Monday, 20 February 2012

How to Calculate The Cost of Website Building

Whether you found your competitors are doing well on making their business presence on internet or you get idea on making expansion of your business with targeting audience on internet, all these two lead to have well developed website of your business which you can use to for marketing your products or services. A good marketing plan of your business must involve plan for website development, design and cost after website maintenance and clear guideline on deadline it must get finished within. Strategy of website planning involves researching online market trends, gathering information about products, filtering all information from the web to its prospective portion of planning and applying those information correctly which drives you action and outcomes. 

Good planning should force you to think about look of the website and creating rough documentation can be good startup point on all the things you love to add into website. Coast of having website highly depends on the hosting, designing and custom development of website and this post would provide you an idea on cost of each.

You may start thinking about the content you want to display on your website and may think of hiring Professional content writer that would be added cost. The costs of content also vary for different type of websites. For ecommerce website, you may consider budget for product image editing and inventory management and for service industry it is for the content and data management. So based on the type of website, you must assign stand alone amount for its maintenance regardless of how much you spend on design, hosting or development. 

Next is the cost of data storage and server management which you can also prefer to call hosting cost. For static website with limited content or pages it is minor and it would rise as you would add more pages and type of data. Live video streaming websites would require dedicated server so it would cost higher and may be lower if you use free third party service for video hosting. So this way you can manage at initial level and them enhance as it is needed. 

Search for the web design companies or web design service provider and see how much type of different services with different concept you would find. There is option like hiring freelance web designer for small requirement to hiring professional New York web design firm for continuous need. So it is up to you. Free option like templates are also there to reduce the cost.

The last things come into calculating overall budget is the cost of custom programming. You can choose to have free web builder and open source CMS or can hire professional developer if so many things are going on in your mind which require customization. 

So above three are basic aspects of calculating your website cost and it is necessary to estimate so you can plan for its marketing as well.

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