Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Give Your Visitors What They Like

From perceptive conversations to the unusual, people search the World Wide Web for details more than items. Through websites that provide details -sales are produced in a roundabout way which is ideal. Through useful details to your visitors, you start a marketing connection just by developing value in your website.

The internet is very dynamic and fast. Your guests decide very easily whether or not you have what they want. There are five techniques that will help you interact with your customers and motivate them to discover what you have to provide. In order to do this, you must clearly know your targeted customers and what you predict they will be looking for when they check out your website.

Content published by you and others that fit the style of your website with source box should be always engaged. Written opinions such as images of items relevant to the style of your website and your business should be there. Updates provide either a textual content or online publication at least once monthly that contains content, suggestions, guidelines, alternatives and special deals to associates only. Free downloads available such as e-books and application that your guests would discover useful and beneficial. Develop a listing on your website with a plan or personally. By developing a list of beneficial newsletters, Google categories or locations to advertise; you have designed something that your guests would use. These things should be engaged in your website if you want frequent goes to from individuals.

Limit the routing alternatives your visitors can create. One latest research found that many websites provide a typical of 25 alternatives from the webpage. That's too many. Moreover, create sure the terminology of your routing cafes gives your consumers no shocks of what they'll discover. You want to permit them to get the details they want. Spinx – Web Design Atlanta is a well-known web designing firm serves best web solutions to their clients and while designing a web project they takes care about targeted audience of that particular web designing project.

Ask your customers what advantages they got from doing your solutions or actions. Ask selected panel associates to tell you why they decided to become engaged with your company. Ask your volunteers what advantages they get from working with you. Then ask their authorization to use what they said as a recommendation and put those recommendations on your website. Testimonials help guests feel more relaxed with you.

Providing both details and alternatives that confirm useful to your guests means that they will come back again and again. Give your customers the details they are looking for and they will let others know how useful your website is to them.

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Never Create Frustrating Website Design

Frustrate the word describe by the person when he/she is extremely annoy or irritate from particular thing. In web designing firm website designers should try to create a design which never irritates users of the websites.

There are some types of designing elements and designs which designers have to avoid in their web designing such as they have to avoid the use of popup for convey any message. Generally people use special add-ons and block their popup so there is no benefit behind convey message through popup infect it frustrate the users and they move towards to click close button and moved to others websites.

Avoid the use of overlapping layers, designers can different uses the different layers and can create an attractive design but some designers use overlapping layers for swiftly flash message again designers should gradually pull their users towards their offer never try to push them to see particular message of business offer.

Never play unnecessary music in the background of the website. Sometimes designers create an audio back ground in website which is constantly repeating and it annoys the users, infect the music which is used by web designers is not even set with web designing theme.

Designers in web design Florida company always takes for create user friendly website design which is like by users to surf and represent your services in a manner which force users to buy them.

Indirectly make a mind of user and takes forward them to your services, never use direct efforts which frustrate or annoys the user of the websites.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Three SEO Requirements Web Developer Should Aware of

Search engine optimization is becoming major traffic acquisition strategy for companies to generate higher revenue and it is the only marketing methods which require focus on design and development of website for better performance compare to other ways like PPC, Affiliate marketing, Email or banner advertising. Violation of SEO guideline from point of design or development can extremely impact on visibility of website in search engine.  

There are certain SEO guideline and features the person must know who is developing website. These are the features which may be required developing from your SEO department later.  If you are using any CMS for development, you need to check whether those features have been provided by used CMS or not or one has to code manually to develop those features and this must be done while developing rather than after completing its development. This post is the result of communication with our SEO expert at Chicago Web Development firm.

URL Rewriting and URL redirection

This is most of the common requirement of SEO. Default URL generated by your CMS or by programming may be dynamic and need to rewrite to gain better visibility. With technology, it became possible to create static looking URL which includes keywords in URL and which is dynamic hence look like static one so can be indexed easily by search engine and can memorize by your visitors. URL redirection depends on the hosting support and kind of server used. With Lenux server, you are suppose to write re-writing rules in .htaccess file where in windows server, you need to create modification in web.config file.  As working of page generation depends on these rules, I recommend you to hire expert programmer if you want to make any changes the way web page URL being generated.

Automatic Meta tag Creation

A website with thousands of pages, it is time consuming and almost impossible to create meta tags individually for each page to update it. So as developer you must establish a way which can create meta tags automatically with value present in database. Consider the example of product page, where you can define common pattern for page title, keyword and description and can generate it by fetching the value from product database. Here you can fetch the value like Product name, Model and most important feature from product specification. Most of the web development platform and CMS gives a way to generate dynamic Meta tags.

Structuring Internal linking between pages

Have you ever wonder why result from Wikipedia appears on first page on every search query you enter in Google?  The reason behind is the quality of content which and the inter linking between most relevant pages in good quantity. When you have website with thousands of pages or having large content, with use of inter linking you can gain better performance of your pages. if you remember most of the Blog CMS provide interlinking between post with use of category or tag match system . Same way your web developer can implement interlinking between different product pages based on their features or some common values. As developer, you should take care that interlinking happens between most relevant product pages instead of linking different pages blindly without any predefined rules.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Artistic Flash Website Design

Website designers are become artist these days and start creation of artistic website designs. Flash is the best application for create artistic web pages.

There are lots of creative flash website designs we can see on the internet and increasing popularity of flash animations and designs make designers to create flashy website.

Today, our designers in Atlanta website design company found some attractive and artistic Flash website design resource on, we have took the images of those artistic flash websites and present here some extremely eye-catching flash web pages.

For more innovative flash web pages check out this link

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Priority Based Website Redesigning

There are many reasons which can give you think of website redesigning. You visit other websites and notice that there are so many things your website is missing to add. You may find so many coding errors because the coding has been created with old website builder which doesn't provide any update or support anymore accordance with current updates in web standard. You may find low performance of website in your web analytic over past couple of month and evaluate that web design is the main reason behind it. You may observe big changes in technology like mobile web is the ideal example to illustrate the point. Reason after website redesign can be anyone but the outcome of it must be higher performance of your website in terms of data matrix, User friendliness or visual look which can compete with other websites.

While making list of things which are require integrating in new design, you must have ability to evaluate the importance of each. You can’t think of adding all the new components in your new design because it looks good on other websites. Goal and objective of your business differs from others and if you find that addition of specific object would dominate in success of your business, you should look forward to add it in website. One of the most common mistake is to not to have search option for website with large data and products. Sometimes users don’t have time to look at navigation and would conduct direct search. Implementing efficient search option with best relevant results is good option to add which would surely dominate. Thus you should evaluate the need of each object and they think how that would participate in increasing your business revenue. Sometimes requirement may come from your marketing department. Addition of product subscription window is an ideal example of it. It may require eliminating certain existing things like too much old content or unnecessary links or animation which takes more time to load. So your check list for website redesign must include the stuff which requires integrating and eliminating immediately. Chicago Web design expert at Spinx keeps above things in mind to when there is a need of website redesign.

Monday, 20 February 2012

How to Calculate The Cost of Website Building

Whether you found your competitors are doing well on making their business presence on internet or you get idea on making expansion of your business with targeting audience on internet, all these two lead to have well developed website of your business which you can use to for marketing your products or services. A good marketing plan of your business must involve plan for website development, design and cost after website maintenance and clear guideline on deadline it must get finished within. Strategy of website planning involves researching online market trends, gathering information about products, filtering all information from the web to its prospective portion of planning and applying those information correctly which drives you action and outcomes. 

Good planning should force you to think about look of the website and creating rough documentation can be good startup point on all the things you love to add into website. Coast of having website highly depends on the hosting, designing and custom development of website and this post would provide you an idea on cost of each.

You may start thinking about the content you want to display on your website and may think of hiring Professional content writer that would be added cost. The costs of content also vary for different type of websites. For ecommerce website, you may consider budget for product image editing and inventory management and for service industry it is for the content and data management. So based on the type of website, you must assign stand alone amount for its maintenance regardless of how much you spend on design, hosting or development. 

Next is the cost of data storage and server management which you can also prefer to call hosting cost. For static website with limited content or pages it is minor and it would rise as you would add more pages and type of data. Live video streaming websites would require dedicated server so it would cost higher and may be lower if you use free third party service for video hosting. So this way you can manage at initial level and them enhance as it is needed. 

Search for the web design companies or web design service provider and see how much type of different services with different concept you would find. There is option like hiring freelance web designer for small requirement to hiring professional New York web design firm for continuous need. So it is up to you. Free option like templates are also there to reduce the cost.

The last things come into calculating overall budget is the cost of custom programming. You can choose to have free web builder and open source CMS or can hire professional developer if so many things are going on in your mind which require customization. 

So above three are basic aspects of calculating your website cost and it is necessary to estimate so you can plan for its marketing as well.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

We have just Redesign

Business men always select website design company by seeing the website of that particular company’s website and the previous work did by them for their clients.
Website of any business always represents the services of business and visitors are habitual for estimate business services by seeing website only so it is necessary for website designers to design a business website which can be easily figure out by visitors and they can straight forwardly understand the services provided by business. This thing not only bound for different businesses but also work for web design firms.

Many web design companies usually redesign their websites for demonstrate their services and all time they try to create something unique with extra visual impact which attract the users as well as the visitors can easily estimate the work and quality of web services offer by particular web design firm.

We have just redesigned our website of Spinx – Florida web design company and also for our other web designing firms across the USA. Now our users can get fresh website with new look, with our new website design our visitors can easily determine our work as well as they can easily came to know about our services and quality of our services.
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Exploit of CSS3 Media Query and Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design the term is booming these days all around the web world the concept behind creation of responsive website design is only make your web page accessible from any web devices, and also in different resolutions.

Sometimes it become tough that arranges different designing objects and elements in a way which can be run same in all resolution and it is not possible to create different websites for different devices and different screen resolution.

As we all know that when ever problems occur always there is solutions and so for create responsive website design the solutions are CSS3 media queries, Fluid grid and Fluid images.

Today let’s we talk about CSS3 media query to create responsive website design. CSS3 media query is already in lame light these days and because of it only we can see many responsive website designs. Media query is a simple part of code newly introduced in CSS3. The code of media query placed in a web page header or a stylesheet.

It is use to detect different information about users and their web devices and send precise stylesheet based on the information. There are different media features available which we can use it as a query but among all of them the important one is browsers width as we all know different browser’s have different width and web designers Florida in Spinx, Florida takes extra care about it while design and develop any website.

Through a media query we can figure out width of different browsers used by different users around the world and we can assume the web device used by users.


• 320 x 480 – Smartphone
• 480 x 320 – Smartphone in landscape orientation
• 768 x 1024 – iPad
• 1024 x 768 – iPad in landscape orientation / netbook
• Anything larger – Desktop / laptop computer

So by applying different CSS3 media query we can create a responsive website design which can be work well and also in same manner among different web devices with different screen resolutions.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Similar Web Designing Elements

Website structure is a group of different website designing elements assemble by web designers to create a successful website layout.

Let’s we talk about some similar website designing elements use to create structure of website. Similar elements mean the elements which are commonly used in every websites.

Header in website, Website Logo, Navigation part on websites, main body part on website which include main content, Footer on website and Sidebar is not a common element but generally used by web designers in website. These similar and common elements plays major role in website designing as these are the main focal point of every website structure.

While designers design a website the first work of them is create a planning for their website design that how to create structure of web designing at that time the first thing comes in designers mind is deal with these main and most similar designing elements though these are common elements in every websites but how effectively design it so that the design and structure of website look outstanding and unique is only depend on the expertise of website designers and these types of expert work we can see in the websites which are design by professional web design Florida company’s designers.

These common elements of web designing are used by website designers while they create a framework of web designing in which they include main elements of website.

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Three Things Web Designer Should Develop to Keep Frustration Away

Whether you are web designer, developer or online marketer, what things can frustrate you in your carrier? Most of the time dissatisfaction arrived not by getting paid less than you deserve but knowing that you can deliver great with your skills but not being able to get enough productivity for doing great. Inner satisfaction on your own work is required for better achievement in carrier whether in form of salary or appreciation of your work from your boss. Remember you won’t be able to do great things until you won’t feel good and satisfaction and achievements is the way to feel good and knowing that you have monopoly on certain task in your industry.

Web design is such an industry where everything works based on client’s appreciation and feedback no matter whether you like your design or not your client must. You don’t have any choice when big head from the company says he wants to have high animation regardless of the time it require to load and what impacts its make on website performance in terms of user experience. Frustration can come from any corner. Sometimes you get good feedback from the layout built in less time and less creativity and bad one for the design which takes lots of efforts and considerable time. No matter what’s your client scenario, as web design Chicago professional you must develop certain things in your skills and knowledge which helps you keeping frustration away from you and prepared you for accepting any kind of challenge in your task. Below we are highlighting those things for which you should always look out for. 
Creativity & uniqueness 

These two things define the work and capacity of website designer. In your carrier, you would get asked kind of questions like what unique do you have to offer? Or what things on you are good at? At the moment, you must be capable of providing answers in form of your past work instead verbally. Uniqueness in your work would stand you out from other web designer and creativity is the only things which help you to create unique work. There are good web designs Chicago blogs which can become your continuous source of inspiration to deliver great design stuff. Whether it is task of product, brochure, logo, magazine or website design, your work must reflect your shadow.

Updated knowledge

If you have couple of friends working as web designer or if you are the part of online web design communities, ask them have they checked all updates of HTML5? And see what answers you would get. For outstanding performance, you must keep yourself update about latest stuff in the Industry whether it is updates in any web design software or tools or updates in the way people used to design and integrate graphics in website, you must have heard the things.  It would be great disappointment knowing that no one follows the process you are following or the tools you are using because they are outdated. So always keep yourself aware of new things.


At last, whatever you have learned from your past work or whatever you had absorbed for improving above two things, you should share it with other people in the industry. It would help you in two ways, first it would create your branding and marketing and second appreciation from fellow web designer would inspire you to work harder for continuous improvement.  

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Various Color Palette and Color Scheme Generators

Colors on a website describe the website characteristics, different color combination create an advance effect on website which directly affect on user’s eye.

Different websites own different color combination and the designers decide colors on basis of business theme just like in some websites dark background give amazing effect and in other businesses website light background portray business theme.

After select the background color regarding business theme now the time is to decide the other element’s colors on website just like font colors, images colors etc… It is recommended to use right color combination on the website and for select proper color combination now there are many online color palette and color scheme generators available which help designers to decide color combination on their websites. Here Spinx – Atlanta Website Design company present some images of color scheme generators helpful for designers.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Create a Reputed Online Business Existence

Create a business website is the first step taken by every business men for generate occurrence of their business in the online world of internet business.

Number of website designers designs a different business websites but it is not easy task to create reputed online business existence and this thing can be done by only expert designers. As we all know there is tough competition going on between online businesses and every business wants to be standing first in this competition of online internet world.

Business men need to hire some reputed and experienced web firm in which they have a team of skilled designers and developers who are expert in creation of different business website which effectively suitable with business theme as well as amazingly represent business services and products towards users.

While designing any business website designers should keep in mind some things that the website design by them should be easily accessible by users across the globe, website should be work well among all browsers and also in all web devices because of increasing popularity of smart phones and PDAs now users use these devices for access internet. The significance of create most accessible website force business men to stumble for designers who takes care for all points just like a team of designers in a Spinx - web design Orlando company.
The consequence of any online business is mostly depend on the business website and the consequence of business website is depend on the designers and developers who develop that particular business website for their client business. Dedication of designers and developers towards their client’s work would be seen in different business websites which has been developed by those designers and developers.

Design a business website is not that much tough task but create a design which influence online reputation or we can say establish a reputed online business is toughest task.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Website Design Balance

Stability in design can be maintained by wisely arrange images and corporal structure of any web page design. Different objects are arranged in different manner which create a balancing website design for the website visitors.

There are two types of balancing forms available one is symmetrical and second is asymmetrical and designers need to be an expert for design both types of web design like designers in Atlanta Web Design company. So, let’s we discuss more about symmetrical and asymmetrical website design balance.

When a website design objects are consistently scattered in the region of vertical and horizontal axis at that time we can say that there is a symmetrical balance take place in website design. Every time it is not possible to create most symmetry design so at that time we can say approximate symmetry in web designing.

In an asymmetrical website design the work is not consistently scattered in a region of different axis because in this type of website balancing the object of website are not in fixed size in fact the arrangement of objects are also occur in un fix manner. 
Generally asymmetrical website designs create by designers to make fascinating design for more visual impact on webpage design. The asymmetry and anarchy of web page objects which can be get attention by the viewers of web page.

In balance of website design these two categories symmetrical and asymmetrical are main designing nature and designers have to arrange their webpage designing objects whether symmetrical or asymmetrical as per need of web designing projects.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Guideline For Product Page Design For Ecommerce Website

For any ecommerce website, product page is the final stage where important decisions are being taken by your visitors whether to buy products or to need to add that product in cart for future reference. This is the only page of website where different goals of ecommerce website like user registration, adding to cart, product purchase can be accomplish as decision of buying product from that page need to take sequential action of registration for processing payment.  This is the page where users have most interest to have a look at than other pages of website and this is the page where final conversion of website depends. Even if you are selling best quality products in the market but inefficient presentation can be result in bad failure. Design is the thing which works behind creating good or bad impression of your products to its visitors and especially if you are selling costly products with high profit margin and have spent lots of money in promotion. Loosing single user can cost you a lot and possibility of failure in online advertising is higher than that of T.V or magazine ads. So what scenario you should follow to or what things any landing page should have. Below are some views you can consider for product page design.

Images to view product from different angle and corner 

When you consider window shopping, you have ability to touch and view product from different angle and can see the actual look of products. In online shopping, their image from different angle is the only way to see it from different angle. So make sure that you have ability to store enough no. of images for single product and can display those images on your product giving facility to your visitors to view. Furthermore you should also provide Zoom option which clearly display even small button in your product. If we think little advance, if product is available in different color, ask your developer to implement function to view same product in different colors selected by your visitors.

Product Comparison 

When you are selling products from different vendors and brand, you should provide comparison features to your visitors. So design of product page must have comparison button and the page should also have design which can highlight the clear difference in their features and price. You can consider an example of laptop from different brands with same features, if the price is difference, design must highlight the price of each one. 

Simple interface for Add to Cart or purchase 

As I have mentioned before, final purchase require different process like registration, adding payment information and confirming final purchase, each process should have simple design. In Each process information of products for which he is processing must get highlighted. 

Company return, shipping and refund policy 

Once he made decision of purchase, next thing he would look for different policies of company if anything gets wrong. You must prefer to add these things on every product page so he doesn’t require navigating to other pages and can access all information from the same page.

Many ecommerce website owners complain about abandoned by their visitors from the middle of the process or from product pages. When data analyst from our Chicago Web design firm observe the analytic statistics, we mostly found reason of unprofessional product page design or programming error in executing final purchase steps. So above are the points we have evaluated for ideal product page design.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Web Design Tutorials for PSD to XHTML

PSD is a Photoshop file which is design by designers but it is a static file and to make it live designers have to convert their PSD file into valid XHTML and CSS, so that the design run on internet and try to create cross browser compatible conversion so your website will look same in all browsers and also in all web devices.

PSD to XHTML conversion is an error free conversion and it is well structured because it is developed in proper web standards so we can say that it’s a W3C validate conversion.

PSD to XHTMl, CSS conversion is significant for website designers so being professional web design firm Spinx – Florida web design we share some PSD to XHTML tutorials which are helpful for website designers.


There is wide number of tutorial available on the internet for PSD to XHTML and CSS, we have share some of them which we like the most.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unbearable ailments of Websites for Any Business

Well, I know that in this blog post title I am using the wordings which are generally used by doctors while they are communicate with their patients or about their patients but when website designer only designing a website by creating a structure of a website at that time some of designers ignore or forget to pay attention on some important designing elements and due to this mistake design of website become patient or it looks like a patients and since different sicknesses or diseases user of a website close your website and switched to others website.
So, let’s we talk about those elements in website designing which sometimes ignoring by the designers and the first one is precision constraint well here I am talking about simplicity in web designing, today website designers are eager to show their knowledge, their creative idea and expose it on design of websites at the same time they just forgot about simplicity in their website design and make their website more complex due to complexity of website design it hide the business services and business related stuff on website for which the particular website has been created.

The next element is regarding exasperation on website just because of images on website. These days’ website designers are expert for using different images on their web page, they are become a masters in arrangement of images different ways and also create slideshow on websites with the use of various images but while designers use number of images on their web page they are just forgot about loading time which annoy users and make them to close website.

Because of imperfection or defect a website could be look ailing here I am going to explain about imperfection in background of website. Website background should be suite business theme well from the starting of this article we are doing doctor’s talk so let me give example of doctor’s websites the doctors are always recognize for care and cure so for doctor’s website designer should select website background with the caring colors like white, light blue, light green which are generally we seen in doctor’s clinic or in hospitals. So the moral is designers should take care for business theme while they deciding the color combination for website background as well as for other elements of website design.

These are only three elements mention by webmasters in Spinx – Web Design Florida company which make your website design ill but some points are still remaining which we will discuss with you all later on the same blog.

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