Monday, 7 November 2011

Designing Vibrant Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

One simple great idea and its correct development can lead to great profit you might not have imagined before. Facebook it selves is the best example for success with one simple idea of connecting all college students with their private id to create friends network which have been described in the movie “Social Network”. As we all are aware of the popularity of FaceBook and its market value. Well I am not here to discuss the history of the FaceBook but while observing its growing fame, I want to discuss my experience working in Web Design Chicago firm of creating business page at FaceBook.

Rise of social media marketing have forced businesses to shift their promotional activities from traditional search engine to active events on social media sites. Giving PPC advertisement on various search engines or attempting optimization of your website for plenty of keywords in popular search engine is not enough to get desired success, especially when your business is dying at maintaining the cost/revenue ratio. Social media sites have given smart solution for advertisement which gives better result at lower cost compare to other advertising media and platform. Along with paid advertisement, there are already options available for developing brand name and circulation free way.

Facebook fan page is one of the features which became mandatory to have for all business. Only creating your business profile will not work the way you want. Effective utilization of different functionality provided by Facebook is mandatory to get maximum exposure of your efforts. Facebook fan page is one of the key features which plays important role in promotion. With different client requirement, Chicago Web Designer shares some of the best tactics to create vibrant fan page. In this presentation, you will get overall guideline on how to use different property of business page and how to customize it for your needs. Here we have focused on the how to create custom banner for page, How to add links, some of the key application to use, custom landing page for fans and normal visitors and more other technique and requirements 

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