Friday, 18 May 2012

Interesting Resources of Web World

In this huge world of web day by day new things are coming such as new trend of designing, new web technology, popular web blog updates, and the increasing world of social networking etc....

These changes affect lot on webmasters as well as affect on general users. General people are waiting for use latest technologies, gadget, applications, social networking websites etc... for entertainment and webmasters are continuously use new technology in their work and makes available new applications, new designs for users. Webmasters are always ready to grab opportunity to use latest technology in their work of web designing, application development and internet marketing; bloggers are also waiting for new updates and news launch by technical communities than share all on their blogs for their users, they work for aware people by giving them latest update about latest technology and designing trend.

Here, designers from Spinx - web design Atlanta company trying to explain how each and every person in this world is connected with web and also going to provide interested resources of web world.

W3C - Web Technology and Standards:

World Wide Web Consortium, International organization that develop web standard for World Wide Web. The whole web world is connected with W3C. Webmasters must have to follow different web standards define by W3C. All updates in web technologies, new standard in existing technology are describe by W3C.

Stay tune with this link of W3C to get all updates about different web technologies and standards

Google Algorithm Updates:

Google, a famous search engine across the world provides opportunity to get online business and earn money in different ways. Google continuously try to make their users happy by giving them most relevant result, make business men happy with their huge list of applications used by different businesses for promotion. Internet marketers and SEO persons are widely get affected by the single update of Google in any of their application or in their search engine algorithm.

Take a look at list of Google Algorithm Updates

Social Media and Social Networking:

Social networking and social media covers 50% in web world used to promote business, entertainment, gaming etc... Business men can get opportunity to create a huge group of business as well as they can do free and paid promotion on social networking websites. Different popular social networking and social media websites like Google+, twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc... are booming world wide.

Let’s have a look at latest update on rising world of Facebook


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