Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Designing Creative Twitter Background and inspirational Examples

For the last couple of years, Twitter and Facebook are one of the most used social websites people use to share and connect with people. People share the things which they like with their friend which get shared by their friends and cycle continues. This way an effective utilization and promotion of these two sites can distribute your content to millions of people automatically and these are the sites which you must not ignore to include in your social media strategy. Search engines  also considers crawling these sites frequently to collect real and fresh data shared by people and also consider signal from these sites to give authority to sites for ranking. 

For efficient social media promotion in these sites, it is necessary to have custom background designed with keep in mind the purpose of your social media marketing. If the purpose is branding of your business, you should clearly highlight the brand name, business logo, services you provide and website URL in your background. If the purpose is making distribution of your content, you should keep light background which give priority to your tweets rather than your background. If your purpose is personal promotion, you need to add your photos and your profile name of other social media sites like FaceBook, Mashable or Stumbleupon and need to highlight your contact detail. You need to give special attention on what things to add in your image background and what not to.

When it comes to designing custom background, you can utilize the space at left and right side bar for promoting your business. A good background is one which utilizes these two spaces and filled up with the things which add information users can use to get aware of your business. If you are into web design and development business, highlighting all the service in left sidebar and contact information at bottom to the service and including the small images of website from portfolio at right sidebar is an ideal option to consider. You also need to design background with care that the content you add in background image must not be overlaid by space used for displaying tweets and other widgets and also need to check visual clarity in different browser. To give you clear ideas, Chicago web designer at spinx has chosen some of the best Twitter background which has been highlighted in below embedded video. 

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