Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Custom Web Fonts with Font Dragr

Today, I am going to share one app which is powered by HTML5/CSS3 named Font Dragr and it is used to testing custom web fonts. Font dragr is a tentative web app which uses HTML5 & CSS3 to create a useful separate web based application for testing custom fonts.

This custom web font app allows users to drag and drop your truetype (ttf), opentype (otf), scalable vector graphics (svg) or Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts into the webpage which give instant preview of how the font will be rendered in the browser.

This app is useful to web designers and it is also used by web designers in professional Atlanta web design company, because it allow them to preview how embedded fonts will cause to be in their target browsers without write any code of html/css and also without upload any files via ftp. This app is dependence upon Firefox’s drag and drop functionality so it work only on some version of Firefox. 

This custom font dragr app is also boasts a number of CSS3 features in its design include, These features are as below.

Custom fonts with @font-face
Rounded corners using border-radius
Drop shadows with text-shadow & box-shadow
Attribute and pseudo selectors
Multiple border colors
Box model adjust using box-sizing

Blogger Christmas Icon

Christmas is coming so we can say that these are the busiest days when people are busy in doing preparation of Christmas for decorate their home, their offices as well as many web design companies like Florida web design are busy in decorate their own as well as their client’s website.

So as being blogger I am going to share some Christmas icons specially design for blogger

There are many free Christmas resources are available for different Christmas icons, check this link for more free Christmas icons

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CSS3 HSL Colors Value

CSS3 is introduce with some new features so let’s talk about some new features with colors in CSS3.

With CSS we are using hexadecimal and RGB colors but CSS3 introduce new HSL which is abbreviation of Hue, Saturation and lightness.

HSL contain 3 values the first one is Hue as name suggest it is use to reflect different shades. On color wheel its degree 0 is red, 120 is green and 240 is blue. Saturation is the full colour so the percentage value of it is a 100%. Lightness is for using light colors and for the color setting the percentage is 0% is dark or we can say black, 100% is light here we can say it white and 50% is average color.
Well in HSL has been implemented on Opera 9.5, Safari 3 and Konqueror and Mozilla browsers. With the implementation of these HSL value web designers from website design Florida can give an extensive variety of different colors and its tendency which you can see in following example.
* { color: hsl(0, 100%, 50%) }   /* red */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 50%) } /* green */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 25%) } /* light green */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 75%) } /* dark green */
* { color: hsl(120, 50%, 50%) }  /* pastel green, and so on */

HSL color is more insightful than RGB is the benefits of using HSL over RGB and the another advantage is with HSL you can guess at the colors which you want and then tweak, also you can easily create sets of matching colors.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WYSIWYG web editors – Useful for Web Developer and Web Designer

WYSIWYG is an abbreviation form of what you see is what you get. These are HTML editors useful to display web pages as it will display on browser. There are many editors available which are useful to control code directly but some WYSIWYG editors available for windows are used by professional web development companies based in USA such as web development Atlanta, New York, Chicago etc…

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is known as most professional web development software which gives you flexibility and authority to create most functional web application by fulfilling all your requirements. Designers and developers can create any language application with Dreamweaver like XHTML, PHP, JSP, XML etc… development languages.
Adobe Creative Suite

This editor is most suitable for graphic designers and web designers who are also a graphics artist. Many designs standards are not included in Dreamweaver but they all are included in creative suite. This editor will include all the control which is needed to build a web page. Creative Suite is popular because of its graphics features so it is helpful for designers who create design with more graphics rather than purely HTML coding.


Alleycode is a free web editor available which focus more on search engine optimization. The features available in Alleycode let you know your website ranking, optimize your meta data and also improve search engine rankings. Alleycode has one most useful feature is its conversion tool which helps to convert HTML tags and text from upper to lowercase and vice versa.

These WYSIWYG editors are used by Atlanta web design companies for create fully functional website design for their clients, there are huge list of WYSIWYG editors which are very popular so more useful editors check this link,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Combination of Red and Green color for Christmas Web Design

Red is the color of love and green is the color of peace, and the combination of red and green color will give amazing effect every where. In web design industries this is the real time while designers in Florida web design Company are also using combination of red and green colors in their website designs and the reason behind it is the upcoming festival Christmas.

Red and green website designs for Christmas creates extra visual effect on user’s eye. Many Christmas web design themes and templates, icons are designed with the combination of Red and Green colors combination, you can see while searching on the internet, here I Give some examples of Red and Green combination Christmas design.

For see more different colors Christmas design check this link

Monday, 7 November 2011

Designing Vibrant Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

One simple great idea and its correct development can lead to great profit you might not have imagined before. Facebook it selves is the best example for success with one simple idea of connecting all college students with their private id to create friends network which have been described in the movie “Social Network”. As we all are aware of the popularity of FaceBook and its market value. Well I am not here to discuss the history of the FaceBook but while observing its growing fame, I want to discuss my experience working in Web Design Chicago firm of creating business page at FaceBook.

Rise of social media marketing have forced businesses to shift their promotional activities from traditional search engine to active events on social media sites. Giving PPC advertisement on various search engines or attempting optimization of your website for plenty of keywords in popular search engine is not enough to get desired success, especially when your business is dying at maintaining the cost/revenue ratio. Social media sites have given smart solution for advertisement which gives better result at lower cost compare to other advertising media and platform. Along with paid advertisement, there are already options available for developing brand name and circulation free way.

Facebook fan page is one of the features which became mandatory to have for all business. Only creating your business profile will not work the way you want. Effective utilization of different functionality provided by Facebook is mandatory to get maximum exposure of your efforts. Facebook fan page is one of the key features which plays important role in promotion. With different client requirement, Chicago Web Designer shares some of the best tactics to create vibrant fan page. In this presentation, you will get overall guideline on how to use different property of business page and how to customize it for your needs. Here we have focused on the how to create custom banner for page, How to add links, some of the key application to use, custom landing page for fans and normal visitors and more other technique and requirements 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween Wordpress Themes

As we all know recently Halloween gone on 31st of October so people did some preparation for that. Let’s we talk about website designers what they did especially for Halloween, you can get free Wordpress themes for Halloween design by experienced website designers from some professional website design companies like Atlanta web design company.


My Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin

Scary 2 Column Theme

Happy Halloween Theme

Check this link for download more free Halloween themes

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Removing Frustration of Web Designers and Getting Them Back on The Track

Business industries where there is no limit for any creative ideas and everything depends on one person from its implementation to execution in right direction, frustration can be common issues or problems that may arrive with some minor mistakes at certain stage.
Web designing is also one of those industry where everything rely on the designer from making its sample frame work to giving it right deliverable output to the client. With excessive use of web design trends and various integration minor mistakes can be occurred with selection of some tools or platforms while its development. Sometimes client does not able to explain what he wants to have and we have to imagine certain things which may lead to dissatisfaction of clients which ultimately leads you to the big frustration.
When it comes to web or graphic design, Frustration and creativeness are two controversial concepts of each other. Creativity is the key component to develop great looking websites which can be highly appreciated by clients and frustration is something which blocks web designer to think creatively. Under this circumstances, Web design Chicago  firm focus on removing frustration of designers and getting their unique ideas back.
 Always be Positive
Having positive attitude in web design can make rest of the work easier. If you are confident about the design or layout which you are creating, you will get efficient power to convey your clients for your design even If clients gave you different concept. As I have said, there are lots of things we have to imagine because of absence of technical knowledge of clients and being positive is the only factor which makes you realize that you are following the right direction.
Keep 30 Minutes separate from your daily schedule for inspiration
It is not possible to have excellent skills and knowledge in every field of web and graphic design. Just keep the 30 minutes separate from your busy schedule, surf on the net and find the great ideas or inspiration from other web professionals. If you get any idea, write it down immediately and then try to implement that idea in your next project.
Stay connected with other web designers
It may possible that there may be some automatic tools which may reduce your work, efforts and save lots of time to perform same task that you may be doing with old methods. Staying connected with other professionals and discussing about the latest stuff may prove to be life saver in future.
Create your own project for your personal growth
Due to time limitation and client requirement of specific business, it is not possible to use various available technology or concept in their site. Sometimes we do not try to develop things which don’t earn you income for life. So try to add all ideas and various things to your own project to get used to with it. You may face some issues for which you will research and that way you will get more knowledge and if needed in future project, you will be already aware of that concept and issued related to it.    
Spinx is a Chicago web design company having large team of creative web designers and developers. Many times we have observed frustration to our designing staffs even that haven’t done any mistakes and we always try to get them back on the right track and try to motivate them with various activities.