Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Criteria for Selecting Right Web Development Tools

Developing any website or web application, selecting right tools can save your lots of time and efforts and selecting the wrong one increase frustration and may require to develop the same from initial base if it fails to fulfill the requirement of specific website. As per the type of website development, there are large options available for selection of tools for different purpose; you need to be careful as wrong one can lead your efforts to be in vain. CMS, HTML generator, Website editor, Error validation, server performance tester, browser emulator and W3c validator are some general category of tools which developer requires using. 

If any tools are available free, it doesn’t mean it would provide the best solution for your requirement. Whether you pay for its service or avail free, your objective is to get the job done accurately with use of that tool along with reducing your efforts. You must put some efforts and spend time to check whether that tool works correctly or not. You can use another tool and compare outcome of each to crosscheck accuracy. Here your task is to find any bug or error in the tool you wish to use. 

Whether you work freelancer or work in professional web development firm, you have to maintain the ratio of cost to its output. When you are buying any premium tools, you must need to evaluate whether that tool is worth to buy at that amount and also need to look for its alternate option which may be available free of charge. 

It is mandatory that the tool you use must get updated with new changes in development technology. Working with content management system or tools which give suggestion for browser and device compatibility, it must consider adding new features required by modern websites and updates its database for new device which get introduced recently. You must work with the tool which gets updated at regular interval of time. 

When you have more than one option for selection, you have to select the one by observing the complexity of specific tool. In web development firm where that tool is going to be used by different people, you must take opinion from those people on its usage.  Selection of CMS is an ideal consideration where you have to ask your clients whether it is easier to use interface panel provided by CMS or they get any difficulty on usage. 

Major Chicago web development companies prefer to use tools to get better productivity from resource and for completing the project quickly. Above are the points which should get considered before making selection.  Most of the premium tools provide free service or demo for restricted time, when big investment requires on use of specific tool, you must opt for its demo before final purchase.

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