SMS rates even if Gmail SMS is free. Google plans to open up this service gradually to the world but initially it has targeted Africa, with countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana as the launch pad. This service shows the importance of short messaging service as to how chatting or emailing could be done without any need of internet, wifi, or 3G. It is crucial for most cellular networks as SMS is their core area and also it plays an important role in countries that don't have significant web coverage in case of desktops, tablets or mobiles.

Webmasters from Spinx INC. – Web Design Company in Florida like to congratulate all Africans to be the first one for using this amazing SMS service by Google.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Memristors – ‘the future of computing storage and memory’

What are the 'Memristors'?

"Memristor" or a "Memory Resistor" is the latest type of an electrical circuit which maintains a stable flow of electricity in a circuit by working as a resistor and maintains the charge due to the loss of power by working as a capacitor. It is speculated to potentially replace flash memory in computers which will make them more efficient in power consumption, faster speed and cheaper technology. It can be imagined as a circuit through which when the current flows in one direction, it expands making it less resistive. But when the same current flows in the opposite direction, it shrinks making it more resistive. It remembers its diameter whenever last current passes through. So when you turn off the current, memristor freezes its diameter until current is again turned on. That ability to store the resistance for an indefinite period makes the memristor work as a nonvolatile memory in computers.

Why 'Memristors' are useful?

Memristors remember information on a permanent basis and can switch in nanosecond making it super fast and power efficient so as to act as potential replacement for DRAM, flash, and disk in the future. Our Technology Expert at SpinxWebDesignNewYork.com says, this is due to the fact that Memristors have the power and speed of the RAM and the life of a hard disk. Not only DRAM, disk and flash, memristors are also expected to replace CDs and DVDs in the future as it is considered to be a universal non-volatile memory which has a lifetime more than that of a flash, and still in the expanding phase.


Memristors require a system redesign as it is not a plug and play compatible technology. It just won't take a memristor chip or RAM module to make it work. Memristor is a technology which allows multiple crossbar memories stacked on top of each other. This allows multiple terabytes (preciously 128TB which is equal to 1PB (petabyte)) to occupy one square centimeter of space. Just imagine a huge amount of power stored efficiently in a small space. Memristors naturally implement material implication logic, which interconnects various other electrical components to create any logical operation, and that's why it can also act as a CPU.


Memristors have got the capability to decide whether to use some block as a memory, a switching network, or logic. When memristors dynamically change between memory and logic operations, it enables calculations to be performed simultaneously with the storage of data instead of occupying a special space in CPU. HP (Hewlett Packard) has already created a prototype of memristor way back in 2008 and as per latest updates it might take HP to make memristors to be made commercially available by 2014 as they have started to work on building the memristors which will consume lower power, have a more durable life, are smaller in size and faster in performance.


With storage capacity in petabytes (128TB) and collocated CPU and data, memristors resemble a large cluster compacted in a small sized device just like a whole data center in the form of a brick. So what we have is a purpose device that can handle small to large data input sizes, small to large output sizes, and small to large computational demands. If your database fits in RAM by partitioning across multiple boxes, and if you have got enough processing power to handle your application combined with enough bandwidth to move your data around, then RAM could already act as your new disk. In a memristor, features of the RAM, flash, and disk are all unified and databases are also stored effectively.

Benefits With memristors, you have large quantities of data directly accessible to the CPU. Memristors can configured CPUs too which results in computation and data. Memristors have an ability to configure the memory dynamically with the help of logic devices and so it's perfect to apply functions to the data as configurations work in parallel. Memristors are useful in building highly integrated low power devices eliminating the risk and expense in creating ASICs as the current sensor devices are too cumbersome, expensive, and use ample power.


In case of memristors, writing applications will give developers a low cost benefit and the ability to build scalable applications, by remaining independent and looking for new opportunities. Will memristors make it possible to create highly integrated devices that will take fewer parts to build and consume low power? Memristors could revolutionize the technology of embedded systems in terms of its applicability.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Responsive Design or Separate Mobile Website: The Right Choice

"Discussion" is a self explanatory word.  It is related to the length of discussion and in some cases a never ending one as it involves different people with different views and thinking.

Let’s discuss the web designing world, whether one should opt for a responsive design or build a separate website for mobile. In this context, different designers have different opinions and they use their perception while designing a website.

User Frustration with Separate Websites:

Separate websites for different devices frustrates the users. Designers also feel that the users of websites want full website experience and not have part of the feature for which they need to hit the web site or another device for the rest of the features which can leave the end user in a state of frustration.

Cost Effective Design:

Responsive website designing is cost-effective method because in it designers have to create and maintain only one website. This saves money of building separate website for different devices .Also maintenance of different website can be avoided. While having a responsive website, designer can avoid future upgrading charges when new mobile device hits the market.

What SEO Thinks:

Expert SEO thinks that responsive website design is more search engine friendly than creation of separate website design for different devices as it generates different domains which split the traffic.

Responsive Design Takes a Long Time to Load in Mobiles:

Web Designers who prefer to have separate mobile websites share that when a responsive website designs open in mobile device it takes a long time to load because all HTML codes and other scripts are there in the website.  They also add that if we have separate mobile website we can optimize its code according to device.

Different Content from Desktop Website:

Many web designers think that the mobile websites need a different content from desktop websites and also say that the responsive website design can pair with different devices but it cannot provide an easy user experience to website visitors who surf their site on mobile or other devices.

Un-optimized Code for Different Devices:

The team who prefers to have separate mobile websites says that the responsive design works according to varied device screen size and screen resolution but it would not serve best with different web devices as it has UN optimized code for different web devices. 

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Blunders To Avoid While Choosing Website Templates

Website design is field where creative minds can showcase their imagination power, but at the same time it is very critical and tedious process to get perfection in it. It consumes considerable time and fruitful efforts to design appealing and interactive website. But, designing a website with the help of template could help you a lot in saving your time with fewer efforts.

Choosing appropriate website templates could help web designers to design appealing and unusual website with ease. But, at SpinxWebDesignNewYork.com we thinks that choosing a wrong template for your website could result into disasters. Below are some of the most common blunders website designers often make while choosing website templates for their website.

Choosing the template which has been used more than often in past! Designers often make mistake of choosing the template which is already been used in so many website. By choosing such template will make your website look crowded and won’t create visual appeal. Often users may have seen those designs before in other sites, so they won’t feel anything new within your when they visit your site and may leave within few seconds. So, try to avoid making such mistakes of choosing repeated templates.

See Also :  Ultimatum of Understanding Web Design With Point of Client, Visitors and Designer

Designers often select template which not at all suits their business needs or website requirements! Many times it happens that while searching for template you may find one beautiful template that has strong user appeal and you use such template even if it doesn’t fit in your business process or not fulfill your requirements too. This will make your website look ugly even if you have chosen beautiful template as there is no connection between the theme of website and its functionalities. Avoid making such mistakes.

Not so easy to customize! This is very crucial to choose templates which are easy to customize or allow making changes according to your needs. Often designers choose template which doesn’t allow them to make any changes in it. In most cases, if you choose free templates then it is really rare to find templates allowing customization. Though try to find template which allows customization. In that case paid templates could be the best options.

Choosing flash templates! Flash templates are of course provide ample look ‘n’ feel to the users, but they are not at all recommended by any website designers as it will slow the down the performance of the website at the end and they are also not compatible with SEO as well. So, try to avoid using such templates within your website.

Poor SEO compatibility! Choosing templates having poor SEO compatibility may lead to get poor SEO rakings for your website, so try to avoid choosing such template.
So, these are some of the very common blunders web designers should avoid while choosing website template for designing website.

Friday, 29 June 2012

In - Depth About Magento Widgets

Many of you might have heard about widgets and may have some idea about it. Widget is something that you may use to add any new features or functionalities in your website or on your desktop. There are different kind widgets available which includes web widgets, desktop widgets and social widgets. But have you ever heard about magento widgets?

What is magento widget?

Magento widgets are nothing but magento extensions available with already defined set of configuration options. With the help of magento widgets online store owner or user managing online store can enhance or improve the front-end blocks functionality.

It offers great amount of extensibility and authority for developing informative and marketing information or contents from magento admin area. It empowers any novice users to smoothly create or add various information like- contents or products for their online store pages. It is possible to incorporate magento widgets in magento versions greater than 1.4.

It is possible to implement magento widgets in different ways, few of them are mentioned below:

• For creating impulsive product data

• Dynamic lists in accordance with most recently visited items

• Possible implement widgets in order to set various promotional images on various sections of online store

• Highly interactive navigation components

• Impulsive flash components which can be easily configured and incorporated within product or content pages

Let’s have a look on steps to install magento widgets:

• Get the most appropriate widget of your choice & get its extension key from respective magento page by clicking on extension key tab, accept the agreement of extension and by clicking once again same button you will be able to see the extension key for widget.

• Once you get extension key, then follow the procedure mentioned here: Admin panel->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. Authenticate yourself once by providing username and password and use extension key to the section showing “Paste Extension Key”, which install that field by clicking install button.

• After finishing installation activate widget for your home page. From admin panel just go to CMS->pages.

• Click on home page link and open content area and select insert widget icon which will cause one new window to open where you have to select widget type from list and then select insert widget option which will cause widget to be installed.

• Save the changes and visit your home page, there you will find your recently added widget.

In this article we are at SpinxWebDesignFlorida.com makes available basic details of magento widgets, their possible implementation and steps to install the magento widget on your site.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Example of Websites with Circular Web Design Elements

Designing requires creativity and artistic mind that can create ingenious design with using latest designing trends as well as innovatively use different things as designing elements. The work of designers is to design attractively with keep in mind that they have to create easy user interface.

Today, while surfing internet we are designers at Spinx Inc. Atlanta web design company just came across the one post of webdesignledger.com in that we found some websites examples where designers use circular elements wisely in designs, which make website more attractive as well as differently use of circular elements in header, content, navigation makes design user friendly also.



Column Five



Dart St Louis

These are few most attractive examples of circular element in web design for more circular elements design check this link http://webdesignledger.com/inspiration/21-examples-of-circular-elements-in-web-design

Monday, 11 June 2012

Optimize Website Performance on the Internet by Optimizing Loading Speed

How your website is performing? This is the most crucial thing that every business men should think for their business website and recommend for optimized website speed and check its performance over the internet. Because of slow loading website you will not only loose your website visitors but also loose your potentials that are significant to get success in online business.

Use of Ajax: With the use of Ajax it is possible to make a webpage that load only some part of website when needed instead of load whole page so that it saves the time for every time load whole website page.
I.e.: While submitting any online form by user if any incorrect field error occurs rather than reload a whole page for display error message we can reload only that particular field with error message by using Ajax.

Don’t Use More Text Images: Today, designers start use of text images to display text attractively that makes their design striking but use of more images makes your website slow to load and that annoy your users. So try to avoid the use of more images though images are helpful to make design attractive but more and more use of images will badly affect on your website performance.

Try to Use External CSS and JS Instead of Internal: At the time of load web page external files like Javascript files, CSS files will cache first by browsers. The browser rendering time increase with the use of inline CSS but instead of it if you use external CSS it makes your browsers already know the all style rules with one main external file that saves the loading time of website.

Optimize Code: Code optimization is most significant aspect because it is essential to avoid unnecessary code that affect on website performance. Take a look at website source code, use CSS to make some style such as you can use CSS to make your font stylish and bold instead of use every single html tags such as header tag, or tag for make font-style, etc...

Florida web designer from Spinx Inc. have common aim that a website design by them should be user friendly that gives best user experience to visitors. It could be possible by creating a fully optimized website design.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Significance of Redesign a Website

With the changing world of web and web technologies day by day new designing trends and new designing technology introduce by webmasters. Continuously new web standards initiate by W3C, so the thing designers have to do is they should always get updated with latest designing trends and also make their designs with latest technology with new leaning, well designer can apply latest things for the newly designed website but what about the designs that has been design and developed before some time on the bases of previous trend, so for that the website re-designing comes in the picture.

Latest things are always get attention by users so designers need to make sure that they are providing most updated designs to visitors for new designs as well as by redesigning old designs. Redesigning give new fresh look and experience to website users that attract users and provides eye-catchy first impression of your website.      

Because of the increasing use of smart phones and other latest web devices today it becomes necessary that design of website should be most responsive that respond on the bases of web device, screen size, screen resolution that become a great user interface, so it is necessary to redesign your existing website for current trend of different web devices.

Professional web firm believes in providing fresh and better look with new designing trends and for that with the difference of some time period they get their website redesigned as well as they also offer website redesigning services.

As being a well-known web design company in Atlanta, we understand the significance of website redesigning. Take a look at screen shot of our new website design.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Build Features Prosperous Online Ecommerce Store

These days’ people prefer online shopping so each and every business wants to makes available their store online and it becomes a duty of web designer and developer to build most feature rich ecommerce store that takes an ecommerce business at the height of success and for that business men need to hire professionals that can convert their expectation in to the reality.

Here, website design Atlanta company makes available some key points that should be keep in mind by professionals while building an online ecommerce store.

As we all know in ecommerce websites there are many categories and sub categories so designers and developers need to define all properly by creating proper URL structure for all categories and also make an easy navigation system in that sub categories comes under the main categories so that user can reach in-depth of the whole website and user can reach at each and every products on websites either it is belongs to main category or in sub category or in sub category of subcategory.

Describe products with proper content, only give a picture of products is not a good option because it makes users confuse about product buying so try to describe some features and usage of particular product with image, it helps users to get in detail information about particular product provide by merchant on website with purpose of selling.

Try to give easy option for buying, never hesitate users at the time when they going to buy products from online ecommerce website. After select product gives them an option to directly buy that product with no more than one click, make sure that the all functions work correctly on website so that user can easily perform buying task on website.  Give them different payment option so user can select one that they find more convenient. Give them proper delivery time and also make them updated with the process of delivery by email or message on phone. If possible also offer cash on delivery option because some people do not believe on online payment.

Online ecommerce store provide facility to open your business for 365 days and 24/7. It allow merchants to get business from the world wide but after establish online store don’t wait to get good business without doing any approaches, you should have to apply some marketing tactics to get better business and to stay ahead in the competition of online business world.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Different types of Questions You May Face in Web Design Interview

If you are going to attend web design interview for the first time, it is good practice to get yourself aware about the certain common question which you can answered fluently without any hesitation. In interview you got few minutes to impress the person and represent your knowledge of industry. Pre preparations of the interview always turn into good result. Chicago web design professional from Spinx, explains some of the common question which companies frequently asked to web designers. For experience web designer, a portfolio of past work can exclusively explain the ability of designer but for the beginner it is necessary to evaluate the skills and passion about work from below discussed questions. Instead of focusing on individual question, here we have tried to point out general category of question which helps you preparing for interview with larger aspect.

Questions Regarding Productivity and Efficiency 

Sometimes company may needs to hire efficient web designer along with having proficient skills to fulfill requirement. A smart web designer is the one who use the available tools when needed and improve the speed of work compare to one who has excellent core knowledge of programming HTML manually. There are so many things in web design which consumes more time of designer if done without use of tools. Prepare yourself aware about some popular tools in web design for validating of the code, error evaluation, website speed evaluation, HTML generator, CSS generator and base knowledge on working of those tools.

Question Which Elaborate Technical Skills 

This kind of questions might be not big concern for fresher web designer but if you are the experience one, you have to prove your technical knowledge which you can integrate into work. Easy questions like how to use specific element, syntax of tag, how to check errors to some hard questions regarding making website browser compatible, improving the speed of website, correct use of cache memory , use of Javascript, Plug-in and flash. True experience comes from working on various types of distinguish requirement which require learning new things in design rather than one with require using same methods or tools. 

Question Regarding Self Awareness and Improvement

Web designing, web development and internet marketing is the job where everyone needs to keep himself updated about new methods, tools or technology. A designer with excellent knowledge which can’t be utilized due to some major changes is worthless compare to designer with restricted but updated knowledge. If you want to have good carrier, you should have passion which encourages you to read and subscribe about great resource on the web.  It also helps the person to reveal your activeness and eagerness to new things. Knowing about resources would also make you differentiate from other candidates who have similar skills and ability with above discussed points.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Analyze Project Requirements & User’s Need before Produce a Website

When business men make a decision of create online presence of their business by establishing a business website they have some predefine projects requirements on the other hand users of website are seeking for particular information sometimes that are not meet with project requirements at the end as a result we can see that the requirement of projects dose not fulfill the requirement of users and business loose their potentials.

In some website business men wants to display the things and information that are totally opposite from the user’s expectation and what the user are searching for in this case it becomes a necessary to define and understand what things or information are actually essential on the business website.

We can take an example of any organization’s website in that a business person become first side of coin who wants to display the photo of organization, events held on organization, list of person who donate their precious time and money to build up organization, some statements given by header’s that describe values of organization etc... When we see the second side of coin that is website users who are seeking for list of activities or work of organization, user wants to contact with organization and they search for phone number, address or any contact form, if person is watching the website of heath organization than he/she is more interested to see information regarding health topic rather than only information about organization.

Create two list one for user’s requirements and second for project requirements, analyze both of them carefully and than start implementation and evaluation of it and to perform this thing business men need to hire a specialized Florida web design firm if your business situated in Florida, in that the team business analyzer analyze the business requirements, analyze the targeted audience and than after webmasters start designing and developing a website for particular business.

Business men, business analyzer and webmasters would make sure that don’t only provide what you wants to give instead of that try to provide things that user’s expect from you.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

How to Become Web Design Ninja

If you have chosen web design carrier, at the beginning stage it might seems very exciting as you would get yourself introduced towards some creative style and design but after certain time, you would require to deliver creativeness and your own style in your work for good carrier growth.  At initial level, you may get good success and as your experience would grow, expectation of people who would hire you for your talent would also grow and they would expect something unique and different in your work. At this level, designing something from scratch wouldn’t work and you may need to develop full custom design from custom graphic design to custom layout design which reflects your imagination. Only professional Chicago web design expert with years of experience in industry dealing with different clients and their expectation can understand this circumstance of high payout Vs ROI in work. Here, our expert pointing out some points to become web design ninja.

Marry to Web Design Tools and Technology

In upcoming years, there would be various standard for designing website for different platform and environment. It may possible to have certain specification for perfect design in smart phone, laptop, tablet and all other gadgets, memorizing and implementing changes for all these standard is little difficult without use of any tools. Along with coding, there are other tools as well which help you in creating error free coding or testing your design form various prospects. More you aware of tools and technology, more you would become efficient in delivering good design with fewer efforts. So make yourself aware of latest tools which help for designing any stuff during your work.

Improve Curiosity for Insight

Generally web designer used to search for inspiration and have a look at all graceful things designed by other expert. Only few takes deep interest and show enthusiasm on what actually used to make that thing gorgeous and try to know base detail. So don’t just look at inspiration visually, try to see things from insight on its development.

Choose Web Design Idol

It is always good to have an idol whose works inspires you most and whom you try to follow for becoming one. Choosing an idol would continuously remind you what you want to become and what is yet to achieve and would help you staying on right track if somehow you get distracted from other stuff.

Don’t Limit Your Research up to Working Hours or Any Project Requirement

It is human tendency that until someone doesn’t pay us for doing good research or updating knowledge, we wouldn’t try to look at those things once even if it is available free and which can help us in our skills. Same rules apply to web designer, until we wouldn’t have requirement of creating something new with new software or tools, we wouldn’t try to use that stuff. When it comes to web design, there are various methods, tools; software available which may be new to you and you must give a try to look at the features and things you can achieve using that tools or method.

Develop Certain Standards in Your Work

Designed built by you or website themed by you, must retain certain quality standard which any other designer can easily abstract viewing your work. Try to improve perfectness in your work up to certain quality and inherit those standards to all projects or website for which you may work. Following this point would improve your professionalism in work.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Interesting Resources of Web World

In this huge world of web day by day new things are coming such as new trend of designing, new web technology, popular web blog updates, and the increasing world of social networking etc....

These changes affect lot on webmasters as well as affect on general users. General people are waiting for use latest technologies, gadget, applications, social networking websites etc... for entertainment and webmasters are continuously use new technology in their work and makes available new applications, new designs for users. Webmasters are always ready to grab opportunity to use latest technology in their work of web designing, application development and internet marketing; bloggers are also waiting for new updates and news launch by technical communities than share all on their blogs for their users, they work for aware people by giving them latest update about latest technology and designing trend.

Here, designers from Spinx - web design Atlanta company trying to explain how each and every person in this world is connected with web and also going to provide interested resources of web world.

W3C - Web Technology and Standards:

World Wide Web Consortium, International organization that develop web standard for World Wide Web. The whole web world is connected with W3C. Webmasters must have to follow different web standards define by W3C. All updates in web technologies, new standard in existing technology are describe by W3C.

Stay tune with this link of W3C to get all updates about different web technologies and standards bit.ly/KnZqSJ

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google, a famous search engine across the world provides opportunity to get online business and earn money in different ways. Google continuously try to make their users happy by giving them most relevant result, make business men happy with their huge list of applications used by different businesses for promotion. Internet marketers and SEO persons are widely get affected by the single update of Google in any of their application or in their search engine algorithm.

Take a look at list of Google Algorithm Updates mz.cm/AlgorithmUpdate

Social Media and Social Networking:

Social networking and social media covers 50% in web world used to promote business, entertainment, gaming etc... Business men can get opportunity to create a huge group of business as well as they can do free and paid promotion on social networking websites. Different popular social networking and social media websites like Google+, twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc... are booming world wide.

Let’s have a look at latest update on rising world of Facebook bit.ly/RisingFacebook

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Role of UX Expert in Different Types of Website

There are certain restriction on improving the user experience of website as per the type of website and its purpose to convince users. Along with restriction, there are specific things which we must integrate to improve overall usability of website which is specific to that kind of websites only. Here we would talk about the main three types of website and related points which you can consider in deploying good user experience.

Working with small static website, website offers limited functionality and it is also built for specific one or two purpose only, either for business introduction or basic website to get online inquiries through contact form. As the objective of websites are limited, UX expert need to focus on certain things only which are related to color used, font used  for content, theme of the website to represent business objective and speed and performance of website over different browser environment. One can improve the speed by enabling the caching of static resources, compressing the images and elimination the components which takes more time for loading. A professional designed theme, contrast color usage and good header design for call to action would do the fine job. As in static design, designer has freedom to place different objects, make sure white space has been used to enhance the visibility of different section. 

There are mainly two option for delivering good experience to mobile audience, either you develop separate mobile website hosted on .mobi sub domain or implement different CSS standard or visual theme of website detecting the User agent and reflecting the changes as per environment in which it get viewed. In both way, UX expert have to analyze the structure of the layout, performance, visual appearance over different screen size & mobile device and ability to detect user agent and reflecting changes in design. If you have mobile application, you need to check the connectivity issue with main server, simplicity in use of apps and capability to provide advance performance for specific platform on which it has been built. 

In kind of dynamic website or ecommerce website where users need to follow certain process to complete the task and need to learn certain things on their own for successful completion of processes on the site,  UX experts need to put maximum efforts for improving the UX of design. Here UX expert require evaluating different module of website, evaluating goals of successive steps in process and usefulness of design in getting visitors closer to each goal along with maintaining the UX standard described for static website in second paragraph. In kind of websites help from web analytic expert is require to measure the actual performance of website in website statistics and  improvement in those statistics driven by changes suggested by UX expert.   

Thus, above approach is requiring to deal with different types of websites and its UX design. The ultimate goal of UX expert is to recommend changes in website functionality or visually to improve the performance of website which contributes in generating good business through website. Above post is contribution of our UX expert at Chicago web design & Development firm improving UX design of various site designed and developed for our clients.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET for Web Development

For development of web application or website, there are different options available based on programming language based on which any web development software works. From premium web development platform like ASP.NET to free open source platform like PHP are being widely used. Here we would look over some advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET.

Advantages of ASP.NET

A first advantage I must discuss is flexibility on use of various supported programming language like C# and VB. If you feel that specific requirement seems to develop easier with in VB than C#, you can get flexibility to avail all features in your preferred language. This way it attracts and provides platforms for programmers with experience in different language rather than relying on one.

It provides large group of controls which you can drag and drop in your web pages easily. Along with use of component library provided by ASP.Net, you can also integrate third party controls or give advance level of customization to specific control to fulfill your website requirement.

If you prefer to code manually without use of any Framework, whenever you drag and drop any component on page, it generates coding for function which is associated with that control. For example, if you use button or list box control, basic coding for button click function or list box selection would get generated at back hand. Thus it reduce the amount of code developer suppose to write manually compare to other platform.

To use the power of JavaScript, it provides readymade group of controls like Ajax which you can use to implement complex JavaScript functions to synchronize with live connection server to retrieve and update database without making any external post back request to server.

When developing large websites or web application with good level of complexity, ASP.net Provides more flexibility to make your process smoother compare to other platform. Online travel booking engine, local search engine, flight booking , stock exchange sites where continuous interaction require with third party web service for retrieving data along with managing large no. of users, ASP.NET seems to be more promising and robust for development.

If one prefer to work with Framework or content management system for mid level website development, both premium and open source framework and CMS available which you can utilize as per your needs.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

As you have to purchase license version of software, it is not suitable for small size organization with requirement of simple web development. Developing website with open source technology would give equal facility hence reduce considerable amount of development cost.

Integrating with CMS or relying on framework, there are only few options available compare to options available with open source development on use of CMS or framework.

Clients with confusion on selection of specific platform, our Chicago web development expert at Spinx explain advantages and disadvantages of different web technology for building websites.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Takes Care of Your Visitors – Keep Them Away From Frustrating Designing Rain

Website visitors are precious for online business to increase business sales, and leads. Every website visitors are business potentials so it is a duty of every web designer and website owner that they should take extra care of their website visitors by creating a user experience design.  

Designers from Spinx – Florida web design said, to establish a great user interface designer should have to avoid some common web designing inaccuracy that frustrate the visitors of the website.

Make it Load Fast: Slow loading website is the most frustrating thing for website visitors, no one like to wait for a long because in this tough competition of internet business there are to many competitors websites are their so rather than wait they like to switched to others website.

Too Many Popup Windows: Too many popup windows mystify the website visitors, in some designs we found new popup window open on every click, in this condition visitors got confuse or irritate because they are going to click on particular web page to get some service and they land to other webpage in new popup window. To design a proper website designers should avoid these things.

Links That Are Not Working: Visitors surf website in intention of getting some information but at the same time when they click on any link and found the broken links and 404 pages than it become headache for them. They close the website and never come again on the same website that is not fulfilling their requirements.

Intricate Navigation: Navigation is a way to go throughout the whole website at the same time intricate navigation system on website confuse visitors and they feel like they reach at unknown place and can’t find the way to go.

Over Flashy: Here, we are talking about the website that only believe on presentation and striking look but never provide much information or any other useful data but every website designer should keep in mind one thing that attractive look catch the user’s eye but at the end 90% people are seeking for information so only look without any useful things waste the time of visitors. More flashy websites takes a long time to load and I is not search engine friendly so with the over use of flash designer never create a proficient user interface.
Over Information: It is good to provide necessary information on the website but some webmasters put more than enough information without properly organized it and cluttered the whole design with too much info which annoys users to read.

While design a website, designer should think like a visitors and than try to keep them visitors away from the frustration of messy design.  

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Wireframes-Definition, Benefits and Resource

A simple definition of wireframe can be given as a rough scratch which demonstrates the position of different elements of website and how data is going to be displayed in website. It can be built with any professional tools or can be painted by manually on paper to illustrate the design of the website. Many web designers prefer to implement it where many ignore to spend time and start design directly. One can include small things like placement of social media icons or sign up button to placement of promotional banner, what things to highlight in wireframe solely depends on web designer. Building complex web application or website, it is preferable to start design with prebuilt wireframe which leads you accurately to design different parts of website and give clear ideas to your clients about design process and outcome he would get.

Working with clients who are too specific for their website design and ready to pay good amount for customization of design, working with wireframe would be good option to build a website which is perfect as per his needs. As web designer, it would help you making your presentation more professionally and would help you elaborating your concepts, thoughts and ideas clearly for design. A good wireframe is one which built with attention to detail about each and every components of website from deciding its height, size and exact pixel location where you would place it in website. In other words, it is solution through which you can solve all doubts of your clients regarding the design of website. Once you start building design, you can use the same wireframe for reporting as well explaining your clients which part of it has been finished and which have remained.

If you are thinking about the time it takes to create wireframes, it depends on the complexity of customization in design. If you prefer to draw rough diagram manually, it wouldn’t require more time if you prefer to draw with some tools, you may need time to get aware about that tools and features you can use.  Drawing manually or with tools again depends on the client’s requirement, budget and other needs. There is software available in the market which you can utilize to speed up the design but have to take care buying any premium one as you would  use the same software regularly  for future projects as well, should prefer to use demo version and get aware about the features. MockFlow, Axure, Pancil Project, Mocking Bird, Cacoo, ProtoShare are some well known tools for wireframe design.

At Spinx, Chicago web design service provider, we have gained many benefits on use of wireframes which helps us building presenting and reporting easier and faster.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Open Sources for Services Base Website and Ecommerce Website

Today, because of the increasing popularity of open source CMS, majority of business men and professional web development companies like Spinx - Atlanta web development prefer to make their website with selected open source such as wordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart etc... These open source CMS are freely available to download by open communities and helpful to develop different types of websites whether it is for develop shopping cart, ecommerce website or service based website design.

Open Source CMS Used to Develop Service Based Website

WordPress: WordPress is a most popular CMS used by wide range of people around the world, the multi blogging functionality and useful features and plugins support make this CMS more admirable. It is easy to customize and also you can use ready wordPress templates and different widgets and customize it fully.

Joomla: Joomla is also one most popular open source CMS prefer by many web development companies, different modules available in Joomla give best opportunity to develop most proficient website, the built in features of Joomla is very flexible and easily used by different web developers. 

Drupal: Today Drupal is become most famous CMS because of its functionality. Developer can easily customize Drupal website. A website develop with Drupal has many features and functionality such as it enhancing performance, different modules code are available which can be extensible, easy to integrate, obedient with different security standards.

Open Source CMS Used to Develop Ecommerce Website

Magento: Magento is and open source ecommerce platform use to develop fully functional ecommerce website. With the Magento ecommerce any time you can expand you business. It allows you to create multiple store under one administrator control panel. Through a Magento ecommerce developers can create great and user friendly shopping environment on the ecommerce website.

osCommerce: If you are going to create your first online store and wants to make it simple and easy to use than osCommerce can become first choice for you. There are big developers community available for develop ecommerce store with use of osCommerce.

OpenCart: OpenCart is also one open source online shopping cart which has been written in PHP language. It is helpful to create easy online store which become a best solution for merchants in internet world, the inbuilt features of OpenCart useful to make search engine friendly online shopping cart system. 

These are the small list of open source CMS, there are more feature rich CMS available in the market.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Designing Creative Twitter Background and inspirational Examples

For the last couple of years, Twitter and Facebook are one of the most used social websites people use to share and connect with people. People share the things which they like with their friend which get shared by their friends and cycle continues. This way an effective utilization and promotion of these two sites can distribute your content to millions of people automatically and these are the sites which you must not ignore to include in your social media strategy. Search engines  also considers crawling these sites frequently to collect real and fresh data shared by people and also consider signal from these sites to give authority to sites for ranking. 

For efficient social media promotion in these sites, it is necessary to have custom background designed with keep in mind the purpose of your social media marketing. If the purpose is branding of your business, you should clearly highlight the brand name, business logo, services you provide and website URL in your background. If the purpose is making distribution of your content, you should keep light background which give priority to your tweets rather than your background. If your purpose is personal promotion, you need to add your photos and your profile name of other social media sites like FaceBook, Mashable or Stumbleupon and need to highlight your contact detail. You need to give special attention on what things to add in your image background and what not to.

When it comes to designing custom background, you can utilize the space at left and right side bar for promoting your business. A good background is one which utilizes these two spaces and filled up with the things which add information users can use to get aware of your business. If you are into web design and development business, highlighting all the service in left sidebar and contact information at bottom to the service and including the small images of website from portfolio at right sidebar is an ideal option to consider. You also need to design background with care that the content you add in background image must not be overlaid by space used for displaying tweets and other widgets and also need to check visual clarity in different browser. To give you clear ideas, Chicago web designer at spinx has chosen some of the best Twitter background which has been highlighted in below embedded video. 

Monday, 30 April 2012

Accurate Design Equal Success

Website of business makes available a way to get success in this competitive internet business world so we can say that the victory of online business is depending on the website.

Here, in article this article title designer from Spinx – web design Atlanta company said that Accurate Design Equal Success and it is depend on designers how precisely they design a web presence for different business firms and organizations.

Design Should Tell Story: Design of website should tell story of business, design a website in a way in which different designing elements pass the message of business.

Striking Visual Impact: Impress visitors visually and create attractive visual impact in their mind helps to increase website visitors.

Proper Navigation: Navigation on website endow way of website, when visitor came on website which have complex navigation than it is same as a person reach at unknown place and can’t find a way to go. So it is suggested to create proper navigation without any complexity on website so that visitor can easily reach at their intended place.

Create Talkative Design: When user came on website they start communication between different designing elements such as they talk with website navigation to reach at intended place, talk with images and try to understand what it say, which message it is trying to pass.

Optimize Properly: It is necessary to optimized website properly so that it can be easily visible in major search engine result page. It is helpful to increase business sell and leads.

Usability: Design should be user friendly so it gives best experience to users for visit website and they can easily use all web services offer by website.

To achieve success in online business, it is compulsory to have website which have proper balance of eye-catching look, user friendly and search engine friendly website design.

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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Some important Tasks to Do Before Initiating Website Design

Web design is the job where you need continuous interaction with your clients to take care of his business prospective and his satisfaction. Sometimes it become hard to get desire productivity or output working with the clients which are not efficient enough for exploring the exact ideas or thoughts about their website design. In kind of situation, pre work before starting the actual design and making communication with your clients from initial level proves beneficial which can save lots of time and efforts at intermediate phase of website design.

Use of certain images or implementing any element in design may require registering the license version of software you use to create those elements. While giving quote for your service, you must discuss this issue with your client and make him understand the legal issues regarding use of images or any software.

As web designer, we have industry knowledge on which kind of websites suits well for specific industry or which layout or style is appreciate for targeting specific audience or geographic region. So you need to interact with your client in detail and need to reveal certain things which may help you designing better website which you can add in your portfolio. 

In most of cases, you ask your clients to provide couple of websites he likes or he wants you to prefer designing his website. You review those websites and provide some samples and may get feedback like”Everything is fine but still not like I have thought”. It may possible he would provide couple of more websites to review and design it again. To avoid this situation, designing wireframe is far better option in which you ask your clients to confirm about the way you are going to arrange data in the website. 

After confirming the layout, you should make practice of gathering all resources you may need for building design. It may require gathering images, listing tools for testing, external add-ons for improving compatibility, font files or external JavaScript query or plug-ins. If you collect all these resources before starting your design, it would help finishing the design quickly as you don’t require spending extra time on research in between.

Designing complex websites, where there is a need of designing different layout, combining those layout at end is quiet difficult and time consuming as overall concept shouldn’t be broken while combining different modules. In kind of situation, finishing design of every section, it becomes importance for you to represent that to your clients for his opinion. Ecommerce website, where there are sections for product presentation, user cart and admin interface for product management is an ideal example where you may create individual design for each and present it to client.  
Providing Web design Chicago service and Working with different clients from various industries, above difficulties help us solving various issues tackling with clients.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anything to Everything About Joomla Web Development

In the past couple of years, popularity of Joomla has grown tremendously. It has become one of the most preferred content management systems by web developer and marketers. A website building with integration of Joomla is quiet easier and quick which saves time of developer for custom functions development and marketers can also plan to launch website quickly compare to other available website building platforms. Let’s analyze some of the top reasons behind its success.
When developing large web application or website, budget allocation is major concern. As joomla is based on open source technology, you can download it free and can use it for personal as well as professional purpose to develop websites.

It is one of the easier CMS to work with which allow one click installation from your FRTP client. Developer has to aware of the fundamental server and hosting requirement for its correct installation and use.

When there is a need of content distribution and marketing, in built functionality of Joomla allows you to create variety of content and have ability to develop different form of content like RSS feeds to distribute it over different online advertising channel.

If any of requirement don’t get fulfilled by its inbuilt functions, developer can easily create external module to which can be integrated with existing system which allow developer to develop fully customized dynamic websites and web application.

What if you can reduce the considerable amount of money after its design? Joomla comes with web template which you can use for your website and can also customize it at certain levels. As it is very popular, you would get lots of option for premium design templates as well which are easy to install and integrate in to CMS.
Sometimes developer needs to create separate admin interface to provide easier admin interface which can be understood and used by nontechnical person. With Joomla, you would have easier interface which allows you to add, edit and update the content of the website. Even it is possible to have different language of admin panel that of website.

In short, Joomla is single web solution which can satisfy your all need for website development, custom website design and its management. Above are the features which inspire us to use Joomla for website building at Chicago web development firm.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Need of Quick Website Building and Web Marketing Process

As it is easier to target online audience and manage online marketing campaigns compare to offline, every small to large business owner must not miss to consider growing online audience of internet for generating more revenue and business hence tracking  in online campaign is more easier and accurate compare to offline and affordable too.

When someone plan to get benefits of online marketing and audience , traditional way involves creating website and contacting right web design and development firm which provide complete solution, developing content of your website, launching it online and then creating marketing strategy for traffic acquisition. So this process may take around a year, when website becomes complete for business. As competition and technology grows, this kind of traditional way doesn’t get appreciated anymore as audience gets changed at six month and as technology.

As things on internet takes place quickly, you need to look for the strategy which created all three modules, website design, development and content creation simultaneously and also need predefined marketing strategy which based on tight deadline which get executed instantly after completion of website development.  If your marketing strategy involves optimizing website for search engine, you must think two steps ahead and start developing content for different marketing techniques you need to conduct for SEO of your website even if your website isn’t live.

For speeding up website building process, either you need to invest more budgets in hiring individual resources for design and development or need to adopt ready made resources. For website designing, you can choose to have ready made premium template initially, and for website development you can work with the online CMS or custom system built for kind of business like you. Either way you select, you need to maintain the professionalism of your business which must reflects in your website.

So thus, one has to take complete benefits of online marketing and need to stay ahead in the competition. If you are planning for website, our staff at New York web development firm would help you speed up your process quickly with use of experience and would be able to provide enough resources.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Examples of Infographics – Inspirational Resource for Designers and Developers

Design of website has to be striking which attract their user’s eye but unfortunately as we all know people are seeking for information or to use services so for that they have to put unique and informative content on the website but simply represent a long content on a website sometimes seems bore to read without having any influencing elements with a content, so for that designers have to used proper color combinations on content area and they have to choose font colors in contrast of background which helps to make your information outstanding which never bore your website users.

Infographics is the latest designing trend which has a purpose of present information creatively with the help of graphics, a combination of information and graphics makes available a proper infographics element and it is helpful to give information in attractive way, within a long paragraph of content designer can put infographics in between and explain it amazingly which catch the interest of website visitors.

By seeing extended popularity of infographics here Atlanta web designers from Spinx Inc. provide inspiring examples of infographics which they have found from onextrapixel.com.

Online Communities Map

Web Infographic

Hierarchy of Digital Distractions

Browser Wars

Flickr Infographic

Twitter Users Profile Infographic

Conversations in Social Media

The Story of Twitter

Disney vs Marvel Infographic

SF Flickr Cameras

Colors of the Social World Wide Web

Should I Work for Free?

For more examples of inspiring Infographics go to http://www.onextrapixel.com/2012/03/23/26-interesting-infographics-for-web-designers-and-developers/

Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Things can Impress Your Visitors About Your Website?

Making impression on your visitors is not restricted to the visual look of your website or how fancy your website look, different factors of website work together to make positive impact of your website. The main objective of creating impression on visitors is to encourage them to visit again or memorize your website so next time when they need what you offer, they come to your website directly. Due to high competition and efforts of all website owners to deliver best to their visitors, only visual impression is not enough for bringing them back to your website. One has to think with different marketing prospect and simplicity in functions and flexibility provided by your website in different environment.

Is your website compatible to technology? Do you like to view your website from your mobile or tablet? Does it provide good viewing experience to mobile audience? Have you put any special efforts after making it design compatible to these devices? You can easily answer these questions by your own and implement changes as per needed. One common practice is to use browser and device emulator to analyze the performance of website on different platform.

On the web, what it seems to be simple may be complex at back end and complex at front end may be simple at back end. Kind of website where interaction of users is needed frequently, you must make sure that your interface design provide simple front end regardless of its complexity at back end. In certain cases, you can conduct the test with people who are not aware of your website and ask them to finish certain tasks on your site. Based on their feedback, you can implement changes which make things easier for new uses to utilize your website.

Likelihood of visiting your website again also depends on the intelligence of your website. Storing what users have browsed previously and showing related items of his interest based on stored data would make him happy as you have given attention on what he likes. YouTube is an ideal example which shows previously viewed videos and suggestion on relevant videos. Same way, remembering users zip code and calculating shipping cost and extra text would be considered as smarter for product shopping site instead of asking him to enter zip code every time he add products to his cart. Based on type and purpose of website, you should implement certain intelligence in your website.

At last, you need to provide strong reason to visitors to come back to your site. No one likes to visit website which doesn’t update content, your website would counted as inactive. So you need to integrate things which keep them engage and give them a reason to visit again. Updating useful information through blog, email campaign for new product launch or news, offering deals and coupons are some ways to achieve the same.

All these points lead to having a website which is built with prospect to users. Having years of experience as New York Web design service provider, above are the points for which we have seen positive impact when implemented for clients websites.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Necessity of Determine Targeted Audience for Web Designers

Designers have to be a challenging person because when they start designing a website at that time they have to faced a challenge and give guarantee that the design of website will going to acquire the attention of prospect website users.   

Talented Florida web designer from Spinx, Florida company said that before just start designing the first thing designers have to find out targeted audiences which are going to use a website. Well, it is not necessary that only the targeted persons will visit website, there are two type of website visitors one is targeted and the second one is general visitors, the targeted visitors are those from whom a business men expecting business, they are significant visitors for business and because of this reason designers have to understand the nature of their targeted audience.

Different businesses have their different targeting audience such as if designers are going to design a website for children than the kids an their parents are targeting visitors for designers, so they have to design website in a way which convince children to stay on website by putting funky images, by creating cartoonist navigation on website which entertain them most so they like to come again on website at the same time the small children parents think that the website which is use by their children should be helpful to develop their child skills, so at this time children and their parents both are become a targeted audience for designers and in their design they have to fulfill requirements of both.

While designing professional business services website designers should think for different firm business men who are their targeted audience and going to use that particular website’s services, in these types of website designers should professionally arrange all web designing elements, they have to create simple and professional looking navigation on site, select two to three colors in combination which produce professional impact on website. Create professional business website structure and layout with arranging different designing elements which force other business firm’s persons to visit website and use those services.

If designers are going to design fashion website than their targeted audience is teen agers, so designers have to think for what latest trend going on in the group of teen agers in fashion world, they have to give something extra and latest in their website so the different group of teen agers attract with it and use those services, or fashion products available on website.

There is many more different group of people lives in this world that have different intention of visit different types of website and the designers are the person who has to understand various types of people for design a choice of business websites.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Responsive Web Design Boost Online Business

The increasing popularity of smart phones, PDAs and other web devices raise the necessity of create responsive website design. Responsive design automatically changes the layout and screen resolution of website design according to web device on which the website is going to run. Today the majority people prefer to access internet on their portable web devices such as tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc..., when they want any online services. So if the website will not work same way in different devices it increases the chances of decrease online business and to prevent this thing responsive website design is become essential for different business website. The expert team of designers in web design Jacksonville believes in creation of most responsive website design for their business.

Now, let us discuss the other side of coin which is also increase the popularity of responsive design, business men, especially small businesses found it costly to make different website for different devices, like one for desktop, other for mobile, PDAs, tablets, etc... And if we think in internet marketing point of view every web URL should have to include different content so it make task lengthy as well as costly, it will not set in the budget of business men.

Websites are for user’s use so it is necessary that give them best experience of visit website which fulfill their requirements such as they can easily buy products from website, they can use services from website, they can easily generate inquiry from website etc... And these all things can be easily done if all web designing elements arranged wisely on website whether it would be access from any web devices, it should be work well for them so online business can get benefit.

To accomplish all above mention requirements responsive web design came in picture of web designing and today it is become a necessary for every website design.

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Criteria for Selecting Right Web Development Tools

Developing any website or web application, selecting right tools can save your lots of time and efforts and selecting the wrong one increase frustration and may require to develop the same from initial base if it fails to fulfill the requirement of specific website. As per the type of website development, there are large options available for selection of tools for different purpose; you need to be careful as wrong one can lead your efforts to be in vain. CMS, HTML generator, Website editor, Error validation, server performance tester, browser emulator and W3c validator are some general category of tools which developer requires using. 

If any tools are available free, it doesn’t mean it would provide the best solution for your requirement. Whether you pay for its service or avail free, your objective is to get the job done accurately with use of that tool along with reducing your efforts. You must put some efforts and spend time to check whether that tool works correctly or not. You can use another tool and compare outcome of each to crosscheck accuracy. Here your task is to find any bug or error in the tool you wish to use. 

Whether you work freelancer or work in professional web development firm, you have to maintain the ratio of cost to its output. When you are buying any premium tools, you must need to evaluate whether that tool is worth to buy at that amount and also need to look for its alternate option which may be available free of charge. 

It is mandatory that the tool you use must get updated with new changes in development technology. Working with content management system or tools which give suggestion for browser and device compatibility, it must consider adding new features required by modern websites and updates its database for new device which get introduced recently. You must work with the tool which gets updated at regular interval of time. 

When you have more than one option for selection, you have to select the one by observing the complexity of specific tool. In web development firm where that tool is going to be used by different people, you must take opinion from those people on its usage.  Selection of CMS is an ideal consideration where you have to ask your clients whether it is easier to use interface panel provided by CMS or they get any difficulty on usage. 

Major Chicago web development companies prefer to use tools to get better productivity from resource and for completing the project quickly. Above are the points which should get considered before making selection.  Most of the premium tools provide free service or demo for restricted time, when big investment requires on use of specific tool, you must opt for its demo before final purchase.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Different Ways of Enhancing Speed of Your Website

Does your website provide information quickly in one blink? Is your server is able to handle the large no. of visitors together hence deliver the same speed? Any user who is paying high amount for internet and if your website is unable to provide information at the speed expected, he would likely to go on other websites to get instant information. So your responsibilities involve taking care of speed of your website to provide good experience to your visitors.

Before following any other technique or modifying your website or files, you need to confirm that your hosting plan is convenient to no. of visitors you have. Initially at launch of website, you may not have much visitors or traffic. As different promotional activities take place, your traffic get increased and you need hosting plan which provide fast data transfer rate to process the request given by all visitors at same time.  Your visitors wouldn’t like to see any kind of server error messages so observe server errors and if needed, change your hosting plan and take the one with higher bandwidth.

The second most important thing to observe is the size of different object used in website design. If you have hosted images and videos on your own server, you have to make sure that they have been compressed and optimized at level they can be. Along with compressing, you also need to maintain the quality of those file intact. For the small images which are used for controls like link, buttons or icons, you can use CSS sprite to retrieve all those images on single call from server instead of making individual download request for each image.

Enabling cache memory and its efficient utilization can also increase the speed at certain percentage. Different database queries which require executing on each visit or storing certain files like CSS and other support files as per different HTML control used in website in cache memory would speed up the retrieval process. So you should enable cache and use for different operation especially for dynamic website where you fetch all the data from database n each request.

Along with above points which we used to analyze for our client’s website at New York Web design firm; there are minor points which are not necessary but implementation of those points depend on the type of website and data you retrieve. You can use tools like Google Page Speed online to check out score of your website speed compare to other website on the web and to get complete instructions on enhancement of speed of the website.