Thursday, 23 February 2012

Three SEO Requirements Web Developer Should Aware of

Search engine optimization is becoming major traffic acquisition strategy for companies to generate higher revenue and it is the only marketing methods which require focus on design and development of website for better performance compare to other ways like PPC, Affiliate marketing, Email or banner advertising. Violation of SEO guideline from point of design or development can extremely impact on visibility of website in search engine.  

There are certain SEO guideline and features the person must know who is developing website. These are the features which may be required developing from your SEO department later.  If you are using any CMS for development, you need to check whether those features have been provided by used CMS or not or one has to code manually to develop those features and this must be done while developing rather than after completing its development. This post is the result of communication with our SEO expert at Chicago Web Development firm.

URL Rewriting and URL redirection

This is most of the common requirement of SEO. Default URL generated by your CMS or by programming may be dynamic and need to rewrite to gain better visibility. With technology, it became possible to create static looking URL which includes keywords in URL and which is dynamic hence look like static one so can be indexed easily by search engine and can memorize by your visitors. URL redirection depends on the hosting support and kind of server used. With Lenux server, you are suppose to write re-writing rules in .htaccess file where in windows server, you need to create modification in web.config file.  As working of page generation depends on these rules, I recommend you to hire expert programmer if you want to make any changes the way web page URL being generated.

Automatic Meta tag Creation

A website with thousands of pages, it is time consuming and almost impossible to create meta tags individually for each page to update it. So as developer you must establish a way which can create meta tags automatically with value present in database. Consider the example of product page, where you can define common pattern for page title, keyword and description and can generate it by fetching the value from product database. Here you can fetch the value like Product name, Model and most important feature from product specification. Most of the web development platform and CMS gives a way to generate dynamic Meta tags.

Structuring Internal linking between pages

Have you ever wonder why result from Wikipedia appears on first page on every search query you enter in Google?  The reason behind is the quality of content which and the inter linking between most relevant pages in good quantity. When you have website with thousands of pages or having large content, with use of inter linking you can gain better performance of your pages. if you remember most of the Blog CMS provide interlinking between post with use of category or tag match system . Same way your web developer can implement interlinking between different product pages based on their features or some common values. As developer, you should take care that interlinking happens between most relevant product pages instead of linking different pages blindly without any predefined rules.


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