Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Infographic - New Way to Improve Website Performance Through Website Design

When website design is being measured by its performance, creativity, use of trendy elements, exciting modern design and all other efforts doesn’t require. It would be directly calculated by user experience and behavior of website and important data matrices for observing overall traffic. In different ways of holding your visitors on the website which includes video presentation, explanation of your marketing message through moving objects or creative video presentation, info graphic has made remarkable use by some experts.

Previously UX concept was not that much popular and people used to ignore the user experience. There was a competition of making unique website design which focus on business presentation and branding. Due to some advance analytics matrices and the way paradigm shift from beautiful design to performing design, marketers and business owners started finding a way to improve website performance and to fulfill it, new concepts of design have been introduces. Responsive design, typography are the result of the efforts and research in this direction. 

When visitors first lands on your website, what are the things which force him to wait and read the content. With thousands of new websites and large competition, traditional way of representing content written by some expert doesn’t seems to work anymore. You have to represent the same content creative way which forces your visitors indirectly to read and notice what you are offering. You don’t want to be another service provider with plenty of discounts on festivals instead; you want to show off that you are different and unique with help of website design. 

As I have said before, infrographic is the new concept many web designers are integrating in their design to build better performing website. In this, the same content and concept get displayed with small drawing blocks with are connected with each other with arrow lines. When you have content which can be described in the sequence or procedure of main process, Inforgraphic seems to be more performing. At Spinx, New York Web design firm, our design experts have conducted small testing in which we have designed two layouts for displaying content and tested these two layouts with A/B testing. In first we have displayed content in traditional manner and other with help of inforgraph. We have observed reduces bounce rate, increase in average time on site, more conversion of web page with this diagram. Based on this test, here we are displaying some of the best infrographic diagram which you can consider for your design. These diagrams don’t suit for all the type of content but for the content which can be divided in certain group of sequence and flow. 

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