Sunday, 13 May 2012

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET for Web Development

For development of web application or website, there are different options available based on programming language based on which any web development software works. From premium web development platform like ASP.NET to free open source platform like PHP are being widely used. Here we would look over some advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET.

Advantages of ASP.NET

A first advantage I must discuss is flexibility on use of various supported programming language like C# and VB. If you feel that specific requirement seems to develop easier with in VB than C#, you can get flexibility to avail all features in your preferred language. This way it attracts and provides platforms for programmers with experience in different language rather than relying on one.

It provides large group of controls which you can drag and drop in your web pages easily. Along with use of component library provided by ASP.Net, you can also integrate third party controls or give advance level of customization to specific control to fulfill your website requirement.

If you prefer to code manually without use of any Framework, whenever you drag and drop any component on page, it generates coding for function which is associated with that control. For example, if you use button or list box control, basic coding for button click function or list box selection would get generated at back hand. Thus it reduce the amount of code developer suppose to write manually compare to other platform.

To use the power of JavaScript, it provides readymade group of controls like Ajax which you can use to implement complex JavaScript functions to synchronize with live connection server to retrieve and update database without making any external post back request to server.

When developing large websites or web application with good level of complexity, Provides more flexibility to make your process smoother compare to other platform. Online travel booking engine, local search engine, flight booking , stock exchange sites where continuous interaction require with third party web service for retrieving data along with managing large no. of users, ASP.NET seems to be more promising and robust for development.

If one prefer to work with Framework or content management system for mid level website development, both premium and open source framework and CMS available which you can utilize as per your needs.

Disadvantages of ASP.NET

As you have to purchase license version of software, it is not suitable for small size organization with requirement of simple web development. Developing website with open source technology would give equal facility hence reduce considerable amount of development cost.

Integrating with CMS or relying on framework, there are only few options available compare to options available with open source development on use of CMS or framework.

Clients with confusion on selection of specific platform, our Chicago web development expert at Spinx explain advantages and disadvantages of different web technology for building websites.


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