Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Web Design Trends to Follow in 2012

It is almost second week of New Year and we are getting back to busy life of work after those fancy New Year parties, events and enjoyment. Business owner defined new ideas and goal to achieve in this New Year and decisions like website redesigning or launch of new website get taken in starting of the year. As Chicago Web Design expert, you should be able to design or able to give solution which can achieve the objectives defined for this year.

Various new trends and style has been introduced in past year and we have also followed those things to give best from our skills and knowledge. Some arts in web design are lately introduced and may become popular in upcoming time and some trends gets success to keep its position on the top of the chart. We have seen web designer discussing about HTML5, new features in CSS3, fancy illustrator and graphics. In the race of giving best design, you should aware of all these trends and topics being discussed most on expert’s blog. Below we are giving short info on each of these trends and style.
Requirement of Mobile application and website

As web design business owner, if you have been looking for a way to attract new customers or want to offer great deals to existing customers, designing service package which includes design and development of mobile website and application along with general website would be the ideal option. With growing awareness about need of mobile application and due to exposure of android and windows market, business owners have started demanding about mobile website as well. Most of the marketers may have defined objective of targeting mobile audience and building website for mobile would be the first initial step which would get followed in that direction.

Global acceptance of HTML5

As time goes, use of new HTML5 tags and its benefits in implementing complex web application would be the hot topic among Chicago Web Designer. Some of the new tags have redefined the way videos, audio and multimedia files were being integrated into website. In upcoming time, more usage of different elements would be introduced by expert with clear benefits than older one.

Development in CSS3

Different media queries, advance selectors, J Query Plug-ins, different back grounds, word wrapping, and layout with multi columns, rounded corners, and ability to create animated objects have broken all the limitation which was bound with CSS. Constant development would be seen in CSS3 and its coding.

Texture, Typography, infograph would be at hot spot

Search for the web or graphic design inspiration and see what you will see first. A creative use of above concept in innovative website design has kept its reputation bighting. In new design, people would still prefer to count them as creative element of unique design.

Introduction to web 3.0 and Demand of responsive design s

Adoption of web 3.0 standards and specification for responsive design would become ideal scenario for designing a website which can provide ideal example to other websites. These standards relates website design to its performance and the days are not far when good web design would be measured by its performance not look.


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