Friday, 30 March 2012

Does Creative Design Add Value in Success of Website?

Sometimes web designer misunderstood the concept and lead themselves building website design which is different from others with hope that it would stand out from its competitors. Creating a unique design or creative design doesn’t mean to use elements or using different web components from others. A low performing website with prospect to its users wouldn’t get accepted by marketers. Objective is to find a solution for website design which gives more flexibility presenting the same concept or functions to users than your competitors. So real meaning of creativity lays in unique concept not the fanciness of color combination or use of trendy animation. 

True success of website design can only measured by the level of user engagement of website. You may have different purpose or business objectives of your site which you integrate with use of different web components on different pages, your task is to measure how users interpret with those components or objects. For example, booking flights, getting information about flights timing, subscribing for future discounts and getting information about different flights are some of the main tasks of online travel booking website. Your task is to design interface for each purpose which is easier to use compare to others and measuring the success of each. Whether you use flash, JavaScript, Ajax or any other media queries, the output should be a design which provides simplicity and brings more success. 

Even when you finish implementing unique design, you must not adopt the scenario of trusting blindly on its success. You should show eagerness on whether it gets the real success for which it has been built. If your objective is to bring visitors attention to specific portion of website where you have listed special products, landing on that page that should be the first thing which should be noticed by your visitors. Same way creating trendy flash navigation, you must analyze how much users actually use that navigation to surf on your website. If you have changed entire theme of design, you must measure what changes it brings in its success compare to previous design. In short, you want your visitors to spend more time on specific portion or components of website where you have spent extra time & put extra efforts  after its design and difference in success ratio should be reflect clearly in your analytic data. Avg. time on site, reduced bounce rate, top landing pages are some of the matrices which you should have a look to evaluate the success of your creative design.

Our Chicago web design experts always focus on creating design which gets success rather than creating one which looks more fancy or charming. At the end, clients want to see success which would be measured by analyzing how convincing your design is in satisfying business objectives.

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  1. Hi really informative post.Creativity holds a lot of marks when it comes to a web design.A website which catches the eyes of the audience has more chances of success.Thanks for sharing such an interesting post.