Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Different Ways of Enhancing Speed of Your Website

Does your website provide information quickly in one blink? Is your server is able to handle the large no. of visitors together hence deliver the same speed? Any user who is paying high amount for internet and if your website is unable to provide information at the speed expected, he would likely to go on other websites to get instant information. So your responsibilities involve taking care of speed of your website to provide good experience to your visitors.

Before following any other technique or modifying your website or files, you need to confirm that your hosting plan is convenient to no. of visitors you have. Initially at launch of website, you may not have much visitors or traffic. As different promotional activities take place, your traffic get increased and you need hosting plan which provide fast data transfer rate to process the request given by all visitors at same time.  Your visitors wouldn’t like to see any kind of server error messages so observe server errors and if needed, change your hosting plan and take the one with higher bandwidth.

The second most important thing to observe is the size of different object used in website design. If you have hosted images and videos on your own server, you have to make sure that they have been compressed and optimized at level they can be. Along with compressing, you also need to maintain the quality of those file intact. For the small images which are used for controls like link, buttons or icons, you can use CSS sprite to retrieve all those images on single call from server instead of making individual download request for each image.

Enabling cache memory and its efficient utilization can also increase the speed at certain percentage. Different database queries which require executing on each visit or storing certain files like CSS and other support files as per different HTML control used in website in cache memory would speed up the retrieval process. So you should enable cache and use for different operation especially for dynamic website where you fetch all the data from database n each request.

Along with above points which we used to analyze for our client’s website at New York Web design firm; there are minor points which are not necessary but implementation of those points depend on the type of website and data you retrieve. You can use tools like Google Page Speed online to check out score of your website speed compare to other website on the web and to get complete instructions on enhancement of speed of the website.

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