Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Role of UX Expert in Different Types of Website

There are certain restriction on improving the user experience of website as per the type of website and its purpose to convince users. Along with restriction, there are specific things which we must integrate to improve overall usability of website which is specific to that kind of websites only. Here we would talk about the main three types of website and related points which you can consider in deploying good user experience.

Working with small static website, website offers limited functionality and it is also built for specific one or two purpose only, either for business introduction or basic website to get online inquiries through contact form. As the objective of websites are limited, UX expert need to focus on certain things only which are related to color used, font used  for content, theme of the website to represent business objective and speed and performance of website over different browser environment. One can improve the speed by enabling the caching of static resources, compressing the images and elimination the components which takes more time for loading. A professional designed theme, contrast color usage and good header design for call to action would do the fine job. As in static design, designer has freedom to place different objects, make sure white space has been used to enhance the visibility of different section. 

There are mainly two option for delivering good experience to mobile audience, either you develop separate mobile website hosted on .mobi sub domain or implement different CSS standard or visual theme of website detecting the User agent and reflecting the changes as per environment in which it get viewed. In both way, UX expert have to analyze the structure of the layout, performance, visual appearance over different screen size & mobile device and ability to detect user agent and reflecting changes in design. If you have mobile application, you need to check the connectivity issue with main server, simplicity in use of apps and capability to provide advance performance for specific platform on which it has been built. 

In kind of dynamic website or ecommerce website where users need to follow certain process to complete the task and need to learn certain things on their own for successful completion of processes on the site,  UX experts need to put maximum efforts for improving the UX of design. Here UX expert require evaluating different module of website, evaluating goals of successive steps in process and usefulness of design in getting visitors closer to each goal along with maintaining the UX standard described for static website in second paragraph. In kind of websites help from web analytic expert is require to measure the actual performance of website in website statistics and  improvement in those statistics driven by changes suggested by UX expert.   

Thus, above approach is requiring to deal with different types of websites and its UX design. The ultimate goal of UX expert is to recommend changes in website functionality or visually to improve the performance of website which contributes in generating good business through website. Above post is contribution of our UX expert at Chicago web design & Development firm improving UX design of various site designed and developed for our clients.

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