Thursday, 19 January 2012

Funky Web Design Ideas to Use For Your Next Website Design

Are you thinking of designing something unique which you haven’t tried before? Want to break all the limitation and expert recommended ways of designing website?  Want to try your creativity without worrying about the time it will take to convert in your design? Want to build design which focuses on its look rather than its performance or user experience? If answers to above questions are yes, here I am mentioning some cool ideas you should try designing your next website. Generally web designers fight between the time and cost of creating design which have been specified by client and we have to take care that it must get finished in desired deadline given to clients. 

As web design New York service provider, we have to take care of audience of the business for which it is being designed, size and quality of graphics and file used to improve its speed, performance of website with different analytic matrices which can get impacted by its design and all other things which forces to change the design but not related to its design. But when it comes to showing off personal design skills and talent of imagination, you may not think about all these points and create the way you think or like most. Implementing your own portfolio sites can be designed without bothering about above mentioned points. Have a look at below concepts for design.

Forget about all the perfect things you may know or have used in your we design like limited no. of color to use, no. of columns in grid, space between two objects, alignment between things, well placed navigation and back ground in design. Above website is an ideal example of design with imperfectness hence creative.

You may have seen websites equally divided in two columns vertically, above website has design which is divided in two columns horizontally. If you are looking for an example of simple website design with best UX design, this is the website you should check for. All the elements introductory text, header banner, navigation are clearly highlighted by following web 2.0 standard. It is easier to design with point of expert bur makes great impacts on visitors. 

If you want to have a look at design which utilizes available space efficiently, above is the website to check for. It represents different things clearly with use of latest web design concepts like typography, charming texture, Icons, trendy navigation, info graph and web 2.0. Due to its flat design structure, it would perform well in mobile devices as well without having need of developing separate mobile website.

Only few web designers can integrate their creativity in their design and can donate in success of finishing business objective through design. They have used hand drawn images and text in design and which is the thing which inspires me best. It’s the design without use of any trendy design software and focus on manual hand drawing which might be time consuming. It uses two colors which are contrast to each other and gets position in my list of websites with dark color.

Some other websites with different concepts and cool features.

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