Thursday, 15 December 2011

Ultimatum of Understanding Web Design With Point of Client, Visitors and Designer

Client who is asking for building a web design for his business, users whom client will target and web designer who would code the entire layout and make it possible to deliver whatever is imagined and specified by clients are three different audiences in process. Each would provide different opinion as per their usage. A web design in terms of client is a layout which he likes most and by which he wants to impress his audience and represents his brand online. In terms of users, it is store on which he would buy products or services and which he wants all the functionality simple to make final purchase. With aspect to designers, it is the challenges and technical analysis which he needs to convert into working design the way which is most appreciated by client without any review. Website designed with keep in mind all three audiences would perform best in this competition era of internet marketing. It is challenging task for web designer on delivering a design which satisfy both users and clients and it is necessary to have Deep understanding and observation of different requirement. 

A good design can’t be made of combining different art from expert in the industry like graphics or banners from best graphic designer, illustration from best flash programmer and so on. Even merging all these creative arts can’t create good design which performs well. It would surely create decorative design which may get good appreciation from art lovers but not from the actual audience for which it is intended to be built for. Expert at New York web design firm reveal the secrets factors for making performing design for your business.

Experimenting with Different layout
Sometime it is very time consuming to develop different version with aspect to the way you have display and implement different functionality of the website. A single link or navigation can be displayed with both simple text and image links. You have to keep experimenting with different things like placement, color combination, placement of navigation and other factors. Experimenting with your own design would make you more creative.

View your design from user point of view
For a moment Forget that you are web designer and forget about all the technical things you knew so far. After completion, view your design as normal viewer and use different functionality and estimate the difficulty you get using website and try to list out all the problems you face while accessing website. This way you would be able to provide more user friendly design.

Keep the consistency live
When you get some changes from client after completion, try to keep the consistency in design even there are some major changes to be implemented in design. If you would get disappointed and would change the entire layout in design without maintaining consistent design, more re work would keep you busy in implementing perfection. 

Give bad critique on your own design
Think that the design developed by your enemy and you have chance to give your opinion. Giving bad critiques on your own design would motivate you to implement more perfection in each and every small thing regardless of its importance. At the end you would deliver output on which no one would be able to give negative feedback.

When we have objective given by web Design NYC firm, we try to convert the complex functionality of website to simple user interface and we follow above points to give best satisfaction.

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