Monday, 7 May 2012

Wireframes-Definition, Benefits and Resource

A simple definition of wireframe can be given as a rough scratch which demonstrates the position of different elements of website and how data is going to be displayed in website. It can be built with any professional tools or can be painted by manually on paper to illustrate the design of the website. Many web designers prefer to implement it where many ignore to spend time and start design directly. One can include small things like placement of social media icons or sign up button to placement of promotional banner, what things to highlight in wireframe solely depends on web designer. Building complex web application or website, it is preferable to start design with prebuilt wireframe which leads you accurately to design different parts of website and give clear ideas to your clients about design process and outcome he would get.

Working with clients who are too specific for their website design and ready to pay good amount for customization of design, working with wireframe would be good option to build a website which is perfect as per his needs. As web designer, it would help you making your presentation more professionally and would help you elaborating your concepts, thoughts and ideas clearly for design. A good wireframe is one which built with attention to detail about each and every components of website from deciding its height, size and exact pixel location where you would place it in website. In other words, it is solution through which you can solve all doubts of your clients regarding the design of website. Once you start building design, you can use the same wireframe for reporting as well explaining your clients which part of it has been finished and which have remained.

If you are thinking about the time it takes to create wireframes, it depends on the complexity of customization in design. If you prefer to draw rough diagram manually, it wouldn’t require more time if you prefer to draw with some tools, you may need time to get aware about that tools and features you can use.  Drawing manually or with tools again depends on the client’s requirement, budget and other needs. There is software available in the market which you can utilize to speed up the design but have to take care buying any premium one as you would  use the same software regularly  for future projects as well, should prefer to use demo version and get aware about the features. MockFlow, Axure, Pancil Project, Mocking Bird, Cacoo, ProtoShare are some well known tools for wireframe design.

At Spinx, Chicago web design service provider, we have gained many benefits on use of wireframes which helps us building presenting and reporting easier and faster.

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