Sunday, 29 January 2012

Subconscious Elements in Website Design which influence Spectators

When website users surf any website at that time they visit the main elements of websites such as header, main content, navigation part, sidebar etc… and these elements decide that whether the user is going to stay on your website or they moved out from your website.

These are the conscious elements of a website design but there are also some subconscious elements which are works behind to create effectual visual impact of your website which influence the audience to the website. This subconscious element works for subconscious mind of users and indirectly effect to the nature of general website visitors. As being a part of Spinx – Florida Web Design firm I am going to share my views of how subconscious element of website designing affect on website users.

Well, we all know the nature of general users whenever user first comes to your website they just roll over throughout the webpage and see design of website and as I mention above they check the main elements of the website but at the same time the interactive design, fonts, user friendliness of website design which are not actually get attention of users but forces users to stay on website, read the content of website, use the services of the website and these elements we can call the subconscious elements of website which influence spectators of website. This thing only happen because of hidden or we can say subconscious mind of users which make them feel the great experience of visit website and also use services of the same website.

User friendly website design, color combination on website, arrangement of main elements on the website is not directly affect the users because users are only come to website and if they like the website they stay on it and use read that website content and use service of it but when user stay on your website and use services is only because of the indirect affectation of website subconscious elements.

So, every website designers should try to understand the general nature of website visitors and also try to understand how visitors will react while they visit your website.
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