Friday, 6 July 2012

Blunders To Avoid While Choosing Website Templates

Website design is field where creative minds can showcase their imagination power, but at the same time it is very critical and tedious process to get perfection in it. It consumes considerable time and fruitful efforts to design appealing and interactive website. But, designing a website with the help of template could help you a lot in saving your time with fewer efforts.

Choosing appropriate website templates could help web designers to design appealing and unusual website with ease. But, at we thinks that choosing a wrong template for your website could result into disasters. Below are some of the most common blunders website designers often make while choosing website templates for their website.

Choosing the template which has been used more than often in past! Designers often make mistake of choosing the template which is already been used in so many website. By choosing such template will make your website look crowded and won’t create visual appeal. Often users may have seen those designs before in other sites, so they won’t feel anything new within your when they visit your site and may leave within few seconds. So, try to avoid making such mistakes of choosing repeated templates.

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Designers often select template which not at all suits their business needs or website requirements! Many times it happens that while searching for template you may find one beautiful template that has strong user appeal and you use such template even if it doesn’t fit in your business process or not fulfill your requirements too. This will make your website look ugly even if you have chosen beautiful template as there is no connection between the theme of website and its functionalities. Avoid making such mistakes.

Not so easy to customize! This is very crucial to choose templates which are easy to customize or allow making changes according to your needs. Often designers choose template which doesn’t allow them to make any changes in it. In most cases, if you choose free templates then it is really rare to find templates allowing customization. Though try to find template which allows customization. In that case paid templates could be the best options.

Choosing flash templates! Flash templates are of course provide ample look ‘n’ feel to the users, but they are not at all recommended by any website designers as it will slow the down the performance of the website at the end and they are also not compatible with SEO as well. So, try to avoid using such templates within your website.

Poor SEO compatibility! Choosing templates having poor SEO compatibility may lead to get poor SEO rakings for your website, so try to avoid choosing such template.
So, these are some of the very common blunders web designers should avoid while choosing website template for designing website.

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