Friday, 30 March 2012

Does Creative Design Add Value in Success of Website?

Sometimes web designer misunderstood the concept and lead themselves building website design which is different from others with hope that it would stand out from its competitors. Creating a unique design or creative design doesn’t mean to use elements or using different web components from others. A low performing website with prospect to its users wouldn’t get accepted by marketers. Objective is to find a solution for website design which gives more flexibility presenting the same concept or functions to users than your competitors. So real meaning of creativity lays in unique concept not the fanciness of color combination or use of trendy animation. 

True success of website design can only measured by the level of user engagement of website. You may have different purpose or business objectives of your site which you integrate with use of different web components on different pages, your task is to measure how users interpret with those components or objects. For example, booking flights, getting information about flights timing, subscribing for future discounts and getting information about different flights are some of the main tasks of online travel booking website. Your task is to design interface for each purpose which is easier to use compare to others and measuring the success of each. Whether you use flash, JavaScript, Ajax or any other media queries, the output should be a design which provides simplicity and brings more success. 

Even when you finish implementing unique design, you must not adopt the scenario of trusting blindly on its success. You should show eagerness on whether it gets the real success for which it has been built. If your objective is to bring visitors attention to specific portion of website where you have listed special products, landing on that page that should be the first thing which should be noticed by your visitors. Same way creating trendy flash navigation, you must analyze how much users actually use that navigation to surf on your website. If you have changed entire theme of design, you must measure what changes it brings in its success compare to previous design. In short, you want your visitors to spend more time on specific portion or components of website where you have spent extra time & put extra efforts  after its design and difference in success ratio should be reflect clearly in your analytic data. Avg. time on site, reduced bounce rate, top landing pages are some of the matrices which you should have a look to evaluate the success of your creative design.

Our Chicago web design experts always focus on creating design which gets success rather than creating one which looks more fancy or charming. At the end, clients want to see success which would be measured by analyzing how convincing your design is in satisfying business objectives.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Create Design That Interact With Visitors

Design of website interact with website visitors, interactive website design make visitors to stay long on website and force them to visit each and every web services pages and also convince them to buy that particular web service and products.

To create influence design designer need to think smartly and work innovatively so that as a result we get most convincing website design which is helpful to increase online business leads.

As we all know that for interaction or communication one language is required so here designers in website design Miami talking about visual language which makes sense of interaction with visual design.

Navigation on website is a most interactive website design element which communicates with visitors till visitor stay on website. When visitor land on website after seeing the home page they just start surfing web services pages one by one so at the same time imperceptible communication going on between website navigation and website visitors and navigation constantly give answers to visitors for where to go?, how to go?, exactly where they are on website? Etc…

Colors on website visually communicate about business theme with visitors such as if designer create professional business website they use professional colors, for funky website designers use funky colors so colors on website give idea about business subject and silently interact with website visitors.

Different forms on website is also an interactive designing element which tell users what to do for request something, contact website administrator, use some services, to buy products etc… By doing intangible communication with website forms visitors can use website services and perform any task on website.

The duty of website designer is to create persuade design which smoothly interact with website visitors and give them nice experience of visiting website.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Importance of Case Studies in Website Designing

There is no fixed way or method has been established by web design expert for designing website. One can start by drawing hand scratch on paper initially or one can start with designing wireframes to see whether all the things specified by clients set into that wire frames. Some lazy designers also surf for free web template and make some modification in same template to give unique look without any hard work and represent the design to client. Many designer like to finish giving style for large elements and them combine the entire one and some people start designing in their software and may follow good sequence to complete the design or process.

With prospect to clients, your final visual design would be counted as result regardless of what method or software you have used for designing. With point of web designer, you need to brainstorm on different possibilities and difficulties you get completing the job and need to follow the one which seems of giving promising output in less efforts. Here we are talking about executing smart work in well established manner which require less rework after reviewing by clients and which also make good appeal of your skills & creativity.   

Creating web design case study can be one possible solution for designer which requires learning and researching about business and it’s prospective. You may require making list of basic purpose of website and kinds of audience targeted with that purpose, types of products or services of business, listing all web design elements and components you would use to represent those purposes and selecting the one which gets better success with the purpose for which it is being used.

As New York Web design expert, your job doesn’t get finished creating case study of website design or you have to keep researching on how to follow up different possibilities of which you have thought of integrating in design and have to evaluate whether your used element works well with the desire of getting success or not. At initial level, there might be only few requirements which you can add but as you start designing, few may get added and few may get deleted and you should be ready with your research on how to tackle with those changes.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

How to make your visitors/clients to be in Seventh Heaven

It is an ordinary aim of every website designers to build a website which gives best experience to their visitors for visiting a website as well as website client to have proficient website for business but among them only experts can make their visitors feel that they are in seventh heaven.

Here, Florida web designer used word seventh heaven because when people are extremely happy they think that they are in seventh heaven and the duty of website designers is provide most user friendly and striking website design to visitors and client which makes them extremely delighted and to build that type of website designers have to be skilled and professional with some advance characteristics.

Creativity:  Website designers have to be creative who can apply his/her creative ideas in web designing work to create eye-catching website design. Because of creativity only designers can create striking website design which magnetize user’s eye as well as which create first impression of website design towards website visitors.

Technical Knowledge: In web firm continuously extension is going on, day by day new web technologies or a new version of existing technology is introducing, such as now we have CSS3 and HTML5 latest designing technology with new features. Designers should have skilled knowledge of all web designing technologies and they should continuously upgrade their knowledge with technology enhancement. 

Understanding: Designer has to be understandable person who can easily understand online business requirements, need of clients, business theme and they should also have capabilities to understand targeted audience for particular business so that they can create design which fulfill all requirements of client as well as visitors of website.

Communication Skill: Website designers should have great communication power so that they can fluently communicate with business men regarding their services and their business, they can ask what they exactly want in business website and the purpose of website.

Design a website in a way which becomes happy hunting ground for website visitors and also for client for whom business designers design a website.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Four Basic Modules of Website Development

Requirement analysis can be basic steps in website building process. Here you don’t need to worry about how specific requirement will get implemented instead need to focus on basic functionality that website would provide to its users with business prospective. In the circumstances when you are dealing with clients who would specify requirement in one sentence, your duty involves doing research about your client’s business requirement and minimal list of functions which are must to have.

Technology Research    

Once you finish with gathering requirement and finalizing the things which website would have with the client, this is the stage where you think about how things would develop technically and research about different platforms to make your work easier. As we know, different options are available for building various types of website; here your job is to identify the one which is capable of providing solution which satisfies all requirements which you have collected in above step. Here you would take decisions like selection of programming language, buying premium license if open source is not the solution, gathering the hosting requirement and giving final quote to client with selection of specific technology. You would also research for different platforms on which website would be accessed like different mobile device, tablets, laptops and desktops.         


In this stage, you start coding for each requirement or functions you mention requirement. In large complex website, you may create first prototype of the website and represent to clients so he can get the exact ideas on how things would work before developing actual website. You may require communicating with SEO expert to develop website architecture search engine friendly and integrate design of the website provided by web designer or integrate design template given by client.    


It is one of the most important modules in web development process. You would test different functionality of website for different user prospect to improve user friendliness and user experience of your developed website. You would deal with validation errors, handle server errors and confirm correct working of database operations and compatibility of website on different browsers and platform. Many people consider testing as an intermediate stage after implanting each function which can be developed individually. Before deploying website to clients, you must conduct complete testing of your website.

An ideal Chicago web development company should have process to develop website which can include above described module. Importance of any module doesn’t lie behind its sequence but the way you execute each stage for structurally managed development for better productivity.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Website Design - Make Content In Vertical Manner

From many time there is trend going on in website designing where the content and designing elements moving on horizontally but after increased the use of smart phones, PDA, Tablets today designers start designing website especially for these smart devices and there for today we can see many mobile friendly websites in which designing elements as well as content be in vertical motion.

Let’s we talk about what is generally like by user’s eye, today though people are become most busy they have hobby of reading, they read novels, stories etc… and in every books and novels we can see vertically goes content which provide comfortness in reading.

Generally people use different search engines when they want any information or services or products and the result display by search engines is come in vertical way, which make easy for user to surf and check result, when we talk about reading there is a common nature of visitors that they like up and down manner in reading.
In web designing designer can create vertical navigation with properly moved out each and every web designing element vertically which give comfort to website user, it especially work well for access website from mobiles and other smart devices and as we all know the escalating popularity of mobile and smart devices today designers in Spinx – website design Miami start designing a website which have vertical flow on website.

The comfort of users matters lot in website design, make your visitor comfortably read your each and every content on website, make them easily visit every pages on website as well as give them a great experience of visit your website.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Things to Consider Before Redeveloping Your Website

Before 10 to 15 years, it was quiet difficult to build dynamic website to program user interface which can give content management facility to website owners. As of now with use of content management system and introduction to open source web development platform, it is common to have large dynamic website with admin interface panel to manage and update content or pages in website. That was an era of static website was the easiest way for having website online.

It might possible the interface panel built at that time might be little bit more complex in term of usability and UX compare to one built with use of latest technology. There was also some restriction on updating the type of data and managing it on website as internet technology has grown and new form of content distribution channel have been introduced as well. Web developer might also have to do lot of manual coding to implement simple functionality compare to one with use of readymade script or plug-in or add-ons. If your website has been built in 90’s, you must take benefits of new features which can save your efforts and automate your website management tasks.  But before tacking decision on adopting specific technology for its development, you should look out for certain circumstances described below.

List out your management tasks
First make a documentation of all tasks which you have been doing for management of your website and steps you have to perform with use of your admin panel to make update in website. Also create the list of extra functions or modules you want to integrate into your website. Now research for the specific technology or CMS or any platform with which you want to redevelop your website and try to analyze what flexibility new technology can deliver compare to existing one which you have been using. Also analyze the compliance of new technology to develop extra functions which you want to add.

Brainstorming on budget

If updating your old system with custom programming can avail same features and flexibility as of new one, there is no need to adopt the new one. But you need to calculate the cost of hiring a web programmer to update your old system and compare to new technology. If the cost of hiring developer can exceed to that of integrating new open source technology, it is time to invest in new one rather than updating old one.

Impacts on your past marketing efforts

Adopting new technology would force you to generate new website architecture and page structure. If you have gained good visibility in search engine by conducting continuous SEO for your site, it may possible that your visibility got affected due new changes. You should implement 301 redirection on old pages and redirected them permanently to new URL or pages generated by new one. On major changes, like shifting hosting from windows to Apache, you must take help from SEO expert on possible situation where your website can get impact on new changes. If certain pages are static which are currently generating high revenue for your business, you should keep those pages as it is on the server even if new website is dynamic one based on any CMS.

Above are the consideration which we have evaluated working with clients at Chicago Web development company with old websites who wanted to shift to new technology for better management and flexibility.

PSD to Joomla Conversion

PSD to Joomla conversion is become more and more popular these days because of the increasing popularity of CMS for web design and website development.

PSD is the Photoshop file which includes different layers like, layer for header, footer, side bar, content etc…, Layers are define by designer as per they wants and website requirements.

PSD to Joomla conversion is the process of converting photo shop file into XHTML and CSS which helps to add convenience and interactivity in PSD web template.

The most essential step for PSD to Joomla conversion is integrate the Joomla template from XHTML and CSS file. Joomla template combination and customization is necessary for fulfill the requirements of website design.

Website designs need to be attractive with good accessibility and usability because of online business competition. PSD to Joomla conversion is not so easy, for that you can hire Joomla developer and designer from professional Atlanta web design company, which helps you to convert your photo shop design into fully functional Joomla template.
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Friday, 16 March 2012

Most Popular Web Development Technologies

Due to introduction of different web technology, platforms, application and tools to build website or to perform some of the important task which are part of web development process, it became difficult for web development companies to provide services with use of all technology. The challenge for developer is to stay updated with the latest technology of which they are using for developing website along with learning about new resources. When you observe clients are asking for different technology which are less or more similar with each other, you have two option either you need to convince your clients for adopting the technology in which you are expert at or learning about the client’s preferred technology and take a challenge for completing the project in his desired deadline. So instead of researching about different technology, developer needs to start research on some of the popular one of which they don’t have any experience or knowledge. With providing services for the last couple of years to our New York web development clients, here we are listing some of the most preferred technology by our clients.


WordPress secure its position on top for developing website especially blogs and the no. of websites being hosted on WordPress are still growing. It provides robust content management system for developing website or blogs which can be modified easily and available plug-ins can add some extra out of box functions. It is compatible with measure available programming language and getting help in solving any issue is quiet easier as it is available as an open source.


It is more preferred as scripting language cum development platform. Website built with PHP requires Apache hosting and it is available as an open source which is major reason why Apache and PHP cover big part of the web. Learning in PHP is quiet easier compare to other programming language and readymade scripts are available to integrate any functionality. All you need to put efforts on selecting right script which gives you best result.

 Joomla & Drupal

These two have mostly equal popularity and which has been gained market in just past few years. Both are open source content management system used for developing dynamic website. From my point of experience, these two systems have the most technology updates and new features are being introduced continuously from both. So if you are looking for CMS which can comply with latest modern web sandards and technology, these two are the ideal option to choose.


It is another CMS for developing online store or ecommerce website. It is premium ecommerce CMS with all the featured which can be suit to all size of business. Managing and updating large inventory is simple with best admin interface ever. It has inbuilt features for shopping cart which you can disable or enable as per your requirement. We have seen huge requirement of developing shopping cart with use of Magento.

Above are some platforms any web development company should aware to gain more clients and projects. Along with above, there are few more platforms for developing mobile application and facebook application which must not be ignored as it is growing trends among businesses for mobile audience acquisition. Popularity of specific technology also varies from one country to another. Analyzing your targeted region and what popular among audience of that region is require getting more success as web development service provider.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Adding Important Elements by Redesigning a Website

That was the time when organizations have began generating a lot of time and money in the process of building mammoth websites and it is considered that the more pages that your site had the better it was for any website so the logic was simple and it is about ‘Bigger is Better’. This is the reason why internet is littered with lumbering giants that can’t keep with rapid technological innovations.

It is very much important to know pitfalls of your website in advance and for that one good reason is, there is no point in a building a website with thousands of the pages and if you cannot update it frequently then there is not a single point of stuffing your site with keywords, attracting lots of visitors and losing them due to not so good UI design, your website is useless if the visitors cannot find required information that he is seeking in the first few seconds.

You always need to focus on understanding what your visitors are thinking of your website. You need to focus on revamping a website and turn it down into a good source of information for business and revenue and for that you can make your website and go on motivating your visitors to promote your services. An outsourcing website design Florida company is making sure that your customers like your virtual face because business is being done not in the stores or markets, but it has been carried out on the Internet.

For your website you need to first start gathering information about various assets of your website and get it reviewed by experts because the review will reveal the elements of your website that need to revamped it for proper use and only after that you will need to optimize your website for SEO techniques this may require you to change the design to make it more welcoming for the users and then take calculated steps for improving loading time and most importantly indexing for the search engines. If you go on following the guidelines mentioned above properly and put your whole best effort into it then it is sure that the website will be a true reflection of your company.

Once website has been re-designed and published then it will take some time to show results, this is because it requires to be visited by search engine spiders.

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Three Tests You Must Conduct After Completing Development of Website

Having great design and reliable hosting is not enough for achieving the desire success in world of online marketing. Your responsibility is not limited to hiring professional web solution firm for development of website; you have to ensure the working of your website from different prospect. Whether you are web designer, developer or business owner, you must test different functionality of website.

Test Regarding to Hosting 

You may have acquired good hosting plan from reputed web hosting companies and might have observed and improved the speed of your website by making necessary communication with web designer and developer but have you checked whether your website gives same performance on load of thousand online visitor compare to few visitors? On initial launch of your website, you might have few visitors and all the things in website works well but as you start promoting your website, no. of visitors grows. There are tools available by which you can test your hosting efficiently on higher no. of online visitors and ability of your server to process request sent by all these visitors. You don’t want to show errors like “bandwidth limit exceed” or “server not found” to your visitors regardless of no. of online users.

Test in Terms of SEO

How efficient is your website to achieve your marketing goals through search engine optimization. Having SEO friendly website architecture is necessary to get better result with your efforts in optimizing website. You may need to take advice from experienced SEO expert to analyze your website on different factors like page architecture, URL structure, internal linking, content optimization and speed. Before starting and investing in your marketing strategy, you must get your site analyzed with different prospect of SEO.

Test on Usability and User Experience

Does your website design capable of convincing your visitors? Does it provide flexible ways of accessing information on website? Do your visitors getting any trouble completing different task on your website? Does it provide same experience on viewing form different browser and platforms? Does your website capable of handling errors caused by users on wrong input? Do your visitors utilize all the components you have integrated into your website? Does your website get success in getting attention of your visitors on special promotional banners? Usability and UX testing are two ultimate solutions which can solve all your queries like above. With this, you can analyze your visitor’s behavior from insight. You are building your site for end users and you must solve the issues they got accessing your site.

At spinx - Chicago web development firm, we have added above mentioned tests in our web development process. Each module of website development goes through manual testing before integration into website. There are certain errors and issues which might be ignored by  web designer or developer which can be revealed by this kind of testing.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Three Main Features of Simple Website Design

From fancy website with flash intro, creative video intro and moving animation, trends for designing website is being shifting towards making simple website. Business owner and marketers have realized for better performance of website, simple design is necessary instead of one which requires more time to load and provide poor experience to visitors. Due to shift in platform like tablet, IPad and smart phones, making website compatible for mobile and web browser become more complex and using those trendy elements in design, it was almost impossible to inherit the same features in mobile website. End users are the ultimate persons to decide which website they like to choose among good one and from survey and feedback of these people, one with simple design clearly stands out in competition.

With varying audience and their shifting paradigm of accessing web and viewing website with use of different device and platform, it is tough task to identify and recognize what device your targeted audience is using. You might be missing huge bunch of visitors if you are making your web design compatible with keep in mind few specific platforms. Furthermore tracking of your visitors and device agent require complex custom tracking solution which may cost you big amount. So all you need to do is to take care of different popular platforms and devices, making changes in your design for delivering better experience and hope for the best. When you don’t have budget for implementing individual mobile website which needed to take care of three size of screen, medium size tablet, small screen smart phones and large screen desktop or laptop, our expert at web design Chicago suggest to adopt simplicity in different way to give up to mark performance in different environment.

Simple Layout 

What is the structure of layout whether it single column or multi column? When you have two column structures, in small size screen the data and content in second column get set at bottom of the first column and can provide single layout column layout which is good feature for mobile website. So all you need to do is to detect mobile agent and call CSS file which you have developed for small screen environment. Not all the smart phones come with touch screen utility, so make layout as simple as possible.

Use of White Space 

In my 6 years of experience in providing web design Chicago service, I got many clients who wanted to add as many things as possible in their website which lead to stuffing elements and objects in web page and which ultimately looks ugly. When there are so many objects to add, you have to do little study about its placement, size and style. You would see use of white space at higher priority in list for making web design simple and integration too many objects is controversial on its usage. So educate that kind of clients and make them realize the benefit of white space to reduce the no. of components and objects to integrate.

Light weighted files
Forcing your visitors to wait even for few seconds lead them to visit some other place which provide better speed performance than yours. At the end it is all about speed and with light weighted images and other support files, you can improve the speed of website. There are different ways available to compress files and improve speed, make sure your developer have implemented those standards for your website.

Design of Website Point out Questions in Designer’s Mind

Each and every website designers have their own common style or characteristic which maintain consistency level in their designing work because of this consistent designing effects some times we can judge the designers or web designing firm only by seeing design of the website.

Consistent work is always good but uniqueness and new things are always admirable in web designing firms because people want something new, something really very attractive and this behavior of users always force designers to show the website design made by them self and the design indicates some questions in web designer’s mind.

The first question rise in designer’s mind: Is website design enough attractive? Design of the website should create striking first impression towards website visitors which make user’s to show whole website.

The second question rise in designer’s mind: Is website navigation organized well or not? The most attractive website design makes users to see website but if user can’t easily navigate throughout the website than immediately they close the website and moved to other’s site.

The third question rise in designer’s mind: Is design passing on the message which swiftly understood by users? Business website was developed with common goal of establish online business, the main aim of designers is design of website convey the message of business to visitors in just a few time. Designers in Atlanta web design company are always trying to design a website which put business services in a picture.

Designers’ work need to be satisfy hungriness of their desire than only they can make their work successfully completed. The positive answers of these questions create a big reflection on designers mind and on the performance of website design.

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Free High Quality Fonts useful to Website Designers in their Designs

The increasing popularity of typography make it necessary element of web designing, Typography is an artistic technique to create artistic content which influence users.

With the use of typography it is possible that you can convert your simple design into the artistic design, typography is use to create amazing visual effect and appealing website design, give extra look to website design with new effect helps to increase traffic of website.

At our Spinx – Orlando web design company designers always spend their some time for search web resources and today we got high quality free fonts on which is helpful in designing.

For more free fonts and to download it go to

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Web Designer Resources: Use of A/B and Multi Variant Testing

What a goodness if we could be able to measure the performance of one layout over other or impact of individual element presents on web page and could evaluate the importance of each based on visitors behavior. As an online marketer, it is better to trust your visitors instead on thoughts of web designer on better acceptance of your website. When you spent good amount on implementing specific object in your website like introductory video or animation, it is extremely important to know whether you are getting good response of your visitors that you deserve on investment. More than investment, you must know whether that thing doesn’t make bad impact on your visitors.

Previously when there wasn’t any method exists to analyze user behavior on new design, people used to perform lab usability test where they recruit some people and kept them in room with one mirror which is visible from single side. People were asked to perform certain task on website and expert on other side of mirror used to keep eye on the problems people have been facing while completing the task and used to evaluate important decision based on observation and communication with people. Due to high cost of lab and recruiting people, this method didn’t work well. Hence your visitors would view your website in different browser and platform so lab based test wasn’t the right scenario of design evaluation.   

To replace this method, two tests have been discovered which are A/B testing and multi variant testing to extract some important data from analytics to take decision. Below is the quick info about it.

A/ B Testing

Two web pages A and B which are different with point of its design are compared with each other. You are supposed to present these pages to your visitors for equal amount of time. Based on performance driven by each web page, you would choose the one with better result. You may observe completion of conversion rate, depth of visits, visitor loyalty and completing of custom goal defined by you. The test is efficient at evaluating the outcome of web page not single element and you can apply this test when you need to select the design submitted by different web designer. Google website optimizer is free tool to perform this kind of test.

Multi Variant Testing 

When there is a need of testing different variant of same element on web page, MVT Is more preferable compare to A/B. If you have created different things like introduction video, animation, promotional text or use of images to implement same call to action function, you measure the success brought by each variant and select the one with better statistics. Different variant are tags with special tags or scripts for identification and dynamic page with changing variant would be showed to visitors. Implementation and measurement of MVT testing is quiet difficult and expensive as it evaluate each element and difficulty grows if you increase the total no. of elements and their variants to test. 

For our premium client at Chicago web design firm, we apply this kind of testing on design of special landing page and suggest the best layout based on visitor driven data instead of estimation of designer. When you are going to spend thousands of bucks on promotional campaign, you must prefer to test different variant of its landing page to get the maximum benefits of you money that you deserve.