Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Four Basic Modules of Website Development

Requirement analysis can be basic steps in website building process. Here you don’t need to worry about how specific requirement will get implemented instead need to focus on basic functionality that website would provide to its users with business prospective. In the circumstances when you are dealing with clients who would specify requirement in one sentence, your duty involves doing research about your client’s business requirement and minimal list of functions which are must to have.

Technology Research    

Once you finish with gathering requirement and finalizing the things which website would have with the client, this is the stage where you think about how things would develop technically and research about different platforms to make your work easier. As we know, different options are available for building various types of website; here your job is to identify the one which is capable of providing solution which satisfies all requirements which you have collected in above step. Here you would take decisions like selection of programming language, buying premium license if open source is not the solution, gathering the hosting requirement and giving final quote to client with selection of specific technology. You would also research for different platforms on which website would be accessed like different mobile device, tablets, laptops and desktops.         


In this stage, you start coding for each requirement or functions you mention requirement. In large complex website, you may create first prototype of the website and represent to clients so he can get the exact ideas on how things would work before developing actual website. You may require communicating with SEO expert to develop website architecture search engine friendly and integrate design of the website provided by web designer or integrate design template given by client.    


It is one of the most important modules in web development process. You would test different functionality of website for different user prospect to improve user friendliness and user experience of your developed website. You would deal with validation errors, handle server errors and confirm correct working of database operations and compatibility of website on different browsers and platform. Many people consider testing as an intermediate stage after implanting each function which can be developed individually. Before deploying website to clients, you must conduct complete testing of your website.

An ideal Chicago web development company should have process to develop website which can include above described module. Importance of any module doesn’t lie behind its sequence but the way you execute each stage for structurally managed development for better productivity.


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