Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Analyze Project Requirements & User’s Need before Produce a Website

When business men make a decision of create online presence of their business by establishing a business website they have some predefine projects requirements on the other hand users of website are seeking for particular information sometimes that are not meet with project requirements at the end as a result we can see that the requirement of projects dose not fulfill the requirement of users and business loose their potentials.

In some website business men wants to display the things and information that are totally opposite from the user’s expectation and what the user are searching for in this case it becomes a necessary to define and understand what things or information are actually essential on the business website.

We can take an example of any organization’s website in that a business person become first side of coin who wants to display the photo of organization, events held on organization, list of person who donate their precious time and money to build up organization, some statements given by header’s that describe values of organization etc... When we see the second side of coin that is website users who are seeking for list of activities or work of organization, user wants to contact with organization and they search for phone number, address or any contact form, if person is watching the website of heath organization than he/she is more interested to see information regarding health topic rather than only information about organization.

Create two list one for user’s requirements and second for project requirements, analyze both of them carefully and than start implementation and evaluation of it and to perform this thing business men need to hire a specialized Florida web design firm if your business situated in Florida, in that the team business analyzer analyze the business requirements, analyze the targeted audience and than after webmasters start designing and developing a website for particular business.

Business men, business analyzer and webmasters would make sure that don’t only provide what you wants to give instead of that try to provide things that user’s expect from you.

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