Sunday, 18 March 2012

Things to Consider Before Redeveloping Your Website

Before 10 to 15 years, it was quiet difficult to build dynamic website to program user interface which can give content management facility to website owners. As of now with use of content management system and introduction to open source web development platform, it is common to have large dynamic website with admin interface panel to manage and update content or pages in website. That was an era of static website was the easiest way for having website online.

It might possible the interface panel built at that time might be little bit more complex in term of usability and UX compare to one built with use of latest technology. There was also some restriction on updating the type of data and managing it on website as internet technology has grown and new form of content distribution channel have been introduced as well. Web developer might also have to do lot of manual coding to implement simple functionality compare to one with use of readymade script or plug-in or add-ons. If your website has been built in 90’s, you must take benefits of new features which can save your efforts and automate your website management tasks.  But before tacking decision on adopting specific technology for its development, you should look out for certain circumstances described below.

List out your management tasks
First make a documentation of all tasks which you have been doing for management of your website and steps you have to perform with use of your admin panel to make update in website. Also create the list of extra functions or modules you want to integrate into your website. Now research for the specific technology or CMS or any platform with which you want to redevelop your website and try to analyze what flexibility new technology can deliver compare to existing one which you have been using. Also analyze the compliance of new technology to develop extra functions which you want to add.

Brainstorming on budget

If updating your old system with custom programming can avail same features and flexibility as of new one, there is no need to adopt the new one. But you need to calculate the cost of hiring a web programmer to update your old system and compare to new technology. If the cost of hiring developer can exceed to that of integrating new open source technology, it is time to invest in new one rather than updating old one.

Impacts on your past marketing efforts

Adopting new technology would force you to generate new website architecture and page structure. If you have gained good visibility in search engine by conducting continuous SEO for your site, it may possible that your visibility got affected due new changes. You should implement 301 redirection on old pages and redirected them permanently to new URL or pages generated by new one. On major changes, like shifting hosting from windows to Apache, you must take help from SEO expert on possible situation where your website can get impact on new changes. If certain pages are static which are currently generating high revenue for your business, you should keep those pages as it is on the server even if new website is dynamic one based on any CMS.

Above are the consideration which we have evaluated working with clients at Chicago Web development company with old websites who wanted to shift to new technology for better management and flexibility.

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