Monday, 5 December 2011

Does Your Web Design Dominate in Success of Your Website?

Whether you are business service provide or running shopping sites which sells various types of products, there is a certain role of web design which makes happen certain conversation based on its user experience and the way you have represented different goals of your website through your web design. Placement of certain elements like sign up box where you want users to enter their email address for special discounts and news or design of sign up page for registering into your website to add products in the cart.

All above concept can be fulfilled with good web design to get higher conversation of your promotion campaign. Once visitor lands on your website through different promotional activities and advertisement of your website, the role of your web design starts and which makes impact on reducing higher bounce rate and to hold visitors and force them indirectly to visit other pages and products of your website. 

There is a hidden power in good web design which can establish your business brand at first visit and can get you higher conversation. The question is how to measure the effectiveness or how to estimate whether website is performing well with aspect to the design you have adopted and how to take decision on change of design or change of placement of specific object on page for better conversation?

The ultimate solution for all above queries is to analyze your site analytics and the driven data from different campaign. You need to focus on “how” factor of your gathered data from analytics instead of “what” factor. Bounce rate, funnel visualization, abandoned pages in conversation path, performance of browser, different property of goal are the parameters to analyze in your data and based on that new decisions need to be taken for better achievement.

Once you finish all your operation on your gathered data, you have to do continuous analysis of the decision you have made and overall impact on success of any campaign based on new decisions. At Chicago web design firm, we always try to create a design which participates best way in website success. We have trained our web design Chicago expert such a way which requires close analysis of previous data which can be made better with use of effective design and continuous analysis for certain time period. At the end we deliver web design which dominates well in success of any website or online business.


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