Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Gmail SMS" – 'African Countries Get the Privilege of Being the First Ones to Avail This Revolutionary Service'

Google has started an amazingly new service which lets Gmail users send and receive emails through their mobiles just like the messaging service. This means that users need not to have a mobile phone with WiFi or 3G capabilities to go for this service. You need to have a basic mobile with SMS and voice facilities with which you can email through text messaging by activating a setting on your Gmail account.

What does it do?

Gmail SMS automatically does text messaging of emails that you want to send through mobile phone to the other user and in return the other user can respond you by replying directly to the SMS sent as an email. You can control the emails by using various functions such as Resume, Pause, and More, etc. Also when you send an email as an SMS to an email address recipient, that recipient will get your email as an SMS in the right conversation thread.

How does it work?

• Login to your Gmail account
• Click on your profile
• Go to "Account"
• Enter into "Phone and SMS" section
• Just enter your mobile phone number to connect it with your account so as to be able to send and receive emails from your mobile.
• After you get a verification code on your mobile, just enter that number on the setup page.

You will be charged for your local SMS rates even if Gmail SMS is free. Google plans to open up this service gradually to the world but initially it has targeted Africa, with countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana as the launch pad. This service shows the importance of short messaging service as to how chatting or emailing could be done without any need of internet, wifi, or 3G. It is crucial for most cellular networks as SMS is their core area and also it plays an important role in countries that don't have significant web coverage in case of desktops, tablets or mobiles.

Webmasters from Spinx INC. – Web Design Company in Florida like to congratulate all Africans to be the first one for using this amazing SMS service by Google.

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