Friday, 23 December 2011

Need of Usability Testing in Website Design & Development

After deciding starting of your own business and to fulfill the objectives and profit you would get through your business, you would think of having rocking website to impress your visitors and to get maximum exposure of your marketing efforts. With keep in mind the high reputation of your business that you want to build with the website, you would get your design and development work from best expert in the industry to confirm that everything goes smooth and as thought. You would prefer high animated banner or flash as an intro, modern website design to compete with big player, easy development of complex function of your business as you would have hope for future profit, and you would take care of each and every small things which is going to be added in your website. 

But wait what if the things on which you have spent money blindly after its development wouldn’t require or being obstacle in performance of your website. If someone UI interface expert would suggest simple design rather than stylist one which was very costly and what if you would require to change all the things on your website because they are not require anymore or stopping the success of your website in online marketing. I don’t know about you but it would be extremely disappointing for me that even after spending valuable time and money you came to know that the things you had done or you were doing was the waste of time and money. 

To make sure that you don’t fall into above described situation, usability testing of your website design is important before making the decision of investing money on specific things. In usability testing, you need to think of real time behavior of your visitors when they would visit your website. You need to think in advance that what action your visitors would perform on addition of any objects and functionality on your site and what result you would get. You need to test whether there is a good ROI of implementing specific entity on website or not.

At Chicago web design firm, when we have requirement of re designing website, first we make an analysis of existing design by our data analytic experts. Based on the analysis and extracted data, we suggest the things which gets good ROI in new design and applying usability testing on redesigning has saves lots of money and our efforts.


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