Thursday, 2 February 2012

Unbearable ailments of Websites for Any Business

Well, I know that in this blog post title I am using the wordings which are generally used by doctors while they are communicate with their patients or about their patients but when website designer only designing a website by creating a structure of a website at that time some of designers ignore or forget to pay attention on some important designing elements and due to this mistake design of website become patient or it looks like a patients and since different sicknesses or diseases user of a website close your website and switched to others website.
So, let’s we talk about those elements in website designing which sometimes ignoring by the designers and the first one is precision constraint well here I am talking about simplicity in web designing, today website designers are eager to show their knowledge, their creative idea and expose it on design of websites at the same time they just forgot about simplicity in their website design and make their website more complex due to complexity of website design it hide the business services and business related stuff on website for which the particular website has been created.

The next element is regarding exasperation on website just because of images on website. These days’ website designers are expert for using different images on their web page, they are become a masters in arrangement of images different ways and also create slideshow on websites with the use of various images but while designers use number of images on their web page they are just forgot about loading time which annoy users and make them to close website.

Because of imperfection or defect a website could be look ailing here I am going to explain about imperfection in background of website. Website background should be suite business theme well from the starting of this article we are doing doctor’s talk so let me give example of doctor’s websites the doctors are always recognize for care and cure so for doctor’s website designer should select website background with the caring colors like white, light blue, light green which are generally we seen in doctor’s clinic or in hospitals. So the moral is designers should take care for business theme while they deciding the color combination for website background as well as for other elements of website design.

These are only three elements mention by webmasters in Spinx – Web Design Florida company which make your website design ill but some points are still remaining which we will discuss with you all later on the same blog.

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