Monday, 23 January 2012

CSS Tricks to Add Special Charm to Your Design by Chicago Web Designer

Utilizing all the fancy features of CSS and CSS3 is quiet difficult for any web designer hence we have to give first priorities to requirement of website rather than creativity or uniqueness. New things are being introduced continuously in CSS.3 to design website. Here are some best tricks which we have found common to use for website. Below are some useful tricks which we have discussed at CSS seminar conducted by our Chicago web design experts.

Image gallery with preview functionality on hover

It is one of the things I like most when there is a need of designing page with image gallery or template gallery. Providing preview functionality would make users to view the image with little detail instead of clicking and viewing the images and coming back if they don’t like which would take more time. Providing this option, they would be able to take decision by viewing multiple images and filter their selection which is an important for creating user friendly website design. This technique is extremely helpful for websites which list web templates so users can preview the detail designed template jut by mouse hover.

Adding design to A-Z Index

Sometimes when you have large content in the database or have kind of website where people can search data from large database, displaying those data alphabetically structured would be better for delivering best user experience. This trick would allow you to design index with A to Z with good fix structure can work with bigger content as well. Websites like business directory and local search engine, displaying indexed would allow users to search business start with alphabet they are looking for.

Header banner with sliding images

You might have noticed in many websites which displays promotional offers or want to highlight all their services with different image, they use this technique to display sliding images at header and on mouse hover, it highlight the full detail of specific objects. Different slides can be arranged horizontally or vertically. When there is a need to display all the important services and products at front with use of limited space, beautiful sliding can be good option to go for where design would encourage visitors to have a look at all images presents in slides.

 Rounded corner with help of CSS

When CSS3 get introduced, this feature is most discussed and can be easily designed with help of CSS3. If you want to add fancy rounded corner in your design, this is the post you must go through which explains step by step procedure to create rounded corner with code snippets.



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