Thursday, 15 December 2011

Website Design prediction for 2012

Hello friends it’s time to say bye bye to 2011 and celebrate new upcoming year 2012 so these days people are doing some prediction and planning for 2012 for their business, family planning, technocrats discuss for upcoming technologies. These are the most talkative days in each and every field for upcoming trend in New Year.

Well I am website designer so today I am going to discuss about some prediction of web design world in 2012.

HTML5 is future technology which is end of Flash

As we all know that HTML5 is increasing popularity and it is expanding for mobile as well as other devices. Many of us know that flash is becoming a past technology after introduced HTML5. We saw many updates and amazing work of HTML5 in 2011 and web masters are predict for more new updates and amazing presentation of HTML5 in 2012. Web designers are imagine many new designing trends for future and designers in Florida web design company are start implementation of HTML5 in their work and get ready for future technology.

Prediction in Web Typography for 2012

Typography is used everywhere for highlights significant text and use to increase popularity of branding by creating brand name with amazing typography effect. Website designers are expecting to see neat website designs with strapping typography which is tremendously mobile friendly.     

Social Media is everywhere and becoming more popular in future

Social media is in lame light everywhere, and many people predict that social media is becoming a strong way of businesses. Advertising in social networking website and other features of it make them more popular day by day.    

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