Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Three new most useful elements in HTML5

HTML5 is in lame light these days because it comes with advance new features which are useful for website designers and developers. As we all know HTML5 is not yet supporting among all browsers because it is on developing phase. HTML5 is use to get better multimedia support of language.

There are many new elements are introduced with HTML5 which helps to create semantic structure of webpage but today I am going to discuss three HTML5 elements.

Canvas Element, Audio element and Video element these three elements are come with best features to enhance language with multimedia support.

Let’s first we discuss about Canvas element in HTML5 which is use for dynamic web page and also allow scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. Canvas element is low level procedural models that use to updates a bitmap and there is not any built in scene graph.

This new HTML5 audio element is use to play audio within a browsers before this element for play video we use adobe flash or other browser Plugins. Now many website designers in Orlando web design company thinks with this audio element there is no need to rely on Plugins for play video on web page.   

Video element in HTML5 is useful to plays movies or video on your website, this video element is useful to replace object element. This new HTML5 elements gives you the new standard way to show video.

HTML5 is a future technology for website designers and developers so many web professionals are starting implementation of it now and they are ready for upcoming trend of web design and website development.

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