Thursday, 29 December 2011

Useful Web Design Resources for website Designers

There is continuously enhancement is going on in web designing firm and designers are always busy in implementation of new web technology in their work. But it is nice thing that many well known web design resources blogs are always there for website designers which inspire web designers as well as give them new ideas of web designing.

Here web design Orlando a foremost web design company based in Orlando, Florida going to share one video presentation of web design resources which is found from

WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0

Free Interface PSD-Files

150 Badges

Free Layout No3

iPhone Gradation Set

For more Web Design Resource check this link

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Infographic - New Way to Improve Website Performance Through Website Design

When website design is being measured by its performance, creativity, use of trendy elements, exciting modern design and all other efforts doesn’t require. It would be directly calculated by user experience and behavior of website and important data matrices for observing overall traffic. In different ways of holding your visitors on the website which includes video presentation, explanation of your marketing message through moving objects or creative video presentation, info graphic has made remarkable use by some experts.

Previously UX concept was not that much popular and people used to ignore the user experience. There was a competition of making unique website design which focus on business presentation and branding. Due to some advance analytics matrices and the way paradigm shift from beautiful design to performing design, marketers and business owners started finding a way to improve website performance and to fulfill it, new concepts of design have been introduces. Responsive design, typography are the result of the efforts and research in this direction. 

When visitors first lands on your website, what are the things which force him to wait and read the content. With thousands of new websites and large competition, traditional way of representing content written by some expert doesn’t seems to work anymore. You have to represent the same content creative way which forces your visitors indirectly to read and notice what you are offering. You don’t want to be another service provider with plenty of discounts on festivals instead; you want to show off that you are different and unique with help of website design. 

As I have said before, infrographic is the new concept many web designers are integrating in their design to build better performing website. In this, the same content and concept get displayed with small drawing blocks with are connected with each other with arrow lines. When you have content which can be described in the sequence or procedure of main process, Inforgraphic seems to be more performing. At Spinx, New York Web design firm, our design experts have conducted small testing in which we have designed two layouts for displaying content and tested these two layouts with A/B testing. In first we have displayed content in traditional manner and other with help of inforgraph. We have observed reduces bounce rate, increase in average time on site, more conversion of web page with this diagram. Based on this test, here we are displaying some of the best infrographic diagram which you can consider for your design. These diagrams don’t suit for all the type of content but for the content which can be divided in certain group of sequence and flow. 

Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

In this world of webmasters we are always heard about web technology and its enhancement so today I am going to explain difference between three web technologies or we can say that web based applications that is web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0.

Well still we are remembering those days before 1999 when user can only read information’s from the internet. The number of static websites are available at that time, there was not any interactive features are available on website at that time so that time the web technology we are using is called web 1.0 which is also called read-only by some webmasters. 

After 1999 the time is start when we have some interaction with websites and we have blogger and LiveJournal in 1999 where users can Read, write and publish their content. This is helpful for non-technical users who are now interact with webs using different blog platform than after many social media websites available in which you can submit your content and perform your task. And this new read and writes web technology is called as web 2.0.     

With web 3.0 the use of internet is hugely increasing with some amazing power like contextual search, Evolution of 3D on the web, personalized search and many more, web 3.0 is define is semantic web in which you can insert semantic content on the web pages.

Increasing popularity of web technology make work of web designers more complicated and more challenging in web design Jacksonville company. Designers and developers are always trying to perform challenging task with implementing new web technologies.

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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Creating Responsive website designs

It is duty of website designers that they have to create responsive website designs which work well with all browsers and responding the behavior of users. There are some consideration for create responsive website design is platform, screen size and user’s direction.

Responsive website design by Florida web design company is that which work same in all whether users use it in laptops or in smart phones or any other devices. Designers can create responsive website by creating flexible layouts and also create flexibility in images sized and media queries which can be done by properly use CSS in their website designs.

Media queries perform as conditional comments and because of its conditions it is capable to determine the used device and viewing up some layouts and create its physical characteristics. It depends on windows size of the browser and determines parameters screen resolution and orientation of color. Flexible grid defines some parameters of spacing and columns which is great way to creating flexible design. Flexible images is useful to load image space according to define its height and width an HTML attributes.

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Friday, 23 December 2011

Need of Usability Testing in Website Design & Development

After deciding starting of your own business and to fulfill the objectives and profit you would get through your business, you would think of having rocking website to impress your visitors and to get maximum exposure of your marketing efforts. With keep in mind the high reputation of your business that you want to build with the website, you would get your design and development work from best expert in the industry to confirm that everything goes smooth and as thought. You would prefer high animated banner or flash as an intro, modern website design to compete with big player, easy development of complex function of your business as you would have hope for future profit, and you would take care of each and every small things which is going to be added in your website. 

But wait what if the things on which you have spent money blindly after its development wouldn’t require or being obstacle in performance of your website. If someone UI interface expert would suggest simple design rather than stylist one which was very costly and what if you would require to change all the things on your website because they are not require anymore or stopping the success of your website in online marketing. I don’t know about you but it would be extremely disappointing for me that even after spending valuable time and money you came to know that the things you had done or you were doing was the waste of time and money. 

To make sure that you don’t fall into above described situation, usability testing of your website design is important before making the decision of investing money on specific things. In usability testing, you need to think of real time behavior of your visitors when they would visit your website. You need to think in advance that what action your visitors would perform on addition of any objects and functionality on your site and what result you would get. You need to test whether there is a good ROI of implementing specific entity on website or not.

At Chicago web design firm, when we have requirement of re designing website, first we make an analysis of existing design by our data analytic experts. Based on the analysis and extracted data, we suggest the things which gets good ROI in new design and applying usability testing on redesigning has saves lots of money and our efforts.

Monday, 19 December 2011

.mobi web design technology

Increase the online presence of websites with the new technology .mobi extensions name or which is used by many website designers to make better business website. 

This new technology with extension mobi is also known as DotMobi and it is recently approved as a top level domain by ICANN and managed by mTLD. This new technology for mobile is get financially support by world’s largest companies such as Google and Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone, Hutchison and VISA.   

This new .mobi website is optimized especially for mobile phones, smart phones and PDA. The websites with .mobi extensions is introduced because of small screens and lacking of download speed. These new .mobi websites are particularly optimized with simplicity which downloads faster on mobile devices.

The main complex thing in .mobi website is that it should be customized particularly for moveable devices and this complex customization can be done by skilled developers and designers in website design Atlanta company. Many web design company start delivering online content onto mobile and convert their websites into .mobi website.     

The use of mobiles and smart phones are increasing and many people are using internet on their mobile phones so it increase the value of .mobi extensions and many companies are paying big amount for buy .mobi domains.

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Things We Have Learnt by Conducting Interviews With Web Design And Development Expert

With our efforts on motivating our New York web designer to improve their skills and creativity, we have conducted couple of interviews of different web design and development expert in our industry. With those interviews, each has given us new way to follow and introduced the successful methods that they have followed to reach at the place they are now. It was extremely good feelings to talk with all great web designer and developer who have achieved certain skill in field of their expertise and it is always good to inherit some skills from them.

After making good communication from these experts, we have sorted out the key points which our employee can learn and get motivation from. First it was necessary to understand what things our employee can learn and apply on their skills or carrier. Below are the concluded points that we have marked for our New York Web Design & development team.

Where to start and which direction to follow

If you have good experienced parents or someone who can guide you for focusing toward good carrier with your interest, your way wouldn’t be that difficult. But even if you are passionate and desperate to learn new things, initial start up and right direction have good impact on overall carrier and getting achievement in time. One thing we have seen common in all these experts is, they didn’t have good start up and they have learnt from own mistakes but you can have. Knowing the mistakes which they have done in past and avoiding the same can keep your path easy and smooth.

Methods he is following and which you can follow

When it comes to designing specific objects, it might be possible that process you may follow can be old one and can be very time consuming. Experience counts on establishment of good web design process which includes all the prospect of web design, maintenance and measurement of time it requires for complete output which gets you final check from client. You can fetch the ideas from his method and can make improvement on yours to deliver better result.
Tools he is using for improving productivity

Whether you have a job of web development or designer, there is necessary to get yourself aware of specific tools and application which can reduce your time and make some work easier. Usage of tools and application is the key concern in improving efficiency. As I have said before, two designers can take different time to design one layout and use of right tools differentiate smart one from other. As technology changes, tools are also changing continuously.You must keep yourself aware of all available tools which you can use.

Basic source of inspiration to look for

Nothing is easier to achieve and perform. Great glory comes with great responsibility of maintaining it. Even if you have designed some of the best layout in past, one simple mistake or bad review can crash your reputation and spoil your brand name and value. You have to keep designing creative and unique layout and inspiration is the only thing which can save you from getting frustrated by your own design. For web designer, it would be good help by knowing the birth of inspiration any expert have got for keeping his name as top.

Ways for improving knowledge and stay updated with latest technology

Just like charm and attraction don’t remain forever. Old knowledge and skills doesn’t remain forever if you won’t improve and utilize it. With continuously changing web design trends, technology standard, software it become essential to keep updated knowledge of each. Without knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to compete with growing technology and latest demands. You need to figure out the ways to keep your knowledge updated and asking from expert about future technology and platforms which can be seen in short time would provide you certain direction.

 How to secure and improve for future growth

It is good to stay one step ahead in progress. Knowing about possible future platform and technology and learning and knowing about it before its actual launch would keep you two steps ahead than your competitors. Adoption of HTML5 is the best example which describes this point.  HTML5 was introduced before two years and is quickly becoming popular.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Website Design prediction for 2012

Hello friends it’s time to say bye bye to 2011 and celebrate new upcoming year 2012 so these days people are doing some prediction and planning for 2012 for their business, family planning, technocrats discuss for upcoming technologies. These are the most talkative days in each and every field for upcoming trend in New Year.

Well I am website designer so today I am going to discuss about some prediction of web design world in 2012.

HTML5 is future technology which is end of Flash

As we all know that HTML5 is increasing popularity and it is expanding for mobile as well as other devices. Many of us know that flash is becoming a past technology after introduced HTML5. We saw many updates and amazing work of HTML5 in 2011 and web masters are predict for more new updates and amazing presentation of HTML5 in 2012. Web designers are imagine many new designing trends for future and designers in Florida web design company are start implementation of HTML5 in their work and get ready for future technology.

Prediction in Web Typography for 2012

Typography is used everywhere for highlights significant text and use to increase popularity of branding by creating brand name with amazing typography effect. Website designers are expecting to see neat website designs with strapping typography which is tremendously mobile friendly.     

Social Media is everywhere and becoming more popular in future

Social media is in lame light everywhere, and many people predict that social media is becoming a strong way of businesses. Advertising in social networking website and other features of it make them more popular day by day.    

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Ultimatum of Understanding Web Design With Point of Client, Visitors and Designer

Client who is asking for building a web design for his business, users whom client will target and web designer who would code the entire layout and make it possible to deliver whatever is imagined and specified by clients are three different audiences in process. Each would provide different opinion as per their usage. A web design in terms of client is a layout which he likes most and by which he wants to impress his audience and represents his brand online. In terms of users, it is store on which he would buy products or services and which he wants all the functionality simple to make final purchase. With aspect to designers, it is the challenges and technical analysis which he needs to convert into working design the way which is most appreciated by client without any review. Website designed with keep in mind all three audiences would perform best in this competition era of internet marketing. It is challenging task for web designer on delivering a design which satisfy both users and clients and it is necessary to have Deep understanding and observation of different requirement. 

A good design can’t be made of combining different art from expert in the industry like graphics or banners from best graphic designer, illustration from best flash programmer and so on. Even merging all these creative arts can’t create good design which performs well. It would surely create decorative design which may get good appreciation from art lovers but not from the actual audience for which it is intended to be built for. Expert at New York web design firm reveal the secrets factors for making performing design for your business.

Experimenting with Different layout
Sometime it is very time consuming to develop different version with aspect to the way you have display and implement different functionality of the website. A single link or navigation can be displayed with both simple text and image links. You have to keep experimenting with different things like placement, color combination, placement of navigation and other factors. Experimenting with your own design would make you more creative.

View your design from user point of view
For a moment Forget that you are web designer and forget about all the technical things you knew so far. After completion, view your design as normal viewer and use different functionality and estimate the difficulty you get using website and try to list out all the problems you face while accessing website. This way you would be able to provide more user friendly design.

Keep the consistency live
When you get some changes from client after completion, try to keep the consistency in design even there are some major changes to be implemented in design. If you would get disappointed and would change the entire layout in design without maintaining consistent design, more re work would keep you busy in implementing perfection. 

Give bad critique on your own design
Think that the design developed by your enemy and you have chance to give your opinion. Giving bad critiques on your own design would motivate you to implement more perfection in each and every small thing regardless of its importance. At the end you would deliver output on which no one would be able to give negative feedback.

When we have objective given by web Design NYC firm, we try to convert the complex functionality of website to simple user interface and we follow above points to give best satisfaction.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Antique Website Inspiration by Chicago Web Design

What makes difference in your business brand and others and the factors which makes differentiation. Brand establishment time or year can make huge difference and your website must highlight that you are an old player in that industry on which visitors can trust. If you have business running for the last couple of years or which has been founded before 10 or 20 years and if you would be able to deliver that message of authority and trust through your web design, you would get 70 % of success for conveying your visitors into customers.  Most of the people may like to trust or buy from the old business than newer one even If it offers good discount on same products. The question is how you can design a website which can deliver the message of trust silently.

Vintage designing is one of the key concern for representing a business or brand which gives service to people for the last couple of years consistently with positive customer feedback and growing revenue. You may also observe in some of the jewelry or accessories website adopting vintage design as theme to stand out from their competitors. Here, Chicago web design experts have given best example of vintage website design which we have found inspiring. Adopting ideas from these websites will definitely give you a way to design a theme on your own. These kind of design are extremely appreciated by the brand which are serving people for long time and want to get featured as an oldest product manufacturer of their product. Visitors would easily identify the design as it has been implemented with keep in mind the establishment year and main product form which they might have started.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Three new most useful elements in HTML5

HTML5 is in lame light these days because it comes with advance new features which are useful for website designers and developers. As we all know HTML5 is not yet supporting among all browsers because it is on developing phase. HTML5 is use to get better multimedia support of language.

There are many new elements are introduced with HTML5 which helps to create semantic structure of webpage but today I am going to discuss three HTML5 elements.

Canvas Element, Audio element and Video element these three elements are come with best features to enhance language with multimedia support.

Let’s first we discuss about Canvas element in HTML5 which is use for dynamic web page and also allow scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. Canvas element is low level procedural models that use to updates a bitmap and there is not any built in scene graph.

This new HTML5 audio element is use to play audio within a browsers before this element for play video we use adobe flash or other browser Plugins. Now many website designers in Orlando web design company thinks with this audio element there is no need to rely on Plugins for play video on web page.   

Video element in HTML5 is useful to plays movies or video on your website, this video element is useful to replace object element. This new HTML5 elements gives you the new standard way to show video.

HTML5 is a future technology for website designers and developers so many web professionals are starting implementation of it now and they are ready for upcoming trend of web design and website development.

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Monday, 12 December 2011

Influence audience with striking website design

Well people are always influence with stylish and striking things same way striking website design is always influence people.

When people come to website they are always surf the whole website so striking website design helps to force people for see website but after enter in your website make sure that people don’t close it and move to your competitors websites as we all know usability of website plays major role to stick people on your website and make their experience amazing these things will also help you to increase returning visitors of your website.

Website content is plays major role in success of every online business, appropriate content of business services and business products make users to use those services or buy those products. Stylish as well as user friendly navigation of website make visitors to smoothly go throughout the whole website so avoid complex navigation on your website.

A leading website design Florida company is well known for maintain both design of website and its usability because it is necessary to maintain striking design as well as website usability and its readability to give great experience of visiting your website to your website visitors.        

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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Web Designing with HTML5 and CSS3

Changes are continuous in web designing industries and there is no end of it, day by day the new website designing technologies introducing and designers are always ready for implement new technologies in their regular work.

Well whenever new technologies or new standards of any languages introduced it comes with some new features to create most appeal website design.

Now in website designing HTML5 and CSS3 is in lame light in all over the world and as we all know that the new evolution in any thing is also add some complexity. So it requires expertise in website designer to work with latest technologies  as it comes with more complexity and this new complex task can be perform by website designers in Spinx – Web Design Florida company.

Web designing with HTML5 and CSS3 will give new way of web designing as it is come with many new modules, features and elements and still both are in developing stage.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

HTML5 Web Storage Methods

Today, I am going to talk about web storage methods in HTML5, for store data HTML5 is work with two basic methods one is permanent storage of data which is known as ‘localStorage’ and the second one is temporary storage of data for specific sessions which are known as ‘sessionStorage’. 

Check below for different HTML5 web storage methods explain by Tampa web design company:

setItem(key,value): This method is use for add key/value pair to the session storage.
getItem(key): This method is use for retrieve value for given keys.
clear(): This method is use for remove all key/values pair from the session storage object.
removeItem(key): This method is removes a key/value pair from the sessionStorage object.
key(n): This is also another method which help to retrieves value for key[n].

Web storage is one of the best feature in HTML5 which include some disadvantages of cookies such as 4Kb size limit, transfer cookie data among server/browser with each request/response. On the other hand using web storage will help in saving bandwidth and because of that reason the data is not being sent over the network it is more secure. The use of new sessionStorage will use two different registered accounts in the own website. With the use of this people can login with different accounts in two browser tabs and also interact with them separation.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Does Your Web Design Dominate in Success of Your Website?

Whether you are business service provide or running shopping sites which sells various types of products, there is a certain role of web design which makes happen certain conversation based on its user experience and the way you have represented different goals of your website through your web design. Placement of certain elements like sign up box where you want users to enter their email address for special discounts and news or design of sign up page for registering into your website to add products in the cart.

All above concept can be fulfilled with good web design to get higher conversation of your promotion campaign. Once visitor lands on your website through different promotional activities and advertisement of your website, the role of your web design starts and which makes impact on reducing higher bounce rate and to hold visitors and force them indirectly to visit other pages and products of your website. 

There is a hidden power in good web design which can establish your business brand at first visit and can get you higher conversation. The question is how to measure the effectiveness or how to estimate whether website is performing well with aspect to the design you have adopted and how to take decision on change of design or change of placement of specific object on page for better conversation?

The ultimate solution for all above queries is to analyze your site analytics and the driven data from different campaign. You need to focus on “how” factor of your gathered data from analytics instead of “what” factor. Bounce rate, funnel visualization, abandoned pages in conversation path, performance of browser, different property of goal are the parameters to analyze in your data and based on that new decisions need to be taken for better achievement.

Once you finish all your operation on your gathered data, you have to do continuous analysis of the decision you have made and overall impact on success of any campaign based on new decisions. At Chicago web design firm, we always try to create a design which participates best way in website success. We have trained our web design Chicago expert such a way which requires close analysis of previous data which can be made better with use of effective design and continuous analysis for certain time period. At the end we deliver web design which dominates well in success of any website or online business.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Custom Web Fonts with Font Dragr

Today, I am going to share one app which is powered by HTML5/CSS3 named Font Dragr and it is used to testing custom web fonts. Font dragr is a tentative web app which uses HTML5 & CSS3 to create a useful separate web based application for testing custom fonts.

This custom web font app allows users to drag and drop your truetype (ttf), opentype (otf), scalable vector graphics (svg) or Web Open Font Format (WOFF) fonts into the webpage which give instant preview of how the font will be rendered in the browser.

This app is useful to web designers and it is also used by web designers in professional Atlanta web design company, because it allow them to preview how embedded fonts will cause to be in their target browsers without write any code of html/css and also without upload any files via ftp. This app is dependence upon Firefox’s drag and drop functionality so it work only on some version of Firefox. 

This custom font dragr app is also boasts a number of CSS3 features in its design include, These features are as below.

Custom fonts with @font-face
Rounded corners using border-radius
Drop shadows with text-shadow & box-shadow
Attribute and pseudo selectors
Multiple border colors
Box model adjust using box-sizing

Blogger Christmas Icon

Christmas is coming so we can say that these are the busiest days when people are busy in doing preparation of Christmas for decorate their home, their offices as well as many web design companies like Florida web design are busy in decorate their own as well as their client’s website.

So as being blogger I am going to share some Christmas icons specially design for blogger

There are many free Christmas resources are available for different Christmas icons, check this link for more free Christmas icons

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CSS3 HSL Colors Value

CSS3 is introduce with some new features so let’s talk about some new features with colors in CSS3.

With CSS we are using hexadecimal and RGB colors but CSS3 introduce new HSL which is abbreviation of Hue, Saturation and lightness.

HSL contain 3 values the first one is Hue as name suggest it is use to reflect different shades. On color wheel its degree 0 is red, 120 is green and 240 is blue. Saturation is the full colour so the percentage value of it is a 100%. Lightness is for using light colors and for the color setting the percentage is 0% is dark or we can say black, 100% is light here we can say it white and 50% is average color.
Well in HSL has been implemented on Opera 9.5, Safari 3 and Konqueror and Mozilla browsers. With the implementation of these HSL value web designers from website design Florida can give an extensive variety of different colors and its tendency which you can see in following example.
* { color: hsl(0, 100%, 50%) }   /* red */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 50%) } /* green */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 25%) } /* light green */
* { color: hsl(120, 100%, 75%) } /* dark green */
* { color: hsl(120, 50%, 50%) }  /* pastel green, and so on */

HSL color is more insightful than RGB is the benefits of using HSL over RGB and the another advantage is with HSL you can guess at the colors which you want and then tweak, also you can easily create sets of matching colors.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

WYSIWYG web editors – Useful for Web Developer and Web Designer

WYSIWYG is an abbreviation form of what you see is what you get. These are HTML editors useful to display web pages as it will display on browser. There are many editors available which are useful to control code directly but some WYSIWYG editors available for windows are used by professional web development companies based in USA such as web development Atlanta, New York, Chicago etc…

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is known as most professional web development software which gives you flexibility and authority to create most functional web application by fulfilling all your requirements. Designers and developers can create any language application with Dreamweaver like XHTML, PHP, JSP, XML etc… development languages.
Adobe Creative Suite

This editor is most suitable for graphic designers and web designers who are also a graphics artist. Many designs standards are not included in Dreamweaver but they all are included in creative suite. This editor will include all the control which is needed to build a web page. Creative Suite is popular because of its graphics features so it is helpful for designers who create design with more graphics rather than purely HTML coding.


Alleycode is a free web editor available which focus more on search engine optimization. The features available in Alleycode let you know your website ranking, optimize your meta data and also improve search engine rankings. Alleycode has one most useful feature is its conversion tool which helps to convert HTML tags and text from upper to lowercase and vice versa.

These WYSIWYG editors are used by Atlanta web design companies for create fully functional website design for their clients, there are huge list of WYSIWYG editors which are very popular so more useful editors check this link,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Combination of Red and Green color for Christmas Web Design

Red is the color of love and green is the color of peace, and the combination of red and green color will give amazing effect every where. In web design industries this is the real time while designers in Florida web design Company are also using combination of red and green colors in their website designs and the reason behind it is the upcoming festival Christmas.

Red and green website designs for Christmas creates extra visual effect on user’s eye. Many Christmas web design themes and templates, icons are designed with the combination of Red and Green colors combination, you can see while searching on the internet, here I Give some examples of Red and Green combination Christmas design.

For see more different colors Christmas design check this link

Monday, 7 November 2011

Designing Vibrant Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

One simple great idea and its correct development can lead to great profit you might not have imagined before. Facebook it selves is the best example for success with one simple idea of connecting all college students with their private id to create friends network which have been described in the movie “Social Network”. As we all are aware of the popularity of FaceBook and its market value. Well I am not here to discuss the history of the FaceBook but while observing its growing fame, I want to discuss my experience working in Web Design Chicago firm of creating business page at FaceBook.

Rise of social media marketing have forced businesses to shift their promotional activities from traditional search engine to active events on social media sites. Giving PPC advertisement on various search engines or attempting optimization of your website for plenty of keywords in popular search engine is not enough to get desired success, especially when your business is dying at maintaining the cost/revenue ratio. Social media sites have given smart solution for advertisement which gives better result at lower cost compare to other advertising media and platform. Along with paid advertisement, there are already options available for developing brand name and circulation free way.

Facebook fan page is one of the features which became mandatory to have for all business. Only creating your business profile will not work the way you want. Effective utilization of different functionality provided by Facebook is mandatory to get maximum exposure of your efforts. Facebook fan page is one of the key features which plays important role in promotion. With different client requirement, Chicago Web Designer shares some of the best tactics to create vibrant fan page. In this presentation, you will get overall guideline on how to use different property of business page and how to customize it for your needs. Here we have focused on the how to create custom banner for page, How to add links, some of the key application to use, custom landing page for fans and normal visitors and more other technique and requirements 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween Wordpress Themes

As we all know recently Halloween gone on 31st of October so people did some preparation for that. Let’s we talk about website designers what they did especially for Halloween, you can get free Wordpress themes for Halloween design by experienced website designers from some professional website design companies like Atlanta web design company.


My Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin

Scary 2 Column Theme

Happy Halloween Theme

Check this link for download more free Halloween themes

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Removing Frustration of Web Designers and Getting Them Back on The Track

Business industries where there is no limit for any creative ideas and everything depends on one person from its implementation to execution in right direction, frustration can be common issues or problems that may arrive with some minor mistakes at certain stage.
Web designing is also one of those industry where everything rely on the designer from making its sample frame work to giving it right deliverable output to the client. With excessive use of web design trends and various integration minor mistakes can be occurred with selection of some tools or platforms while its development. Sometimes client does not able to explain what he wants to have and we have to imagine certain things which may lead to dissatisfaction of clients which ultimately leads you to the big frustration.
When it comes to web or graphic design, Frustration and creativeness are two controversial concepts of each other. Creativity is the key component to develop great looking websites which can be highly appreciated by clients and frustration is something which blocks web designer to think creatively. Under this circumstances, Web design Chicago  firm focus on removing frustration of designers and getting their unique ideas back.
 Always be Positive
Having positive attitude in web design can make rest of the work easier. If you are confident about the design or layout which you are creating, you will get efficient power to convey your clients for your design even If clients gave you different concept. As I have said, there are lots of things we have to imagine because of absence of technical knowledge of clients and being positive is the only factor which makes you realize that you are following the right direction.
Keep 30 Minutes separate from your daily schedule for inspiration
It is not possible to have excellent skills and knowledge in every field of web and graphic design. Just keep the 30 minutes separate from your busy schedule, surf on the net and find the great ideas or inspiration from other web professionals. If you get any idea, write it down immediately and then try to implement that idea in your next project.
Stay connected with other web designers
It may possible that there may be some automatic tools which may reduce your work, efforts and save lots of time to perform same task that you may be doing with old methods. Staying connected with other professionals and discussing about the latest stuff may prove to be life saver in future.
Create your own project for your personal growth
Due to time limitation and client requirement of specific business, it is not possible to use various available technology or concept in their site. Sometimes we do not try to develop things which don’t earn you income for life. So try to add all ideas and various things to your own project to get used to with it. You may face some issues for which you will research and that way you will get more knowledge and if needed in future project, you will be already aware of that concept and issued related to it.    
Spinx is a Chicago web design company having large team of creative web designers and developers. Many times we have observed frustration to our designing staffs even that haven’t done any mistakes and we always try to get them back on the right track and try to motivate them with various activities.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 and

Wordpress is an open source content management system and blogging tool is available in two types one is and the other is is free to use which is host by Wordpress so there is no need to download any software or register any domain, after create your blog in your domain will be In there are some limitations of themes and customization options. You can not create more functional blog or website with putting advance features in With the use of you can’t use all Plugins some Plugins are not supporting in

On the other hand in you need to download software, as it is a self hosted option you have to purchase hosting package, and also need to register domain. By using you URL will be In this option you have all rights to do anything with your blog or your website. You can custom web design as per your requirements. With this option you have unlimited customization possibilities and also you have chance for future expandability and also you can add new features. You can use many Plugins which are available for is useful when you do blogging just for your hobby and entertainment and also share some information. is useful when you are going to create business blog and going to share business news and other important things. Website designers in Atlanta Web Design company are expert in customization of theme. They create a wonderful business website with the use of

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Friday, 14 October 2011

Collection of Black Background Website Design

Previously when people are living in superstitious they describe black color as an evil’s color, and also symbolize black color for death, Black is a darkest color and considers it as a bad luck and more. But now in recent generation people like black more, they judge it as a trendy, sexy and graceful color. Now a day black is a favorite color of designers whether they are fashion designer, interior designer or web designer.

As we talk above website designers love black color because it gives special effect on the website when used black color in a background and used light color’s fonts and other images in contrast to create attractive look.

Here website design Florida gives some examples of black background website designs which are design by skilled and experienced web designers Florida.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Plugins for Magento Ecommerce

Magento is an open source ecommerce which helps developer to develop fully functional ecommerce website easily. Open source provide the set of code which is already written by open communities.

There are different types Plugins available which are use in developing and designing website with Magento ecommerce. Here website design Florida explains some of Magento ecommerce Plugins.

Explode Menu: As name suggests this Plugin is use to explode menu, It helps to replace standard Magento menu with a multi column drop down menu system.
Magento EasyLightbox: This Plugin is use to get better look and functionality of Magento site. It is use to display image as a light box.
Magento jqZoom: This Plugin use to replace regular Magento gallery with the jqueryZoom widget. With the use of this widget when anyone hover over images of products it shows zoom view of that particular image. This will helps you to display products attractively.
Magento EasyTabs: Now you can add information tabs with your products on website with the help of this Magento EasyTabs Plugin.

There are more Magento ecommerce Plugins, which are helps to develop a successful ecommerce website.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Designing Web Interface for Clothes’ Business

Designing a website for a variety of business is not an easy stuff, because different business requires different features and functionalities which is depend on the types of business. Here Website design Atlanta going to talk about website design and web development feature for clothing business.

Well in the web designing for clothes business it is necessary to display all clothes, designs and patterns properly. Try to represent attractive clothes designs on your website homepage which catch user’s eye and makes them to buy.

Using zooming effect for particular clothe on website is nice thing by which user can see cloth properly. Use light background on clothing website so that clothes colors shows properly to website visitors on website.

Try to put all fabric detail for particular cloth on website. Put different categories for different types of dresses like designer dresses, plain dresses, mix color dresses which make easy to user to find cloth which they want. Also put different categories for western collection, Bridal collection etc…

In website developing for clothing business, it is necessary to have functionality of categories and sub categories and sub category of sub categories for differentiate clothes on website. Select professional web development company like web development Atlanta because for perform this types of categories functions it is necessary that web developer have enough expertise. Web developers have enough knowledge of create online store for sell clothes online.