Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Build Features Prosperous Online Ecommerce Store

These days’ people prefer online shopping so each and every business wants to makes available their store online and it becomes a duty of web designer and developer to build most feature rich ecommerce store that takes an ecommerce business at the height of success and for that business men need to hire professionals that can convert their expectation in to the reality.

Here, website design Atlanta company makes available some key points that should be keep in mind by professionals while building an online ecommerce store.

As we all know in ecommerce websites there are many categories and sub categories so designers and developers need to define all properly by creating proper URL structure for all categories and also make an easy navigation system in that sub categories comes under the main categories so that user can reach in-depth of the whole website and user can reach at each and every products on websites either it is belongs to main category or in sub category or in sub category of subcategory.

Describe products with proper content, only give a picture of products is not a good option because it makes users confuse about product buying so try to describe some features and usage of particular product with image, it helps users to get in detail information about particular product provide by merchant on website with purpose of selling.

Try to give easy option for buying, never hesitate users at the time when they going to buy products from online ecommerce website. After select product gives them an option to directly buy that product with no more than one click, make sure that the all functions work correctly on website so that user can easily perform buying task on website.  Give them different payment option so user can select one that they find more convenient. Give them proper delivery time and also make them updated with the process of delivery by email or message on phone. If possible also offer cash on delivery option because some people do not believe on online payment.

Online ecommerce store provide facility to open your business for 365 days and 24/7. It allow merchants to get business from the world wide but after establish online store don’t wait to get good business without doing any approaches, you should have to apply some marketing tactics to get better business and to stay ahead in the competition of online business world.

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Different types of Questions You May Face in Web Design Interview

If you are going to attend web design interview for the first time, it is good practice to get yourself aware about the certain common question which you can answered fluently without any hesitation. In interview you got few minutes to impress the person and represent your knowledge of industry. Pre preparations of the interview always turn into good result. Chicago web design professional from Spinx, explains some of the common question which companies frequently asked to web designers. For experience web designer, a portfolio of past work can exclusively explain the ability of designer but for the beginner it is necessary to evaluate the skills and passion about work from below discussed questions. Instead of focusing on individual question, here we have tried to point out general category of question which helps you preparing for interview with larger aspect.

Questions Regarding Productivity and Efficiency 

Sometimes company may needs to hire efficient web designer along with having proficient skills to fulfill requirement. A smart web designer is the one who use the available tools when needed and improve the speed of work compare to one who has excellent core knowledge of programming HTML manually. There are so many things in web design which consumes more time of designer if done without use of tools. Prepare yourself aware about some popular tools in web design for validating of the code, error evaluation, website speed evaluation, HTML generator, CSS generator and base knowledge on working of those tools.

Question Which Elaborate Technical Skills 

This kind of questions might be not big concern for fresher web designer but if you are the experience one, you have to prove your technical knowledge which you can integrate into work. Easy questions like how to use specific element, syntax of tag, how to check errors to some hard questions regarding making website browser compatible, improving the speed of website, correct use of cache memory , use of Javascript, Plug-in and flash. True experience comes from working on various types of distinguish requirement which require learning new things in design rather than one with require using same methods or tools. 

Question Regarding Self Awareness and Improvement

Web designing, web development and internet marketing is the job where everyone needs to keep himself updated about new methods, tools or technology. A designer with excellent knowledge which can’t be utilized due to some major changes is worthless compare to designer with restricted but updated knowledge. If you want to have good carrier, you should have passion which encourages you to read and subscribe about great resource on the web.  It also helps the person to reveal your activeness and eagerness to new things. Knowing about resources would also make you differentiate from other candidates who have similar skills and ability with above discussed points.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Analyze Project Requirements & User’s Need before Produce a Website

When business men make a decision of create online presence of their business by establishing a business website they have some predefine projects requirements on the other hand users of website are seeking for particular information sometimes that are not meet with project requirements at the end as a result we can see that the requirement of projects dose not fulfill the requirement of users and business loose their potentials.

In some website business men wants to display the things and information that are totally opposite from the user’s expectation and what the user are searching for in this case it becomes a necessary to define and understand what things or information are actually essential on the business website.

We can take an example of any organization’s website in that a business person become first side of coin who wants to display the photo of organization, events held on organization, list of person who donate their precious time and money to build up organization, some statements given by header’s that describe values of organization etc... When we see the second side of coin that is website users who are seeking for list of activities or work of organization, user wants to contact with organization and they search for phone number, address or any contact form, if person is watching the website of heath organization than he/she is more interested to see information regarding health topic rather than only information about organization.

Create two list one for user’s requirements and second for project requirements, analyze both of them carefully and than start implementation and evaluation of it and to perform this thing business men need to hire a specialized Florida web design firm if your business situated in Florida, in that the team business analyzer analyze the business requirements, analyze the targeted audience and than after webmasters start designing and developing a website for particular business.

Business men, business analyzer and webmasters would make sure that don’t only provide what you wants to give instead of that try to provide things that user’s expect from you.

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

How to Become Web Design Ninja

If you have chosen web design carrier, at the beginning stage it might seems very exciting as you would get yourself introduced towards some creative style and design but after certain time, you would require to deliver creativeness and your own style in your work for good carrier growth.  At initial level, you may get good success and as your experience would grow, expectation of people who would hire you for your talent would also grow and they would expect something unique and different in your work. At this level, designing something from scratch wouldn’t work and you may need to develop full custom design from custom graphic design to custom layout design which reflects your imagination. Only professional Chicago web design expert with years of experience in industry dealing with different clients and their expectation can understand this circumstance of high payout Vs ROI in work. Here, our expert pointing out some points to become web design ninja.

Marry to Web Design Tools and Technology

In upcoming years, there would be various standard for designing website for different platform and environment. It may possible to have certain specification for perfect design in smart phone, laptop, tablet and all other gadgets, memorizing and implementing changes for all these standard is little difficult without use of any tools. Along with coding, there are other tools as well which help you in creating error free coding or testing your design form various prospects. More you aware of tools and technology, more you would become efficient in delivering good design with fewer efforts. So make yourself aware of latest tools which help for designing any stuff during your work.

Improve Curiosity for Insight

Generally web designer used to search for inspiration and have a look at all graceful things designed by other expert. Only few takes deep interest and show enthusiasm on what actually used to make that thing gorgeous and try to know base detail. So don’t just look at inspiration visually, try to see things from insight on its development.

Choose Web Design Idol

It is always good to have an idol whose works inspires you most and whom you try to follow for becoming one. Choosing an idol would continuously remind you what you want to become and what is yet to achieve and would help you staying on right track if somehow you get distracted from other stuff.

Don’t Limit Your Research up to Working Hours or Any Project Requirement

It is human tendency that until someone doesn’t pay us for doing good research or updating knowledge, we wouldn’t try to look at those things once even if it is available free and which can help us in our skills. Same rules apply to web designer, until we wouldn’t have requirement of creating something new with new software or tools, we wouldn’t try to use that stuff. When it comes to web design, there are various methods, tools; software available which may be new to you and you must give a try to look at the features and things you can achieve using that tools or method.

Develop Certain Standards in Your Work

Designed built by you or website themed by you, must retain certain quality standard which any other designer can easily abstract viewing your work. Try to improve perfectness in your work up to certain quality and inherit those standards to all projects or website for which you may work. Following this point would improve your professionalism in work.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Interesting Resources of Web World

In this huge world of web day by day new things are coming such as new trend of designing, new web technology, popular web blog updates, and the increasing world of social networking etc....

These changes affect lot on webmasters as well as affect on general users. General people are waiting for use latest technologies, gadget, applications, social networking websites etc... for entertainment and webmasters are continuously use new technology in their work and makes available new applications, new designs for users. Webmasters are always ready to grab opportunity to use latest technology in their work of web designing, application development and internet marketing; bloggers are also waiting for new updates and news launch by technical communities than share all on their blogs for their users, they work for aware people by giving them latest update about latest technology and designing trend.

Here, designers from Spinx - web design Atlanta company trying to explain how each and every person in this world is connected with web and also going to provide interested resources of web world.

W3C - Web Technology and Standards:

World Wide Web Consortium, International organization that develop web standard for World Wide Web. The whole web world is connected with W3C. Webmasters must have to follow different web standards define by W3C. All updates in web technologies, new standard in existing technology are describe by W3C.

Stay tune with this link of W3C to get all updates about different web technologies and standards

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google, a famous search engine across the world provides opportunity to get online business and earn money in different ways. Google continuously try to make their users happy by giving them most relevant result, make business men happy with their huge list of applications used by different businesses for promotion. Internet marketers and SEO persons are widely get affected by the single update of Google in any of their application or in their search engine algorithm.

Take a look at list of Google Algorithm Updates

Social Media and Social Networking:

Social networking and social media covers 50% in web world used to promote business, entertainment, gaming etc... Business men can get opportunity to create a huge group of business as well as they can do free and paid promotion on social networking websites. Different popular social networking and social media websites like Google+, twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc... are booming world wide.

Let’s have a look at latest update on rising world of Facebook

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Role of UX Expert in Different Types of Website

There are certain restriction on improving the user experience of website as per the type of website and its purpose to convince users. Along with restriction, there are specific things which we must integrate to improve overall usability of website which is specific to that kind of websites only. Here we would talk about the main three types of website and related points which you can consider in deploying good user experience.

Working with small static website, website offers limited functionality and it is also built for specific one or two purpose only, either for business introduction or basic website to get online inquiries through contact form. As the objective of websites are limited, UX expert need to focus on certain things only which are related to color used, font used  for content, theme of the website to represent business objective and speed and performance of website over different browser environment. One can improve the speed by enabling the caching of static resources, compressing the images and elimination the components which takes more time for loading. A professional designed theme, contrast color usage and good header design for call to action would do the fine job. As in static design, designer has freedom to place different objects, make sure white space has been used to enhance the visibility of different section. 

There are mainly two option for delivering good experience to mobile audience, either you develop separate mobile website hosted on .mobi sub domain or implement different CSS standard or visual theme of website detecting the User agent and reflecting the changes as per environment in which it get viewed. In both way, UX expert have to analyze the structure of the layout, performance, visual appearance over different screen size & mobile device and ability to detect user agent and reflecting changes in design. If you have mobile application, you need to check the connectivity issue with main server, simplicity in use of apps and capability to provide advance performance for specific platform on which it has been built. 

In kind of dynamic website or ecommerce website where users need to follow certain process to complete the task and need to learn certain things on their own for successful completion of processes on the site,  UX experts need to put maximum efforts for improving the UX of design. Here UX expert require evaluating different module of website, evaluating goals of successive steps in process and usefulness of design in getting visitors closer to each goal along with maintaining the UX standard described for static website in second paragraph. In kind of websites help from web analytic expert is require to measure the actual performance of website in website statistics and  improvement in those statistics driven by changes suggested by UX expert.   

Thus, above approach is requiring to deal with different types of websites and its UX design. The ultimate goal of UX expert is to recommend changes in website functionality or visually to improve the performance of website which contributes in generating good business through website. Above post is contribution of our UX expert at Chicago web design & Development firm improving UX design of various site designed and developed for our clients.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET for Web Development

For development of web application or website, there are different options available based on programming language based on which any web development software works. From premium web development platform like ASP.NET to free open source platform like PHP are being widely used. Here we would look over some advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET.

Advantages of ASP.NET

A first advantage I must discuss is flexibility on use of various supported programming language like C# and VB. If you feel that specific requirement seems to develop easier with in VB than C#, you can get flexibility to avail all features in your preferred language. This way it attracts and provides platforms for programmers with experience in different language rather than relying on one.

It provides large group of controls which you can drag and drop in your web pages easily. Along with use of component library provided by ASP.Net, you can also integrate third party controls or give advance level of customization to specific control to fulfill your website requirement.

If you prefer to code manually without use of any Framework, whenever you drag and drop any component on page, it generates coding for function which is associated with that control. For example, if you use button or list box control, basic coding for button click function or list box selection would get generated at back hand. Thus it reduce the amount of code developer suppose to write manually compare to other platform.

To use the power of JavaScript, it provides readymade group of controls like Ajax which you can use to implement complex JavaScript functions to synchronize with live connection server to retrieve and update database without making any external post back request to server.

When developing large websites or web application with good level of complexity, Provides more flexibility to make your process smoother compare to other platform. Online travel booking engine, local search engine, flight booking , stock exchange sites where continuous interaction require with third party web service for retrieving data along with managing large no. of users, ASP.NET seems to be more promising and robust for development.

If one prefer to work with Framework or content management system for mid level website development, both premium and open source framework and CMS available which you can utilize as per your needs.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

As you have to purchase license version of software, it is not suitable for small size organization with requirement of simple web development. Developing website with open source technology would give equal facility hence reduce considerable amount of development cost.

Integrating with CMS or relying on framework, there are only few options available compare to options available with open source development on use of CMS or framework.

Clients with confusion on selection of specific platform, our Chicago web development expert at Spinx explain advantages and disadvantages of different web technology for building websites.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Takes Care of Your Visitors – Keep Them Away From Frustrating Designing Rain

Website visitors are precious for online business to increase business sales, and leads. Every website visitors are business potentials so it is a duty of every web designer and website owner that they should take extra care of their website visitors by creating a user experience design.  

Designers from Spinx – Florida web design said, to establish a great user interface designer should have to avoid some common web designing inaccuracy that frustrate the visitors of the website.

Make it Load Fast: Slow loading website is the most frustrating thing for website visitors, no one like to wait for a long because in this tough competition of internet business there are to many competitors websites are their so rather than wait they like to switched to others website.

Too Many Popup Windows: Too many popup windows mystify the website visitors, in some designs we found new popup window open on every click, in this condition visitors got confuse or irritate because they are going to click on particular web page to get some service and they land to other webpage in new popup window. To design a proper website designers should avoid these things.

Links That Are Not Working: Visitors surf website in intention of getting some information but at the same time when they click on any link and found the broken links and 404 pages than it become headache for them. They close the website and never come again on the same website that is not fulfilling their requirements.

Intricate Navigation: Navigation is a way to go throughout the whole website at the same time intricate navigation system on website confuse visitors and they feel like they reach at unknown place and can’t find the way to go.

Over Flashy: Here, we are talking about the website that only believe on presentation and striking look but never provide much information or any other useful data but every website designer should keep in mind one thing that attractive look catch the user’s eye but at the end 90% people are seeking for information so only look without any useful things waste the time of visitors. More flashy websites takes a long time to load and I is not search engine friendly so with the over use of flash designer never create a proficient user interface.
Over Information: It is good to provide necessary information on the website but some webmasters put more than enough information without properly organized it and cluttered the whole design with too much info which annoys users to read.

While design a website, designer should think like a visitors and than try to keep them visitors away from the frustration of messy design.  

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Wireframes-Definition, Benefits and Resource

A simple definition of wireframe can be given as a rough scratch which demonstrates the position of different elements of website and how data is going to be displayed in website. It can be built with any professional tools or can be painted by manually on paper to illustrate the design of the website. Many web designers prefer to implement it where many ignore to spend time and start design directly. One can include small things like placement of social media icons or sign up button to placement of promotional banner, what things to highlight in wireframe solely depends on web designer. Building complex web application or website, it is preferable to start design with prebuilt wireframe which leads you accurately to design different parts of website and give clear ideas to your clients about design process and outcome he would get.

Working with clients who are too specific for their website design and ready to pay good amount for customization of design, working with wireframe would be good option to build a website which is perfect as per his needs. As web designer, it would help you making your presentation more professionally and would help you elaborating your concepts, thoughts and ideas clearly for design. A good wireframe is one which built with attention to detail about each and every components of website from deciding its height, size and exact pixel location where you would place it in website. In other words, it is solution through which you can solve all doubts of your clients regarding the design of website. Once you start building design, you can use the same wireframe for reporting as well explaining your clients which part of it has been finished and which have remained.

If you are thinking about the time it takes to create wireframes, it depends on the complexity of customization in design. If you prefer to draw rough diagram manually, it wouldn’t require more time if you prefer to draw with some tools, you may need time to get aware about that tools and features you can use.  Drawing manually or with tools again depends on the client’s requirement, budget and other needs. There is software available in the market which you can utilize to speed up the design but have to take care buying any premium one as you would  use the same software regularly  for future projects as well, should prefer to use demo version and get aware about the features. MockFlow, Axure, Pancil Project, Mocking Bird, Cacoo, ProtoShare are some well known tools for wireframe design.

At Spinx, Chicago web design service provider, we have gained many benefits on use of wireframes which helps us building presenting and reporting easier and faster.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Open Sources for Services Base Website and Ecommerce Website

Today, because of the increasing popularity of open source CMS, majority of business men and professional web development companies like Spinx - Atlanta web development prefer to make their website with selected open source such as wordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, OpenCart etc... These open source CMS are freely available to download by open communities and helpful to develop different types of websites whether it is for develop shopping cart, ecommerce website or service based website design.

Open Source CMS Used to Develop Service Based Website

WordPress: WordPress is a most popular CMS used by wide range of people around the world, the multi blogging functionality and useful features and plugins support make this CMS more admirable. It is easy to customize and also you can use ready wordPress templates and different widgets and customize it fully.

Joomla: Joomla is also one most popular open source CMS prefer by many web development companies, different modules available in Joomla give best opportunity to develop most proficient website, the built in features of Joomla is very flexible and easily used by different web developers. 

Drupal: Today Drupal is become most famous CMS because of its functionality. Developer can easily customize Drupal website. A website develop with Drupal has many features and functionality such as it enhancing performance, different modules code are available which can be extensible, easy to integrate, obedient with different security standards.

Open Source CMS Used to Develop Ecommerce Website

Magento: Magento is and open source ecommerce platform use to develop fully functional ecommerce website. With the Magento ecommerce any time you can expand you business. It allows you to create multiple store under one administrator control panel. Through a Magento ecommerce developers can create great and user friendly shopping environment on the ecommerce website.

osCommerce: If you are going to create your first online store and wants to make it simple and easy to use than osCommerce can become first choice for you. There are big developers community available for develop ecommerce store with use of osCommerce.

OpenCart: OpenCart is also one open source online shopping cart which has been written in PHP language. It is helpful to create easy online store which become a best solution for merchants in internet world, the inbuilt features of OpenCart useful to make search engine friendly online shopping cart system. 

These are the small list of open source CMS, there are more feature rich CMS available in the market.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Designing Creative Twitter Background and inspirational Examples

For the last couple of years, Twitter and Facebook are one of the most used social websites people use to share and connect with people. People share the things which they like with their friend which get shared by their friends and cycle continues. This way an effective utilization and promotion of these two sites can distribute your content to millions of people automatically and these are the sites which you must not ignore to include in your social media strategy. Search engines  also considers crawling these sites frequently to collect real and fresh data shared by people and also consider signal from these sites to give authority to sites for ranking. 

For efficient social media promotion in these sites, it is necessary to have custom background designed with keep in mind the purpose of your social media marketing. If the purpose is branding of your business, you should clearly highlight the brand name, business logo, services you provide and website URL in your background. If the purpose is making distribution of your content, you should keep light background which give priority to your tweets rather than your background. If your purpose is personal promotion, you need to add your photos and your profile name of other social media sites like FaceBook, Mashable or Stumbleupon and need to highlight your contact detail. You need to give special attention on what things to add in your image background and what not to.

When it comes to designing custom background, you can utilize the space at left and right side bar for promoting your business. A good background is one which utilizes these two spaces and filled up with the things which add information users can use to get aware of your business. If you are into web design and development business, highlighting all the service in left sidebar and contact information at bottom to the service and including the small images of website from portfolio at right sidebar is an ideal option to consider. You also need to design background with care that the content you add in background image must not be overlaid by space used for displaying tweets and other widgets and also need to check visual clarity in different browser. To give you clear ideas, Chicago web designer at spinx has chosen some of the best Twitter background which has been highlighted in below embedded video.