Monday, 5 March 2012

Three Main Features of Simple Website Design

From fancy website with flash intro, creative video intro and moving animation, trends for designing website is being shifting towards making simple website. Business owner and marketers have realized for better performance of website, simple design is necessary instead of one which requires more time to load and provide poor experience to visitors. Due to shift in platform like tablet, IPad and smart phones, making website compatible for mobile and web browser become more complex and using those trendy elements in design, it was almost impossible to inherit the same features in mobile website. End users are the ultimate persons to decide which website they like to choose among good one and from survey and feedback of these people, one with simple design clearly stands out in competition.

With varying audience and their shifting paradigm of accessing web and viewing website with use of different device and platform, it is tough task to identify and recognize what device your targeted audience is using. You might be missing huge bunch of visitors if you are making your web design compatible with keep in mind few specific platforms. Furthermore tracking of your visitors and device agent require complex custom tracking solution which may cost you big amount. So all you need to do is to take care of different popular platforms and devices, making changes in your design for delivering better experience and hope for the best. When you don’t have budget for implementing individual mobile website which needed to take care of three size of screen, medium size tablet, small screen smart phones and large screen desktop or laptop, our expert at web design Chicago suggest to adopt simplicity in different way to give up to mark performance in different environment.

Simple Layout 

What is the structure of layout whether it single column or multi column? When you have two column structures, in small size screen the data and content in second column get set at bottom of the first column and can provide single layout column layout which is good feature for mobile website. So all you need to do is to detect mobile agent and call CSS file which you have developed for small screen environment. Not all the smart phones come with touch screen utility, so make layout as simple as possible.

Use of White Space 

In my 6 years of experience in providing web design Chicago service, I got many clients who wanted to add as many things as possible in their website which lead to stuffing elements and objects in web page and which ultimately looks ugly. When there are so many objects to add, you have to do little study about its placement, size and style. You would see use of white space at higher priority in list for making web design simple and integration too many objects is controversial on its usage. So educate that kind of clients and make them realize the benefit of white space to reduce the no. of components and objects to integrate.

Light weighted files
Forcing your visitors to wait even for few seconds lead them to visit some other place which provide better speed performance than yours. At the end it is all about speed and with light weighted images and other support files, you can improve the speed of website. There are different ways available to compress files and improve speed, make sure your developer have implemented those standards for your website.

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  1. Really nice and informative post.Simple web design always attracts the visitors and if you use more and more codes it will eventually cause your site to be slow and difficult to open.Thank you so much for this fine piece of quality content.