Saturday, 28 April 2012

Some important Tasks to Do Before Initiating Website Design

Web design is the job where you need continuous interaction with your clients to take care of his business prospective and his satisfaction. Sometimes it become hard to get desire productivity or output working with the clients which are not efficient enough for exploring the exact ideas or thoughts about their website design. In kind of situation, pre work before starting the actual design and making communication with your clients from initial level proves beneficial which can save lots of time and efforts at intermediate phase of website design.

Use of certain images or implementing any element in design may require registering the license version of software you use to create those elements. While giving quote for your service, you must discuss this issue with your client and make him understand the legal issues regarding use of images or any software.

As web designer, we have industry knowledge on which kind of websites suits well for specific industry or which layout or style is appreciate for targeting specific audience or geographic region. So you need to interact with your client in detail and need to reveal certain things which may help you designing better website which you can add in your portfolio. 

In most of cases, you ask your clients to provide couple of websites he likes or he wants you to prefer designing his website. You review those websites and provide some samples and may get feedback like”Everything is fine but still not like I have thought”. It may possible he would provide couple of more websites to review and design it again. To avoid this situation, designing wireframe is far better option in which you ask your clients to confirm about the way you are going to arrange data in the website. 

After confirming the layout, you should make practice of gathering all resources you may need for building design. It may require gathering images, listing tools for testing, external add-ons for improving compatibility, font files or external JavaScript query or plug-ins. If you collect all these resources before starting your design, it would help finishing the design quickly as you don’t require spending extra time on research in between.

Designing complex websites, where there is a need of designing different layout, combining those layout at end is quiet difficult and time consuming as overall concept shouldn’t be broken while combining different modules. In kind of situation, finishing design of every section, it becomes importance for you to represent that to your clients for his opinion. Ecommerce website, where there are sections for product presentation, user cart and admin interface for product management is an ideal example where you may create individual design for each and present it to client.  
Providing Web design Chicago service and Working with different clients from various industries, above difficulties help us solving various issues tackling with clients.

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