Saturday, 7 April 2012

Rules For Accessible Website Design

When you are designing your website, there are different prospect where you need to observe the accessibility or reach of your website. Clearly visible website to visitors may not be accessible by search engine crawler which can become obstacle getting deserving benefits of online marketing and SEO efforts. Same way website which provides flexible access to search engine may be difficult to navigate for users. Even websites which satisfies both users and search engine may perform poor on other device. So web designers have to keep these aspects in the mind while designing and developing website.

Web Accessibility in Terms of Visitors

Designing website, your users are more important than anything which may get you benefits in terms of marketing your business. Having good navigation and simple design are not just two standard for accessible website. If you have large products or content, you should evaluate how easily visitors are able to find the content they have been looking for. You should evaluate whether your search function provides best matched result as search query entered by users. Is your website appropriate for different kind of audience distributed in age, gender and geo location?  Does it provide same experience viewing on different browser? Nowdays desktops and laptops are not just two device which visitors can use to view your website, smart phones .So we have to evaluate all possible questions and issues which may cause with users prospective and should adopt the solutions to avoid these issues.

Web Accessibility in Terms of Search Engine

Confirming all those points from users prospective, you should give second priority to search engine crawler and see whether they are able to scan and index different components and objects of your website. It is possible that flash embedded content seems to be clearly visible to users but search engine crawler may be inefficient to index that content which lost you benefits of your quality content. Dynamic websites which have thousands of pages and have good frequency at which pages get deleted and new pages get added, we have to confirm that new released pages get indexed quickly with use of interlinking. If you have used fancy elements like flash, animation, video or audio, you must observe whether it takes too much time to download and load which can be difficult for search engine crawler to index. All these aspects should be taken care of in your site with prospect to search engine crawler.

After completion of website designing at New York Web design firm, we used to take care of above discussed points for making website more accessible.


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