Saturday, 4 February 2012

Guideline For Product Page Design For Ecommerce Website

For any ecommerce website, product page is the final stage where important decisions are being taken by your visitors whether to buy products or to need to add that product in cart for future reference. This is the only page of website where different goals of ecommerce website like user registration, adding to cart, product purchase can be accomplish as decision of buying product from that page need to take sequential action of registration for processing payment.  This is the page where users have most interest to have a look at than other pages of website and this is the page where final conversion of website depends. Even if you are selling best quality products in the market but inefficient presentation can be result in bad failure. Design is the thing which works behind creating good or bad impression of your products to its visitors and especially if you are selling costly products with high profit margin and have spent lots of money in promotion. Loosing single user can cost you a lot and possibility of failure in online advertising is higher than that of T.V or magazine ads. So what scenario you should follow to or what things any landing page should have. Below are some views you can consider for product page design.

Images to view product from different angle and corner 

When you consider window shopping, you have ability to touch and view product from different angle and can see the actual look of products. In online shopping, their image from different angle is the only way to see it from different angle. So make sure that you have ability to store enough no. of images for single product and can display those images on your product giving facility to your visitors to view. Furthermore you should also provide Zoom option which clearly display even small button in your product. If we think little advance, if product is available in different color, ask your developer to implement function to view same product in different colors selected by your visitors.

Product Comparison 

When you are selling products from different vendors and brand, you should provide comparison features to your visitors. So design of product page must have comparison button and the page should also have design which can highlight the clear difference in their features and price. You can consider an example of laptop from different brands with same features, if the price is difference, design must highlight the price of each one. 

Simple interface for Add to Cart or purchase 

As I have mentioned before, final purchase require different process like registration, adding payment information and confirming final purchase, each process should have simple design. In Each process information of products for which he is processing must get highlighted. 

Company return, shipping and refund policy 

Once he made decision of purchase, next thing he would look for different policies of company if anything gets wrong. You must prefer to add these things on every product page so he doesn’t require navigating to other pages and can access all information from the same page.

Many ecommerce website owners complain about abandoned by their visitors from the middle of the process or from product pages. When data analyst from our Chicago Web design firm observe the analytic statistics, we mostly found reason of unprofessional product page design or programming error in executing final purchase steps. So above are the points we have evaluated for ideal product page design.

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