Thursday, 12 July 2012

Responsive Design or Separate Mobile Website: The Right Choice

"Discussion" is a self explanatory word.  It is related to the length of discussion and in some cases a never ending one as it involves different people with different views and thinking.

Let’s discuss the web designing world, whether one should opt for a responsive design or build a separate website for mobile. In this context, different designers have different opinions and they use their perception while designing a website.

User Frustration with Separate Websites:

Separate websites for different devices frustrates the users. Designers also feel that the users of websites want full website experience and not have part of the feature for which they need to hit the web site or another device for the rest of the features which can leave the end user in a state of frustration.

Cost Effective Design:

Responsive website designing is cost-effective method because in it designers have to create and maintain only one website. This saves money of building separate website for different devices .Also maintenance of different website can be avoided. While having a responsive website, designer can avoid future upgrading charges when new mobile device hits the market.

What SEO Thinks:

Expert SEO thinks that responsive website design is more search engine friendly than creation of separate website design for different devices as it generates different domains which split the traffic.

Responsive Design Takes a Long Time to Load in Mobiles:

Web Designers who prefer to have separate mobile websites share that when a responsive website designs open in mobile device it takes a long time to load because all HTML codes and other scripts are there in the website.  They also add that if we have separate mobile website we can optimize its code according to device.

Different Content from Desktop Website:

Many web designers think that the mobile websites need a different content from desktop websites and also say that the responsive website design can pair with different devices but it cannot provide an easy user experience to website visitors who surf their site on mobile or other devices.

Un-optimized Code for Different Devices:

The team who prefers to have separate mobile websites says that the responsive design works according to varied device screen size and screen resolution but it would not serve best with different web devices as it has UN optimized code for different web devices. 

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  1. After reading your post I Jumped to a conclusion that there should be different website with different coding for different web devices such as mobile phones...this would be beneficial for Site only as they will get more traffic from different sources.

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