Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Things can Impress Your Visitors About Your Website?

Making impression on your visitors is not restricted to the visual look of your website or how fancy your website look, different factors of website work together to make positive impact of your website. The main objective of creating impression on visitors is to encourage them to visit again or memorize your website so next time when they need what you offer, they come to your website directly. Due to high competition and efforts of all website owners to deliver best to their visitors, only visual impression is not enough for bringing them back to your website. One has to think with different marketing prospect and simplicity in functions and flexibility provided by your website in different environment.

Is your website compatible to technology? Do you like to view your website from your mobile or tablet? Does it provide good viewing experience to mobile audience? Have you put any special efforts after making it design compatible to these devices? You can easily answer these questions by your own and implement changes as per needed. One common practice is to use browser and device emulator to analyze the performance of website on different platform.

On the web, what it seems to be simple may be complex at back end and complex at front end may be simple at back end. Kind of website where interaction of users is needed frequently, you must make sure that your interface design provide simple front end regardless of its complexity at back end. In certain cases, you can conduct the test with people who are not aware of your website and ask them to finish certain tasks on your site. Based on their feedback, you can implement changes which make things easier for new uses to utilize your website.

Likelihood of visiting your website again also depends on the intelligence of your website. Storing what users have browsed previously and showing related items of his interest based on stored data would make him happy as you have given attention on what he likes. YouTube is an ideal example which shows previously viewed videos and suggestion on relevant videos. Same way, remembering users zip code and calculating shipping cost and extra text would be considered as smarter for product shopping site instead of asking him to enter zip code every time he add products to his cart. Based on type and purpose of website, you should implement certain intelligence in your website.

At last, you need to provide strong reason to visitors to come back to your site. No one likes to visit website which doesn’t update content, your website would counted as inactive. So you need to integrate things which keep them engage and give them a reason to visit again. Updating useful information through blog, email campaign for new product launch or news, offering deals and coupons are some ways to achieve the same.

All these points lead to having a website which is built with prospect to users. Having years of experience as New York Web design service provider, above are the points for which we have seen positive impact when implemented for clients websites.


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