Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Living a Good Life: Maximize Energy, Boost Creativity and Never Burn out.

No one likes to have jobs burn outs. Burnout directly affects motivation, enthusiasm and productivity. Job burn outs hamper living a good life. Wouldn’t you agree that working fewer hours, have more time for fun and leisure, produce better output in terms of high quality work and never burn out, is an ideal situation to Living a Good Life? But it’s a “too good to be true” a situation. Am sure no one’s going to buy this. When heaps of work piles up, then all that one believes is to roll up their sleeves and work extra hours and get done with it.

More Time is not the answer: Overtime, philosophy hinders our quality of life. This in turn will reduce the quality of personal life. Hence we will get less work done over longer periods. While the work load may increase due to increase in clientele, but the crux is that most of the work are the pending work that has crossed dead line or it has taken more time than it should have taken. Working nonstop without a break for relaxation, spend a social life with friends and relatives adds to stress which has a long term negative consequence on our health, relationships, creativity and motivation.

Let's learn how to tackle a situation like this which is faced commonly by most of us on a daily basis. Experts from SpinxWebDesignAtlanta.com have written this article especially in relation to the life of webmasters, who work under a lot of stress as they have deadlines to meet and in a stipulated time.

1. We need a Paradigm shift:  Hence, since time is a limited resource and not in our control, we must find a resource right within us and that resource is Energy, one that we have control and one that can be renewed. So, it means the more energy we have the most tasks would be accomplished. If we ignore the “lack of time” factor and concentrate on energy, the result will be more work with less time, more time for leisure and lead a balanced life.

2. Implementing a High Energy Lifestyle:  Before we actually decide to change real life situation into an action plan, we’ll have to first take a look at what’s first going on in our life. Situations wherein one is mentally, emotionally and spiritually burnt out and physically out of shape. All these put together hinder a healthy work life balance and perform at one’s best. Now it’s possible to change and increase our energy level. Let’s see how:

A) By Leading a Life full of purpose, this will automatically draw positive energy and we will be able to achieve what we have planned in our life.

B) By learning to focus on one thing, we are able to get work done at a higher quality and in very less time. Multi tasking can create havoc and hence it’s better to concentrate on one thing at a time.

C) By cultivating a high quality emotional state, one can produce best results. One should learn to build a strong response to negativity; this will enhance resilience, which in turn will help produce high quality results.

D) Lets re define Fitness: Most of us are good at pushing ourselves to our limits. This means work more without any relaxation which results in stress and lack of motivation to persist. It’s very important to realize the physiological aspects that humans are designed for example, keeping a check on the energy used and the renewing of energy before its next expenditure, will give us a fairly good idea and better gauze of fitness. Lets us see a few things that we can do to re define fitness:  Take time for yourself and rest .This may not be “the” important factor but it is definitely imperative. Taking 15 min break after every 90 min of work and 7 hours of sleep will rejuvenate and one will feel fresh to work. Diet and exercise also if pursued on a daily basis, will renew physical energy. Music can relax one and hanging out with friends, are some of the paradigm to explore and renew energy. The key is rebuilding one’s life and health without burning out for living a healthy life.