Saturday, 10 March 2012

Three Tests You Must Conduct After Completing Development of Website

Having great design and reliable hosting is not enough for achieving the desire success in world of online marketing. Your responsibility is not limited to hiring professional web solution firm for development of website; you have to ensure the working of your website from different prospect. Whether you are web designer, developer or business owner, you must test different functionality of website.

Test Regarding to Hosting 

You may have acquired good hosting plan from reputed web hosting companies and might have observed and improved the speed of your website by making necessary communication with web designer and developer but have you checked whether your website gives same performance on load of thousand online visitor compare to few visitors? On initial launch of your website, you might have few visitors and all the things in website works well but as you start promoting your website, no. of visitors grows. There are tools available by which you can test your hosting efficiently on higher no. of online visitors and ability of your server to process request sent by all these visitors. You don’t want to show errors like “bandwidth limit exceed” or “server not found” to your visitors regardless of no. of online users.

Test in Terms of SEO

How efficient is your website to achieve your marketing goals through search engine optimization. Having SEO friendly website architecture is necessary to get better result with your efforts in optimizing website. You may need to take advice from experienced SEO expert to analyze your website on different factors like page architecture, URL structure, internal linking, content optimization and speed. Before starting and investing in your marketing strategy, you must get your site analyzed with different prospect of SEO.

Test on Usability and User Experience

Does your website design capable of convincing your visitors? Does it provide flexible ways of accessing information on website? Do your visitors getting any trouble completing different task on your website? Does it provide same experience on viewing form different browser and platforms? Does your website capable of handling errors caused by users on wrong input? Do your visitors utilize all the components you have integrated into your website? Does your website get success in getting attention of your visitors on special promotional banners? Usability and UX testing are two ultimate solutions which can solve all your queries like above. With this, you can analyze your visitor’s behavior from insight. You are building your site for end users and you must solve the issues they got accessing your site.

At spinx - Chicago web development firm, we have added above mentioned tests in our web development process. Each module of website development goes through manual testing before integration into website. There are certain errors and issues which might be ignored by  web designer or developer which can be revealed by this kind of testing.

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