Friday, 29 June 2012

In - Depth About Magento Widgets

Many of you might have heard about widgets and may have some idea about it. Widget is something that you may use to add any new features or functionalities in your website or on your desktop. There are different kind widgets available which includes web widgets, desktop widgets and social widgets. But have you ever heard about magento widgets?

What is magento widget?

Magento widgets are nothing but magento extensions available with already defined set of configuration options. With the help of magento widgets online store owner or user managing online store can enhance or improve the front-end blocks functionality.

It offers great amount of extensibility and authority for developing informative and marketing information or contents from magento admin area. It empowers any novice users to smoothly create or add various information like- contents or products for their online store pages. It is possible to incorporate magento widgets in magento versions greater than 1.4.

It is possible to implement magento widgets in different ways, few of them are mentioned below:

• For creating impulsive product data

• Dynamic lists in accordance with most recently visited items

• Possible implement widgets in order to set various promotional images on various sections of online store

• Highly interactive navigation components

• Impulsive flash components which can be easily configured and incorporated within product or content pages

Let’s have a look on steps to install magento widgets:

• Get the most appropriate widget of your choice & get its extension key from respective magento page by clicking on extension key tab, accept the agreement of extension and by clicking once again same button you will be able to see the extension key for widget.

• Once you get extension key, then follow the procedure mentioned here: Admin panel->System->Magento Connect->Magento Connect Manager. Authenticate yourself once by providing username and password and use extension key to the section showing “Paste Extension Key”, which install that field by clicking install button.

• After finishing installation activate widget for your home page. From admin panel just go to CMS->pages.

• Click on home page link and open content area and select insert widget icon which will cause one new window to open where you have to select widget type from list and then select insert widget option which will cause widget to be installed.

• Save the changes and visit your home page, there you will find your recently added widget.

In this article we are at makes available basic details of magento widgets, their possible implementation and steps to install the magento widget on your site.

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Monday, 18 June 2012

Example of Websites with Circular Web Design Elements

Designing requires creativity and artistic mind that can create ingenious design with using latest designing trends as well as innovatively use different things as designing elements. The work of designers is to design attractively with keep in mind that they have to create easy user interface.

Today, while surfing internet we are designers at Spinx Inc. Atlanta web design company just came across the one post of in that we found some websites examples where designers use circular elements wisely in designs, which make website more attractive as well as differently use of circular elements in header, content, navigation makes design user friendly also.


Column Five


Dart St Louis

These are few most attractive examples of circular element in web design for more circular elements design check this link

Monday, 11 June 2012

Optimize Website Performance on the Internet by Optimizing Loading Speed

How your website is performing? This is the most crucial thing that every business men should think for their business website and recommend for optimized website speed and check its performance over the internet. Because of slow loading website you will not only loose your website visitors but also loose your potentials that are significant to get success in online business.

Use of Ajax: With the use of Ajax it is possible to make a webpage that load only some part of website when needed instead of load whole page so that it saves the time for every time load whole website page.
I.e.: While submitting any online form by user if any incorrect field error occurs rather than reload a whole page for display error message we can reload only that particular field with error message by using Ajax.

Don’t Use More Text Images: Today, designers start use of text images to display text attractively that makes their design striking but use of more images makes your website slow to load and that annoy your users. So try to avoid the use of more images though images are helpful to make design attractive but more and more use of images will badly affect on your website performance.

Try to Use External CSS and JS Instead of Internal: At the time of load web page external files like Javascript files, CSS files will cache first by browsers. The browser rendering time increase with the use of inline CSS but instead of it if you use external CSS it makes your browsers already know the all style rules with one main external file that saves the loading time of website.

Optimize Code: Code optimization is most significant aspect because it is essential to avoid unnecessary code that affect on website performance. Take a look at website source code, use CSS to make some style such as you can use CSS to make your font stylish and bold instead of use every single html tags such as header tag, or tag for make font-style, etc...

Florida web designer from Spinx Inc. have common aim that a website design by them should be user friendly that gives best user experience to visitors. It could be possible by creating a fully optimized website design.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Significance of Redesign a Website

With the changing world of web and web technologies day by day new designing trends and new designing technology introduce by webmasters. Continuously new web standards initiate by W3C, so the thing designers have to do is they should always get updated with latest designing trends and also make their designs with latest technology with new leaning, well designer can apply latest things for the newly designed website but what about the designs that has been design and developed before some time on the bases of previous trend, so for that the website re-designing comes in the picture.

Latest things are always get attention by users so designers need to make sure that they are providing most updated designs to visitors for new designs as well as by redesigning old designs. Redesigning give new fresh look and experience to website users that attract users and provides eye-catchy first impression of your website.      

Because of the increasing use of smart phones and other latest web devices today it becomes necessary that design of website should be most responsive that respond on the bases of web device, screen size, screen resolution that become a great user interface, so it is necessary to redesign your existing website for current trend of different web devices.

Professional web firm believes in providing fresh and better look with new designing trends and for that with the difference of some time period they get their website redesigned as well as they also offer website redesigning services.

As being a well-known web design company in Atlanta, we understand the significance of website redesigning. Take a look at screen shot of our new website design.